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  • Bengali Word বাল ১English definition(noun) male child; boy.(adjective) (in compounds) (1) young; childish; infantile; not full grown or developed. (2) newly risen; early; new; waxing. (3) puerile; ignorant; simple; foolish. (4) pure. বাল কাণ্ড (noun) the first book of the Ramayana. বাল ক্রীড়া (noun) a child’s play/amusement; boyish sport. বাল গর্ভিণী (noun) cow with calf for the first time. বাল গোপাল (noun) a youthful herdsman. বালগ্রহ (noun) kind of demon (said to cause possessions) বালচর্য (noun) behaviour of a child. বালচর্যা (noun) act of bringing up children; childcare. বাল চাপল্য (noun) childish frivolities. বালতৃণ (noun) young grass. বালধন (noun) property of a minor/infant. বালবাচ্চা (noun) young/infant children; kiddies; little ones. বালবাহ্য (adjective) portable by a child; light. বাল বিধবা (noun) child-widow. বাল বৈধব্য (noun) widowhood at a very early age. বালভাষিত (noun) baby-talk; childlike talk; prattle; (figurative) utterance of no importance; babble. বালভোগ (noun) (facetious) breakfast. বালভোজ্য (noun) children’s food; peace.(adjective) fit for children’s consumption. বালমূষিক (noun) small rat. বালরাজ (noun) (1) child-king. (2) lapis lazuli. বালরোগ (noun) children’s disease. বালশশী (noun) the moon of the second lunar night of a light fortnight. বালসুলভ (adjective) childish; childlike. বালসূর্য (noun) (1) the newly risen sun. (2) lapis lazuli.

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  • Bengali Word বাল ২English definition (noun) (1) (vulgar) pubic hair.
    (2) hair of any animal’s tail. (3) any hair or tail. বাল কৃমি (noun) louse.
  • Bengali Word বালকEnglish definition (noun) (1) boy; male child; child.
    (2) tyro; greenhorn. (adjective) ignorant; inexperienced; silly. বালিকা (feminine) = বালক. বালককাল (noun) boyhood; childhood days. বালকতা, বালকত্ব noun(s) (1) boyhood. (2) immaturity; inexperience. বালক ভৃত্য (noun) boy-servant; page. বালক সুলভ (adjective) boyish; childish.
  • Bengali Word বালকীয়English definition (adjective) childish; infantile; puerile
  • Bengali Word বালকোচিতEnglish definition (adjective) boyish; childish; silly; foolish
  • Bengali Word বালতিEnglish definition [Portuguese] (noun) pail; bucket
  • Bengali Word বালদোEnglish definition (noun) frond
  • Bengali Word বালবEnglish definition [English] (noun) (electric) bulb
  • Bengali Word বালসা, বালশাEnglish definition (noun) children’s disease (fever, diarrhoea, etc).
    বালসানো, বালসান (verb intransitive) (of a child) become ill; catch cold; have fever.
  • Bengali Word বালা ১English definition (noun) (feminine) (1) young girl; maiden; female child; girl.
    (2) woman. (3) wife under (16) years of age. (4) young woman of a delicate frame. (5) full-grown young woman. (6) a beauty; belle. (7) daughter.
  • Bengali Word বালা ২English definition (noun) ring/armlet/bracelet (worn on the wrist)
  • Bengali Word বালা ৩English definition [Arabic] (noun) = বালাই.
    বালা মসিবত (noun) misfortunes and difficulties.
  • Bengali Word বালাইEnglish definition [Arabic] (noun) (1) calamity; misfortune; distress; danger; harm; an awful and terrible thing: এতো বড়ো বালাই তোমার উপর!
    বালাই নিয়ে মরা die taking away with oneself all harm that may happen to another. আপদ বালাই (noun) (1) misfortunes; calamities; great obstacles. (2) person or thing causing extreme distress and anxieties; plague; pest; a thorn in one’s flesh/side. রোগ বালাই (noun) afflictions and calamities. বালাই ষাট (interjection) (expressing extreme affection and concern for a dear one) God forbid.
  • Bengali Word বালাখানাEnglish definition [Persian] (noun) (1) upper room; upper storey.
    (2) (high-rise) building; palace.
  • Bengali Word বালাকিEnglish definition = বালামচি
  • Bengali Word বালাপোশ, বালাপোষEnglish definition [Persian] (noun) kind of light wrapper stuffed with cotton
  • Bengali Word বালাভোলাEnglish definition (adjective) (1) disorderly; ruffled.
    (2) not disciplined; wayward; dissolute. (3) simple; artless; innocent; ingenuous. (4) old.
  • Bengali Word বালামEnglish definition (noun) (1) a large boat used in carrying rice in Barisal district.
    (2) boat for carrying a fine variety of rice (called balam). (3) a fine variety of rice.
  • Bengali Word বালাম ২English definition [English] (noun) volume
  • Bengali Word বালামচিEnglish definition (noun) hair of a cow’s or horse’s tail (especially horse’s tail)
  • Bengali Word বালার্কEnglish definition (noun) newly risen sun
  • Bengali Word বালি ১English definition (noun) sand; gravel.
    বালি চর (noun) sand-bed; shoal of sand. বালি ধরানো (verb transitive) (in building construction) plaster. বালির বাঁধ (noun) (1) (literally) dike made of sand. (2) (figurative) ineffectual action/measure; transitory object; deceptive foundation; gossamer; cobweb; empty promise; pie in the sky; hot air; house of cards: এই প্রবল আক্রমণ কি বালির বাঁধ দিয়ে ঠেকাবে ভেবেছ? বড়োর পীরিতি বালির বাঁধ. গুড়ে বালি (figurative) disappointment; a fly in the ointment. চোখের বালি object of hatred or dislike; anathema; bite noire; rotten an abomination.
  • Bengali Word বালি ২English definition (noun) (poetic; archaic) = বালিকা
  • Bengali Word বালিকাEnglish definition (noun) (1) female child.
    (2) girl; maiden. (3) virgin; young woman. (4) ignorant/ inexperienced woman. বালিকা বধূ (noun) child-wife. বালিকা বয়স (noun) girlhood; youthhood; teens. বালিকা সুলভ (adjective) girlish; maidenly; girly; maidenlike.
  • Bengali Word বালিগEnglish definition [Arabic] (adjective) having attained puberty/ reached the age of maturity
  • Bengali Word বালিঘটEnglish definition (noun) jar (full) of sand.
    (noun) adult.
  • Bengali Word বালিঘড়িEnglish definition (noun) sand-glass
  • Bengali Word বালিয়াড়িEnglish definition (noun) dune; sand-hill
  • Bengali Word বালিশ ১English definition [Persian] (noun) pillow; cushion; bolster.
    কোল বালিশ, পাশ বালিশ (noun) side-pillow.
  • Bengali Word বালিশ ২English definition young; ignorant; childish; puerile
  • Bengali Word বালুEnglish definition (noun) বালি.
    বালুচর = বালিচর. বালুঝড় (noun) sand-storm. বালু প্রস্তর, বালু শিলা (noun(s)) sandstone.