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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word English definition(noun) the thirty-first consonant of the Bengali alphabet. It is an unvoiced unaspirated post-dental fricative sound; allophone of শ.
  • Bengali Word ষট্‌English definition(noun), (adjective) (in compounds) six. ষট্‌ক (noun) sextet(te); hexad. ষট্‌কর্ণ (noun) six ears. (adjective) six-eared; heard by six ears (said of secret counsel which has been unfortunately heard by a third person). ষট্‌ কর্ম (noun) the six duties of Brahmins (study, teaching the Veda, offering sacrifices, conducting them for others, giving and accepting gifts). ষট্‌ কোণ (noun), (adjective) six-angled (figure); hexagon (al). ষট্‌ চত্রু (noun) the six mystical circles of the body. ষট্‌ চত্বারিংশ (noun), (adjective) forty-six(th). ষট্‌চত্বারিংশৎ (noun), (adjective) forty-six. ষট্‌ চত্বারিংশত্তম (adjective) forty-sixth. ষট্‌ চত্বারিংশত্তমী (feminine). ষট্‌ চরণ (adjective) six-footed.  noun 1 louse. 2 bee. ষট্‌ ত্রিংশ (noun), (adjective) thirty-six(th). ষট্‌ ত্রিংশৎ (noun), (adjective) thirty-six. ষট্‌ ত্রিংশত্তম (adjective) thirty-sixth. ষট্‌ ত্রিংশত্তমী (feminine). ষট্‌ পঞ্চাশ (noun), (adjective) fifty-six(th). ষট্‌ পঞ্চাশৎ (noun), (adjective) fifty-six. ষট্‌ পঞ্চাশত্তম (adjective) fifty-sixth. ষট্‌ পঞ্চাশত্তমী (feminine). ষট্‌ পদ (adjective) six-footed; hexapod. (noun) bee ষট্‌ পদী (feminine). ষট্‌ ষষ্ট (adjective) sixty-sixth. ষট্‌ ষষ্টি (noun), (adjective) sixty-six. ষট্‌ ষষ্টিতম (adjective) sixty-sixth. ষট্‌ ষষ্টিতমী (feminine). ষট্‌ সপ্ততি (noun), (adjective) seventy-six. ষট্‌ সপ্তমিতম (adjective) seventy-sixth.
  • Bengali Word ষণ্ডEnglish definition(noun) 1 bull; ox. 2 eunuch; hermaphrodite. ষণ্ডা (adjective) as obstinate and hefty as a bull; robust; hefty; bull-headed. (noun) ruffian; hoodlum; brute. ষণ্ডামর্ক, ষণ্ডামার্ক (noun) 1 (mythology) Shanda and Amarka, two roughish and godless teachers. 2 rowdy; brute; ruffian; hoodlum. (adjective) savage; savage-looking; brutish; ferocious. ষণ্ডামি (noun) hooliganism; rowdyism; savagery ruffianism; thuggery.
  • Bengali Word ষণ্ণবতিEnglish definition(noun), (adjective) ninety-six. ষণ্ণবতি তম (adjective) ninety-sixth. ষণ্ণবতি তমী (feminine) = ষণ্ণবতি.
  • Bengali Word ষণ্ণাসEnglish definition(noun) period of six months; half a year. ষণ্ণাস্য (adjective) six months old; capable of being done in six months.
  • Bengali Word ষত্বEnglish definition(noun) state of the letter or sound sha (ষ); substitution of ষ for স. ষত্ব বিধান, ষত্ব বিধি noun(s) (grammar) rules governing the substitution of ষ for স. ষত্ব ণত্ব (noun) substitution of ষ for স and ণ for ন. ষত্ব ণত্বজ্ঞান (noun) (literally) knowledge of the right use of the letters ষ and ণ; (figurative) common sense; judgement.
  • Bengali Word ষষ্টিEnglish definition(noun), (adjective) sixty. ষষ্টি তম (adjective) sixtieth. ষষ্টি সহস্র (noun), (adjective) sixty thousand.
  • Bengali Word ষষ্ঠEnglish definition(adjective) sixth. ষষ্ঠাংশ (noun) one sixth; sixth part.
  • Bengali Word ষষ্ঠীEnglish definition(noun) (feminine) 1 name of a Hindu goddess supposed to protect children. 2 the sixth day of the bright fortnight. 3 (grammar) the sixth or genitive case. ষষ্ঠী তৎপুরুষ (noun) (grammar) kind of compound of which the first member would (if uncompounded) be in the genitive case. ষষ্ঠী তলা (noun) place for the worship of goddess Shashthi. ষষ্ঠী বাটা (noun) Hindu ceremonial gift sent to a son-in-law on the eve of জামাই ষষ্ঠী (জামাই). ষষ্ঠী বুড়ি (noun) (feminine) goddess Shashthi. ষষ্ঠীর কৃপা (noun) obtaining a child through the grace of goddess Shashthi; being blessed with many children.
  • Bengali Word ষাঁড়English definition(noun) ox; bull. ষাঁড়াষাঁড়ি (noun) 1 fight between two bulls. 2 (also ষাঁড়াষাঁড়ির বান) floods/ tidal wave roaring like two bellowing bulls engaged in fighting each other; surging flood-water/ waves. ষাঁড়ের গোবর/ নাদ noun(s) good-for-nothing; scamp; scallywag; nev’r-do-well; worthless fellow. ষাঁড়ের গোঁ (noun) bull-like obstinacy; bull-headedness. গোকুলের ষাঁড় (noun) wilful/ wayward man; self willed person; gadabout. ধর্মের ষাঁড় (noun) wildly wayward man allowed to move scot-free.
  • Bengali Word ষাট ১English definition(noun), (adjective) sixty.
  • Bengali Word ষাট ২English definition(interjection) May goddess Shashti (ষষ্ঠী) be with you for your safety; God forbid!
  • Bengali Word ষাণ্মাসিকEnglish definition(adjective) six-monthly; half-yearly.
  • Bengali Word ষেট, ষেটেEnglish definitionnoun(s) (colloquial) = ষষ্ঠী. ষেটের (কোলের) বাছা (used by way of blessing) favoured child of Shashthi. ষেটেরা (noun) Hindu ceremony performed on the sixth day of a child’s birth.
  • Bengali Word ষোলEnglish definition(noun), (adjective) sixteen. ষোল আনা (noun) sixteen annas (আনা); one Taka/ Rupee. (adjective) total; whole; complete. (adverb) totally; wholly; completely; thoroughly. ষোলই (noun), (adjective) sixteenth (of a month). ষোল কড়াই কানা (adjective) totally useless/ defective/ false. ষোল কলা (noun) the sixteen digits of the moon. ষোল কলায় (adverb) thoroughly; completely; in every respect: বাপের স্বভাব একেবারে ষোল কলায় পেয়েছে. ষোল কলায় পূর্ণ হওয়া 1 be in full bloom. 2 (iron) be thoroughly fulfilled.
  • Bengali Word ষোড়শEnglish definition(noun) 1 sixteen. 2 aggregate of sixteen kinds of gifts given at a shraddha (শ্রাদ্ধ). (adjective) sixteen; sixteenth. ষোড়শ উপচার = ষোড়শোপচার. ষোড়শ কলা (noun) sixteen digits of the moon. ষোড়শ দান noun = ষোড়শ (2). ষোড়শ মাতৃকা (noun) sixteen divine mothers. ষোড়শাংশ (noun) sixteenth part; one-sixteenth. ষোড়শাঙ্গ (adjective) having sixteen parts/ ingredients.
  • Bengali Word ষোড়শীEnglish definition(adjective) (feminine) (of ষোড়শী) sixteen years old. (noun) 1 sixteen years old girl. 2 name of the one of the ten Mahavidya (মহাবিদ্যা).
  • Bengali Word ষোড়শোপচারEnglish definition(noun) sixteen different articles necessary for a perfect worship; sixteen acts of homage. ষোড়শোপচারে (adverb) 1 with all the necessary sixteen articles. 2 (figurative) lavishly; thoroughly.
  • Bengali Word ষ্টক, ষ্টকিং, ষ্টীম, ষ্টীমার, ষ্টীল, ষ্টেট, ষ্টেশন, ষ্টোভ, ষ্ট্যান্ডার্ড, ষ্ট্যাম্প, ষ্ট্রীটEnglish definition= স্টক, স্টকিং, স্টিম, স্টিমার, স্টিল, স্টেট, স্টেশন, স্টোভ, স্ট্যান্ডার্ড, স্ট্যাম্প, স্ট্রিট
  • Bengali Word ষড়ঙ্গEnglish definition(noun) the six principal parts of the body (ie two arms, two legs, head and waist); six limbs/ branches; the six limbs or works auxiliary to the Veda.
  • Bengali Word ষড়শীতিEnglish definition(noun), (adjective) eighty-six. ষড়শীতিতম (adjective) eighty- sixth. ষড়শীতিতমী (feminine) = ষড়শীতি.
  • Bengali Word ষড়াননEnglish definition(noun) six mouths/ faces; Kartikeya, the commander of the heavenly forces. (adjective) six-mouthed; sixfaced.
  • Bengali Word ষড়্‌English definition(noun), (adjective) (in compounds) six. ষড়্‌ ঋতু (noun) the six seasons. ষড়্‌ গুণ (adjective) six times; sixfold. ষড়্‌জ (noun) name of the first of the seven primary notes of music. ষড়্‌ দর্শন (noun) the six systems of Hindu philosophy. ষড়্‌ ধা (adjective) six-edged; of six kinds/ manners; six times. (adverb) in six kinds/ manners; six times. ষড়্‌ বর্গ = ষড়্‌ রিপু. ষড়্‌ বিংশ (adjective) twenty-sixth. ষড়্‌ বিংশতি (noun), (adjective) twenty-six. ষড়্‌ বিংশতিতম (adjective) twenty-sixth ষড়্‌ বিংশতিতমী (feminine). ষড়্‌ বিধ (adjective) of six sorts; sixfold. ষড়্‌ ভুজ (adjective) six-armed; six-sided; hexagonal. (noun) hexagon. ষড়্‌ যন্ত্র (noun) conspiracy; intrigue; secret plot. ষড়্‌ যন্ত্র করা (verb intransitive) conspire; hatch a conspiracy; plot; intrigue. ষড়্‌ যন্ত্রকারী (adjective) conspiring; intriguing. (noun) conspirator; plotter; intriguer. ষড়্‌ রস (noun) six flavours/ tastes. ষড়্‌ রিপু (noun) the six inner foes/ faults of men.