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Nearby Words | অনুরূপ শব্দসমূহ

  • Bengali Word বাট ১English definition (noun) path; road.
    বাটদান (noun) road tax/cess. বাটপাড় (noun) highwayman; bandit; robber; swindler. বাটপাড়ি (noun) highway robbery; robbery. চোরের উপর বাট পাড়ি (figurative) a highwayman robs a thief.
  • Bengali Word বাট ২English definition (noun) (archaic) house; building; temple
  • Bengali Word বাট ৩English definition (noun) bullion; ingot
  • Bengali Word বাটখারাEnglish definition (noun) weight (used in scales of weighing things)
  • Bengali Word বাটনEnglish definition (noun) grinding; crushing; act of turning into paste by rolling on a flat mortar with a pestle.
    বাটনা (noun) spices turned thus into paste; quantity of spices to be rolled thus.
  • Bengali Word বাটা ১English definition (noun) metal case (especially one for holding betel-leaves)
  • Bengali Word বাটা ২English definition variety of small silvery-white fresh-water fish
  • Bengali Word বাটা ৩English definition (noun) (1) tax; profit.
    (2) (commerce) discount. আসল বাটা true discount.
  • Bengali Word বাটা ৪English definition (noun) Hindu rite of offering dishes and gifts to a son-in-law
  • Bengali Word বাটা৫English definition = বাঁটা
  • Bengali Word বাটা৬English definition (verb transitive) turn into paste by rolling (spices, etc) on a flat mortar with a pestle; crush; grind.
    (adjective) (of spices, etc) thus reduced to or turned into paste: বাটা মশলা.
  • Bengali Word বাটালিEnglish definition (noun) chisel.
    এককোণে বাটালি (noun) angular chisel. কোর বাটালি (noun) small gouge. গেবে বাটালি (noun) large gouge.
  • Bengali Word বাটিEnglish definition (noun) cup; hemispherical cup without handles; bowl.
    এক বাটি a cup/bowl (of). বাটি চালা (verb intransitive) set a cup/bowl chasing a suspected offender by means of occult incantations. জামবাটি (noun) a large bowl of bell metal or glass; goblet.
  • Bengali Word বাটিকাEnglish definition (noun) glass; goblet
  • Bengali Word বাটিকা ২English definition (noun) small house
  • Bengali Word বাটীEnglish definition = বাড়ি
  • Bengali Word বাটোয়ারাEnglish definition = বাঁটোয়ারা
  • Bengali Word বাট্টাEnglish definition = বাটা ৩
  • Bengali Word চটুলEnglish definition (adjective) (1) quick, light, and neat in movement; quick-moving; nimble.
    (2) never quiet; always moving about; restless: চটুল স্বভাব. (3) not serious; tight: চটুল রচনা. (4) fascinating; captivating: চটুল নয়না.
  • Bengali Word জটুলEnglish definition (noun) natural mark on the body; a birth-mark; a naevus; a mole
  • Bengali Word টুলEnglish definition (noun) a wooden seat without a back for one person; a stool
  • Bengali Word বাঁটুলEnglish definition (noun) (1) small ball (uses of iron and used as a missile).
    (2) shot. (3) (facetious) short and fat man; dumpy fellow. বাঁটুল বাঁটুল (noun) a children’s game played with a ball and a stick.