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  • Bengali Word সই ১English definition(noun) (feminine) (colloquial) = সখী

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  • Bengali Word সই ২English definition [Arabic] (noun) signature; impression/ mark given as a substitute for signature: টিপ সই.
    সই করা/ দেওয়া (verb intransitive) sign; put one’s signature; put an impression/ mark as a substitute for signature. তাই সই let it be.
  • Bengali Word সই ৩English definition (adjective) capable of hitting the mark; possessing marksmanship
  • Bengali Word সই ৪English definition (adjective) just (enough); right.
    সই-সই (adjective), (adverb) not more not less; just enough.
  • Bengali Word সই ৬English definition suffix laid: মাটিসই, জলসই
  • Bengali Word কলাই ১English definition (noun) Ieguminous seeds of pulse; beans
  • Bengali Word কামাই ১English definition (noun) that which is earned by labour; emolument which one receives for employment; earning.
    কামাই করা (verb intransitive) acquire by work; earn.
  • Bengali Word খাই ১English definition (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) (or we) eat.
    (noun) eating: খাই খরচ. খাই কুঁড় (adjective) given to excessive eating; gluttonous; voracious. (noun) a glutton; a voracious eater. খাই কুঁড়ি (noun). খাই খরচা (noun) expenses for food; boarding expenses. খাই খাই (noun) constant craving for food; ravenous appetite. খাই খাই করা (verb intransitive) crave for food off and on. খাইয়ে (adjective) (1) eating to excess; gluttonous; voracious. (2) indulging in good eating; enjoying good dishes. (noun) (1) person cultivating a refined taste in eating; a gourmand; a gourmet. (2) a glutton.
  • Bengali Word চড়াই ১English definition [Hindi] (noun) (1) a way up; upward slope; attitude.
    (2) act of ascending/ climbing/ mounting. চড়াই উৎরাই (noun) acclivity and declivity; upward and downward movement.
  • Bengali Word চাঁই ১English definition (adjective), (noun) (1) the leader of a circle of persons engaged in an evil course; a ringleader.
    (2) one Who is long experienced; a veteran. চাঁই চোর (noun) one who is very skilled and artful in theft.
  • Bengali Word তাই ১English definition (pronoun) (short form of তাহাই) the same thing: যা চাও তাই পাবে, You will get what you want.
    তাই বলে for that reason: তাই বলে এ কাজ হবে না?
  • Bengali Word তেহাই ১English definition (noun) (music) tri-fold stroke on the drum before finishing the measure
  • Bengali Word নই ১English definition (adjective) female.
    নই-বাছুর (noun) calf-cow.
  • Bengali Word নাই ১English definition (adverb) used with other verbs to express negation: সে এখনো ফেরে নাই, কাজটা করা হয় নাই.
    (adjective) (1) non-existent: নাই মাথা. (2) indigent: নাই ঘরে খাই. নাই-আঁকড়া (adjective) obstinate: tenacious; dogged; persistent; obdurate; unrelenting; adamant. নাই ঘরে খাই (figurative) the lesser the supply, the greater the hunger. নাই মামার চেয়ে কানা মামা ভালো (prov) Something is better than nothing. Half a loaf is better than no loaf.
  • Bengali Word বড়াই ১English definition (noun) boasting; bragging; brag.
    বড়াই করা brag; boast; vaunt; swank.
  • Bengali Word বাই ১English definition (noun) (1) neurosis; madness; dementia.
    (2) mania; craze; strong hobby; crotchet: শুচি বাই, ফুটবলের বাই.
  • Bengali Word মালাই ১English definition (noun) film/ cream of milk.
    মালাই বরফ (noun) ice-cream.
  • Bengali Word রাই ১English definition (noun) mustard.
    রাই সরিষা (noun) = রাই.
  • Bengali Word রুই ১English definition (noun) kind of very large fresh-water fish; Cyprinus rohitaka.
    রুই কাতলা (noun) (1) rui and katla. (2) (literally and figurative) big fish; big shot.
  • Bengali Word লাই ১English definition (noun) (too much) indulgence; latitude; pampering.
    লাই দেওয়া (verb transitive) indulge too much; pamper.
  • Bengali Word সাঁ, সাঁই ১English definition = শাঁ
  • Bengali Word সামাই ১English definition (noun) patience