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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word শনিEnglish definition(noun) 1 planet Saturn or its regent (fabled as the offspring of the sun). 2 Saturday. 3 enemy. শনি বার (noun) Saturday. শনি ধরা / লাগা (verb intransitive) (astrology) be under the influence of Saturn; fall on evil days. শনির দশা (noun) (astrology) influence of Saturn; (figurative) state of utter distress/ruin. শনির দৃষ্টি (noun) 1(astrology) aspect of Saturn. 2 (figurative) evil eye; state of utter distress/ ruin evil days.
  • Bengali Word শনৈঃশনৈঃEnglish definition(adverb) gradually; quietly; gently; slowly; by and by; little by little.
  • Bengali Word শনৈশ্চরEnglish definition(noun) the planet Saturn or its regent.
  • Bengali Word শপEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) 1 kind of large mat. 2 line; rank; row.
  • Bengali Word শপতিEnglish definition(noun) (poet) = শপথ
  • Bengali Word শপথEnglish definition(noun) 1 oath; vow; promise. 2 swearing; curse. শপথ করা (verb intransitive) take an oath; swear; vow; promise; swear an oath. শপথ করানো (verb transitive) cause to take an oath; swear; administer the oath to somebody. শপথ করে / শপথপূর্বক (adverb) on/ under oath; with oaths; on one’s oath. শপথপূর্বক ত্যাগ করা (verb transitive) give up/ renounce on oath; abjure. শপথকরণ (noun) swearing; taking an oath. শপথপত্র (noun) written testimony on oath; affidavit. শপথপ্রমাণক (noun) commissioner of affidavits.
  • Bengali Word শপাশপEnglish definition(noun) (onom) 1 repeated swishing sound; whang. 2 sound of gulping liquid food. (adverb) 1 repeated with a whang. 2 quickly and greedily.
  • Bengali Word শপাৎEnglish definition(noun) (onom) expressing a hissing/ brushing sound (as of a whip); swish; whang. শপাৎ করে (adverb) with a whang.
  • Bengali Word শপ্তEnglish definition(adjective) cursed.
  • Bengali Word শফEnglish definition(noun) hoof.
  • Bengali Word শফরীEnglish definition= সফরী
  • Bengali Word শব, শবদেহEnglish definition1 (noun(s) dead body; corpse; 2 water. শব দহন, শবদাহ, শবদাহন noun(s) cremation (of a corpse). শব দাহ করা (verb intransitive) burn a dead body; cremate. শবদাহক (noun) one who cremates; cremator. শবদাহন চুল্লি (noun) cremator; incinerator. শব দাহ স্থান (noun) elevated place for burning dead bodies; crematorium. শবদেহপরীক্ষা (noun) post-mortem; autopsy. শবদেহপরীক্ষা করা (verb intransitive) make a post-mortem of; autopsy. শবদেহব্যবচ্ছেদ (noun) dissection of a dead body. শবদেহব্যবচ্ছেদ করা (verb intransitive) dissect a dead body. শবদেহযাত্রা (noun) funeral procession. শবদেহযান (noun) bier. শবদেহ রূপা (adjective) corpselike. শবদেহসৎকার (noun) obsequies; funeral rites; cremation; burial. শবদেহ সৎকার করা (verb intransitive) perform the obsequies of; cremate; bury. শবদেহ সমাধি (noun) burial. শবদেহসাধন(া) (noun) magical ceremony/ rite performed with a corpse. 2 (figurative) dreadful endeavour to achieve something. শবাকার (noun) 1 (adjective) corpselike; looking like a corpse. শবাগার (noun) morgue. শবাগ্নি (noun) funeral fire. শবাচ্ছাদন (বস্ত্র) (noun) shroud; winding-sheet. শবাধার (noun) coffin. শবানুগমন করা (verb intransitive) follow a corpse to the funeral place. শবানুগামী, শবানুযাত্রী noun(s) one who follows a corpse to the funeral place; mourner. শবাসনা (adjective) (feminine) mounted on a corpse.  (noun) goddess Kali.
  • Bengali Word শবনম, শবনামEnglish definition[Persian] (noun) 1 dew. 2 kind of fine linen.
  • Bengali Word শবরEnglish definition(noun) wild hunting tribe of India; member of this tribe; hunted. শবরী (feminine).
  • Bengali Word শবলEnglish definition(adjective) variegated; brindled; dappled; spotted.
  • Bengali Word শবলা, শবলীEnglish definition(feminine). (noun) spotted cow; cow of plenty. শম্বলিত (adjective) = শবলা.
  • Bengali Word শবে কদর English definition[Persian] (noun) = লাইলাতুল কদর
  • Bengali Word শবে বরাতEnglish definition[Persian] (noun) the fifteenth night of Shaban (the eighth month of the Hijri year), which is celebrated by Muslims as the night of fate.
  • Bengali Word শব্দEnglish definition(noun) 1 sound; noise; voice; tone. 2 cry; call: পাখির শব্দ. 3 word. 4 speech; language. শব্দ করা (verb intransitive) utter a sound; raise the voice; cry aloud; call; make a noise. শব্দকর, শব্দকারী (adjective) making a sound/noise; sounding; sonorous; crying; calling. শব্দকোষ (noun) dictionary; lexicon. শব্দগত (adjective) being/ residing in a word (as a poetical meaning). শব্দগুণ (noun) quality of sound; excellence of the sound/ form (of a poem). শব্দগ্রহ ( noun) receiver of sound; ear. শব্দ চাতুর্থ (noun) skill in words; cleverness of diction; eloquence. শব্দ চিত্র (noun) sound picture; imagery. শব্দ চোর (noun) plagiarist. শব্দতত্ত্ব (noun) philology; phonetics; morphology. শব্দ তরঙ্গ (noun) sound-wave. শব্দতাত্ত্বিক (adjective) philological; morphological.  (noun) philologist; phonetician. শব্দ প্রকরণ (noun) orthography. শব্দবহ (adjective) conveying sounds/ sound-wave; (noun) air. শব্দ বিদ্যা (noun) grammar; philology. শব্দ বিন্যাস (noun) arrangement of words; syntax. শব্দ বিভূতি (noun) stock of words; diction; copiousness/ richness of vocabulary. শব্দ বিরোধ (noun) contradiction. in words; seeming contradiction. শব্দ বৃত্তি (noun) function of word. শব্দবেদী (adjective) hitting an unseen (but heard) object. শব্দবেধ্য (adjective) to be shot at without being seen. শব্দবোধ (noun) knowledge derived from verbal testimony. শব্দ ব্রহ্ম (noun) ‘word-Brahma’; the Veda considered as a revealed sound/ word and identified. with the Supreme Being (compare Logos). শব্দভেদী = বেধী. শব্দময় (adjective) full of sound; noisy; wordy. শব্দযোনি (noun) 1 origin/ source of a word; 2 (grammar) root. রূপ (noun) nature/ quality of a sound; grammatical form of a word. শব্দশক্তি (noun) force/ signification of a word; power of words; different imports of a word. শব্দশাস্ত্র (noun) grammar; philology. শব্দ শূন্য (adjective) soundless; noiseless; speechless; silent. শব্দ সমুদ্র, শব্দ সাগর noun(s) sea/ treasure of words. শব্দসৌকর্য (noun) facility of expression. শব্দসৌষ্ঠব (noun) elegance of words; graceful style. শব্দাড়ম্বর (noun) high-sounding words; verbosity; bombas. শব্দাতীত (adjective) beyond the reach of sound (applied to the Supreme). শব্দাবিধান (noun) sound-receptacle; ear. শব্দানুকরণ, শব্দানুকৃতি noun(s) imitation of sounds; onomatopoeia. শব্দানুরূপ (noun) conformity to/ imitation of sound. শব্দানুশাসন (noun) grammar. শব্দাম্বুধি = শব্দসমুদ্র. শব্দায়মান (adjective) in the state of making sounds; sounding; resounding. শব্দার্থ (noun) sound and sense; nature/ meaning of sounds; meaning of a word; word-meaning. শব্দালঙ্কার (noun) embellishment of the sound (of a sentence by rhyme, alliteration, etc); figure of speech depending for its pleasingness on sound/ words. শব্দাবলী (noun) collection of paradigms of declension. টু শব্দ (noun) faintest sound. ভীম শব্দ (noun) loud sound.
  • Bengali Word শব্দিতEnglish definition(adjective) sounded; cried; uttered; called; named; resounded;' filled with sound.
  • Bengali Word শম ১English definition(noun) 1 good. 2 happiness.
  • Bengali Word শম ২English definition(noun) 1 tranquility; calm; peace; rest; equanimity; quietism. 2 absence of passion; abstraction from eternal objects through intense meditation; conquest of desire. 3 cessation; desistance; mitigation; alleviation; pacification; alloyment; extinction. 4 alleviation/ cure of a disease; convalescence. 5 final happiness; emancipation from all the illusions of existence. শম ক (adjective) pacifying; mitigating. (noun) pacifier peace-maker. শমতা = শম.
  • Bengali Word শমন ১English definition[English] (noun) summons.
  • Bengali Word শমন ২English definition(noun) 1 calming; tranquillizing; soothing; allaying; extinguishing; appeasing; pacification. 2 peace of mind; tranquillity; calm. 3 malediction. 4 reviling. 5 (the god of) death; Yama. 6 killing; slaying; immolation. শমনী (feminine) night. শমদ্বার (noun) death’s door; death. শমভান, শমসদন noun(s) abode of death; death’s door. শমসদনে গমন করা (verb intransitive) die; give up the ghost; join one’s ancestors. শমসদনে প্রেরণ করা (verb transitive) kill; strike dead; dispatch; smite
  • Bengali Word শমনীয়English definition(adjective) to be tranquillized; consolable; soothing.
  • Bengali Word শমশেরEnglish definition[Persian] (noun) sword.
  • Bengali Word শমস্-উল-উলামা, শামসুল উলামাEnglish definitionnoun(s) the sun of the learned ( a little conferred on very learned people).
  • Bengali Word শমিতEnglish definition(adjective) (noun) appeased; allayed. 2 relieved; cured. 3 relaxed; intermitted. 4 repressed; restrained. 5 callused; quelled.
  • Bengali Word শমী ১English definition(adjective) tranquil; pacific; incapable of any emotion; calm; restrained; one who has subdued/ mastered passions; continent. শমিনী (feminine).
  • Bengali Word শমী ২English definition(noun) kind of tree; prosopis spicigera. শমীগর্ভ (noun) fire. শমী ধান্য (noun) sami grain; any pulse/ grain growing in pods.