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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word যোজকEnglish definition(noun) (geog) isthmus.  (adjective) joining; linking; uniting; coupling. যোজক স্ক্রু (noun) binding screw.
  • Bengali Word যোজনEnglish definition(noun) 1 joining; yoking; linking; mixing; blending; uniting. 2 use; application; arrangement; preparation. 3 mental concentration; directing the thoughts to. 4 employment: সৈন্য যোজন. 5 investment: অর্থ যোজন. 6 erecting; constructing; building; fixation; implantation; assembling: ধনুকে শর যোজন. 7 junction; combination; union. 8 grammatical construction. 9 stage or yojan (ie distance traversed in one harnessing or without unyoking, sometimes regarded as 4/5 miles). যোজন করা = যোগ করা ( যোগ). যোজন গন্ধা (noun) musk. যোজন ভার (noun) (chemistry) combining weight. যোজনা = 1 যোজন (18). 2 plan; planning.
  • Bengali Word যোজনীয়English definition(adjective) to be joined/ combined/ united; to be set at work; to be used/ employed; to be connected with.
  • Bengali Word যোজিতEnglish definition(adjective) 1 joined; linked; mixed; blended; arranged; connected; put together; composed. 2 supplied/ furnished with. 3. used; employed; applied. 4 appointed to; charged with. 5 tied/ fastened to; put/ placed in; fixed; implanted. 6 invested.
  • Bengali Word যোজ্যEnglish definition= যোজনীয়
  • Bengali Word যোজয়িতব্যEnglish definition(adjective) to be joined/ connected/ furnished with; to be made use of/ chosen/ selected.
  • Bengali Word যোজয়িতৃEnglish definition(noun) one who joins/ connects; setter (of precious stones).
  • Bengali Word যোঝাEnglish definition(colloquial) = যুঝা
  • Bengali Word যোটEnglish definition= জোট
  • Bengali Word যোটকEnglish definition(noun) 1 combination; constellation; union. 2 combination for matrimonial purposes: রাজযোজন. 3 pair; one of a pair. যোটকমেলা (verb intransitive) 1 be found agreeable for matrimonial purposes; combine well for matrimonial purpose; be supplied with a pair; be paired.
  • Bengali Word যোটাEnglish definition= জুটা. যোটানো = জুটানো
  • Bengali Word যোতEnglish definition= জোত
  • Bengali Word যোতাEnglish definition= জোতা
  • Bengali Word যোত্রEnglish definition(noun) 1 the cord that fastens the yoke of a plough to the neck of an ox; fastening; tie; rope. 2 yoke. 3 resource; means; provision. 4 property. 5 assistance; help. 6 refuge; shelter. যোত্র সম্পন্ন (adjective) of means/ property; wealthy; well-to-do; well-off; affluent. যোত্র হীন (adjective) insolvent; impecunious; badly off.
  • Bengali Word যোদ্ধাEnglish definition(noun) soldier; fighter; warrior; combatant.
  • Bengali Word যোদ্ধৃEnglish definition(noun) = যোদ্ধা. যোদ্ধৃ জাতি (noun) warlike/ martial race. যোদ্ধৃ পতি (noun) general; commander. যোদ্ধৃ পুরুষ (noun) = যোদ্ধা. যোদ্ধৃ বর্গ (noun) (plural) warriors/ soldiers (collectively); fighting men; men at arms. যোদ্ধৃ বেশ (noun) military dress; dress/ attire of a soldier; regimentals.
  • Bengali Word যোধEnglish definition(noun) 1 = যোদ্ধা. 2 war; battle; fighting. যোধপতি (noun) commander; general. যোধসংরাব (noun) mutual defiance of combatants; challenge.
  • Bengali Word যোধনEnglish definition(noun) 1 war; battle; fighting. 2 battle-cry. 3 arms; military equipment’s.
  • Bengali Word যোধীEnglish definition(adjective) fighting; combating. (noun) combatant; warrior; conqueror.
  • Bengali Word যোনি, যোনীEnglish definitionnoun(s) 1 female organ of generation; vulva; vagina. 2 place of birth; origin; source; spring; fountain. 3 birth; race; stock; caste; form of existence/ station fined by birth: দেব যোনি, প্রেত যোনি. 4 (archaic) animal.
  • Bengali Word যোশEnglish definition[Persian] (noun) excitement; heat; zeal; effervescence; enthusiasm; passion; emotion.
  • Bengali Word যোষিৎEnglish definition(noun) (young) woman; wife; girl; maiden. যোষিৎ পুংস্ক (adjective) (botany) gynandrous.
  • Bengali Word যোহরEnglish definition= জোহর
  • Bengali Word যোহরাEnglish definition= জোহরা
  • Bengali Word যোড়English definition= জোড়
  • Bengali Word যোড়াEnglish definition= জোড়া. যোড়ানো = জোড়ানো
  • Bengali Word যোয়ান ১English definition= যমানিকা
  • Bengali Word যোয়ান ২English definition= জোয়ান
  • Bengali Word যোয়ালEnglish definition= জোয়াল
  • Bengali Word যৌক্তিকEnglish definition(adjective) 1 logical; reasonal. 2 suitable; fit; proper.