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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word শখEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) 1 desire; longing; interest; fondness. 2 hobby; fancy; liking: টিকেট জমানোর শখ. 3 amusement; pleasure; one’s own accord/ choice: শখের চাকরি. শখ করা (verb intransitive) desire; choose/ invite/ undertake voluntarily; do something for pleasure/ amusement; fancy; have a fancy for.
  • Bengali Word শঙ্কনীয়English definition(adjective) to be feared/ suspected/ distrusted.
  • Bengali Word শঙ্করEnglish definition(adjective) causing prosperity; auspicious; beneficent. (noun) 1 Shiva. 2 species of large sea-fish. শঙ্করী (feminine) goddess Durga.
  • Bengali Word শঙ্কাEnglish definition(noun) 1 fear; apprehension; alarm; terror; dread; care. 2 distrust; suspicion; misgiving. শঙ্কা করা (verb intransitive) fear; apprehend; be anxious/ apprehensive; dread; suspect; distrust; be afraid of; be in doubt /uncertain about. শঙ্কা কুল (adjective) bewildered by fear/ doubt; perturbed; greatly frightened; full of misgiving. শঙ্কা কুলা (feminine). শঙ্কান্বিত (adjective) apprehensive; filled with fear; afraid. শঙ্কান্বিতা (adjective). শঙ্কাময় (adjective) full of doubt/ uncertainty; fearful; afraid শঙ্কাময়ী (feminine). শঙ্কাশীল (adjective) of hesitating/ diffident disposition. শঙ্কাশূন্য (adjective) free from apprehension/ doubt/ misgiving; fearless. শঙ্কাসূচক (adjective) fearful; dreadful; fearsome. শঙ্কাস্পৃষ্ট (adjective) touched with fear; seized with alarm. শঙ্কাহর, শঙ্কাহরণ (adjective) expelling fear/ misgiving. শঙ্কাহরা (feminine) = শঙ্কাহর. শঙ্কাহীন = শঙ্কাশূন্য. শঙ্কাহীনা (feminine) = শঙ্কাশূন্য.
  • Bengali Word শঙ্কিতEnglish definition(adjective) 1 alarmed; apprehensive; suspicious; distrustful; afraid of; anxious about; frightened; fearful; timorous; perturbed. 2 feared; apprehended. 3 doubted; doubtful.
  • Bengali Word শঙ্কু ১English definition= শঙ্কিত
  • Bengali Word শঙ্কু ২English definition(noun) 1 peg; nail; wedge; spike. 2 stake; pillar; post. 3 hand of a clock. 4 forceps. 5 arrow; spear; dart. 6 pin/ gnomon of a dial. 7 probe. 8 prod. 9 skewer. 10 (geometry) cone. 11 fibre/ vein of a leaf. 12 measure of twelve fingers. 13 measuring rod. শঙ্কুকর্ণ (noun) an ass (having pointed ears). শঙ্কুচ্ছেদ (noun) (goem) conic section. শঙ্কুদোলক (noun) (mech) conical pendulum. শঙ্কু পট্ট (noun) seen-dial.
  • Bengali Word শঙ্খEnglish definition(noun) 1 shell; conch-shell. 2 conch-bangle. 3 temple (of the face). 4 a particular high number (said to = a hundred billion). শঙ্খক (noun) 1 conch-shell. 2 temporal bone; forehead. 3 disease of the head. শঙ্খকার (noun) 1 worker in shells; shell-cutter. 2 a particular Hindu caste. শঙ্খ চক্রগদাপদ্মধারী (adjective) (noun) Vishnu (having a conch, a discus, a mace and a lotus). শঙ্খচিল, শঙ্খচিল্ল noun(s) species of white breasted kite; falco cheela. শঙ্খচূড়া (noun) king-cobra. শঙ্খচূর্ণ (noun) shell-power. শঙ্খচূর্ণী (noun) (feminine) evil spirit of woman who has died when her husband was still alive; female ghoul. শঙ্খদ্রাবক (noun) (chemistry) aqua regia. শঙ্খধ্বনি, শঙ্খনাদ noun(s) sound of a conch/ horn. শঙ্খ ধ্বনি করা / শঙ্খ নাদ করা (verb intransitive) blow a conch-shell. শঙ্খনখ (noun) kind of nail. শঙ্খবণিক (noun) dealer and worker in articles of conch-shells. শঙ্খবলয় (noun) shell-bracelet. শঙ্খবিষ (noun) white arsenic; ratsbane. শঙ্খমালা (noun) 1 shell-necklace; 2 garland of bones. শঙ্খমুখ (noun) alligator. শঙ্খশুভ্র (adjective) shell-white.
  • Bengali Word শঙ্খিনীEnglish definition(noun) (feminine) 1 = শঙ্খচূর্ণী ( শঙ্খ). 2 one of the four sexual classes into which women are divided. 3 mother of pearl.
  • Bengali Word শঙ্খীEnglish definition(noun) 1 Vishnu (possessing a conch). 2 worker in shells. 3 the ocean. (adjective) possessing a conch; bearing shells.
  • Bengali Word শচি, শচীEnglish definition(noun) (feminine) 1 name of the wife of Indra. 2 name of the mother of Chaitanya (চৈতন্য).
  • Bengali Word শজনেEnglish definition(noun) (colloquial) = শাজিনা
  • Bengali Word শজারুEnglish definition(noun) procupine.
  • Bengali Word শজিনাEnglish definition(noun) horse-raddish. শজিনা খাড়া (noun) the edible stem of this plant.
  • Bengali Word শটকাEnglish definition(noun) 1 long flexible tube of a hookah. 2 hookah; hubble-bubble. 3 slip of bamboo used in catching certain species of fish.
  • Bengali Word শটকানোEnglish definition= সটকানো
  • Bengali Word শটকেEnglish definition(noun) (colloquial) = শতকিয়া ( শত)
  • Bengali Word শটলEnglish definition(noun) putrefaction; rotting/ decomposition.
  • Bengali Word শটিEnglish definitionnoun(s) the plant Curcuma zedoaria; zedoary. শটি ফুড (noun) a barley-like powder produced from zedoary.
  • Bengali Word শটিতEnglish definition(adjective) putrefied; rotten; decomposed.
  • Bengali Word শঠEnglish definition(adjective) false; deceitful; fraudulent; wicked; malignant. (noun) cheat; rogue; false husband/ lover. শঠতা, শঠতাচরণ noun(s) roguery; depravity; deceit; swindling; wickedness; wicked/ roguish conduct; knavery; false play; sharp practice; crookedness; slyness; chicanery. শঠতা করা (verb transitive), (verb intransitive) deceive; play false; swindle; chicane.
  • Bengali Word শণEnglish definition(noun) a kind of hemp/ flax. শণ তন্তু (noun) thread/ string made of the fibre of hemp. শণ পাট (noun) san hemp . শণে তৈরি (adjective) hempen ; flaxen. শণের নুড়ি (noun) sheaf of fibres of flax; (figurative) grey hair.
  • Bengali Word শতEnglish definition(noun), (adjective) hundred.  (adjective) many; innumerable. শতক (noun) 1 hundred; 2 aggregate of one hundred similar things: গীতি শত; 3 century; amount of a hundred;  (adjective) consisting of a hundred; comprising/ amounting to a hundred. শতকরা (adjective), (adverb) percent. শতকরা হার / শতকরা হিসাব (noun) percentage. শতকিয়া (noun) table of numbers upto one hundred. শতকোটি (noun), (adjective) 1 thousand million; billion; 2 countless; innumerable. শতখণ্ড (noun) hundred pieces. (adjective) broken into/ reduced to/ torn to (hundred) pieces; tattered. শতখণ্ড করা (verb transitive) break into a hundred pieces. শতগুণ (noun) hundred times. (adjective) hundred-fold; hundred times; hundred times of;  (adverb) to / by hundred times; many/ countless times; in/ to a great degree/ extent; far. শতগুণে (adverb) = শতগুণ. শতগুণিত (adjective) increased a hundred fold; hundred times longer. শত গ্রন্থি (adverb) patched at hundred places; tattered;  (noun) durva grass. শতঘ্নী (noun) (mythology) a particular deadly missile. শতচেষ্টা (noun) utmost effort. শতচ্ছিদ্র, শতচ্ছিন্ন adjective(s) having a hundred holes/ openings; torn at hundred places; tattered. শতজীবী (adjective) living a hundred years. শততম (adjective) /hundredth. শততমী (feminine). শত দল (noun) lotus-flower. শতদ্রু (noun) the river sutlej. শতধা (adjective) in/ to a hundred divisions; in a hundred ways; a hundred-fold; into a hundred parts/ pieces. শতধার (adjective) having a hundred streams/edges/ points; hundred-edged;  (noun) thunderbolt. শতধারে (adverb) in hundred/ innumerable streams. শতপদী (noun) 1 centipede; 2 scorpion; 3 earwig. শতপুষ্প (adjective) having a hundred flowers; many-flowered. শতবর্ষ (noun) hundred years. শতবার্ষিক (adjective) centennial. শতবার্ষিক উৎসব (noun) centenary. শতভিষা (noun) name of a constellation. শতমারী (noun) 1 a man who has killed a hundred; 2 (iron) a bad physician who has killed a hundred patients; charlatan; quack. শতমুখ (noun) a hundred mouths/ openings;  (adjective) 1 having a hundred apertures/ outlets; proceeding/ in hundred ways; having a hundred ways/ issues; 2 (figurative) voluble; glib; garrulous. শতমুখী (noun) besom. শতমুখে (adverb) volubly; glibly; highly: শতমুখে প্রশংসা করা. শতমূলী (noun) species of asparagus. শতরূপা (adjective) having a hundred/ many forms or shapes;  (noun) (feminine) name of the daughter and wife of Brahma. শতশ, শতশঃ (adjective) by/ in hundreds; a hundred times; hundred times over; over and over again. শতসহস্র (noun), (adjective) hundred thousand;  (adjective) many; innumerable; countless. শতাংশ (noun) a hundredth part; one hundred parts; one percent. শতশতাব্দ, শতাব্দী noun(s) hundred years; century. শতায়ু, শতায়ুঃ = শতজীবী. শতায়ু ব্যক্তি (noun) centenarian. প্রতি শত (adjective) percent.
  • Bengali Word শতরঞ্চ শতরঞ্চEnglish definition[Arabic] noun(s) chess.
  • Bengali Word শতরঞ্জি, শতরঞ্চিEnglish definition[Arabic] noun(s) kind of checkered carpet.
  • Bengali Word শতেকEnglish definition(adjective) one hundred; nearly/ approximately a hundred; many hundred; many; innumerable; hundreds of. শতেক খাকি, শতেক খাগি noun(s) (feminine) (vulgar) (in swearing) cursed women who has seen the death of a hundred near ones. শতেক খোয়ারি (noun) (feminine) (vulgar) (in swearing) cursed woman who will have to suffer many misfortunes.
  • Bengali Word শত্তুরEnglish definition(noun) (colloquial) = শত্রু
  • Bengali Word শত্রুEnglish definition(noun) enemy; foe; adversary; opponent; rival. শত্রুঘ্ন (adjective) destroying enemies. (noun) name of the youngest brother of Rama. শত্রুজন (noun) enemy. শত্রুজয় (noun) conquering an enemy. শত্রুজয়ী, শত্রুঞ্জয়ী, শত্রুজিৎ adjective(s) victorious over enemies. শত্রুতা, শত্রুত্ব noun(s) enemity; hostility; antagonism; animosity. শত্রু তাচরণ (noun) hostile conduct; hostility; disaffection. শত্রু তাচরণ করা (verb intransitive) be hostile to; bear malice. শত্রুদমন (noun) subduing enemies. শত্রুনাশ (noun) destruction of enemies. শত্রুপক্ষ (noun) side/ part of an enemy; adversary; enemy party; opponent. শত্রুমর্দন (noun) crushing/ destroying enemies. শত্রুমিত্রভেদ (noun) discrimination between one’s enemies and friends. শত্রুসঙ্কুল (adjective) full of enemies. শত্রুর মুখে চাই (figurative) woe unto my enemies.
  • Bengali Word শনশনEnglish definition(noun) (onomatopoeia) expressing the sound of wind or something rushing through the air; whiz; scream; whistle.
  • Bengali Word শনাক্ত, সনাক্তEnglish definition[Persian] (noun) recognition; identification. সনাক্ত করা (verb transitive) recognize; identify.