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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word যেথাEnglish definition(adverb) where. যেথা কার = যেখানকার ( যেখান). যেথায় = যেথা. যেথা সেথা = যেখানে-সেখানে ( যেখান)
  • Bengali Word যেনEnglish definitionpreposition 1 like: যাচ্ছে. যেন হাতি. (adverb) as; as if; as though/it were: সে মুখ খুললো, যেন কিছু বলবে. (conjunction) 1 that: সে যেন দীর্ঘজীবী হয়, May he live long; এ ব্যাপারে যেন কোনো ভুল-বোঝাবুঝি না থাকে, I wish there to be no misunderstanding on this matter. 2 so that: দেখো অযথা সময় নষ্ট কোরো না যেন. 3 accepting/supposing that; I admit; very well: তাই যেন হলো. 4 I cannot recall it; it escapes me for the moment: কী যেন নাম. কী যেন তাকে বলো, what d ’yo u call him/her/it/them. কী যেন তার নাম what’s his/her/its their name. যেন-তেন (adjective) of any sort/kind; of a sort; of sorts; indifferent. যেন-তেন প্রকারে(ন) (adverb) some-how; by some means or other; by fair means or foul; by hook or by crook; negligently; perfunctorily.
  • Bengali Word যেমতি, যেমতEnglish definition(adverb), (conjunction) as; as like; such as; like.
  • Bengali Word যেমনEnglish definition(adjective), (adverb), (conjunction) 1 as for instance/ example; namely; such as. 2 like: যেমন বাবা তেমনি ছেলে, like father like son. 3 as; as soon as; just as; as much as; as like as: যেমন বলা তেমনি কাজ, no sooner said than done.  (interjection) (expression of mild protest/ reproach/ surprise/ disagreement/ doubt) really: তুমিও যেমন! যেমন ই (adjective) whatever: যেমন ই হোক না কেন নিতেই হবে.  (adverb) as soon as; in a trice: যেমন ই গেল অমনি এল. যেমন-তেমন = যেন-তেন. যেমন-তেমন করে = যেন-তেন প্রকারে. যেমন কর্ম তেমন ফল (prov) as you sow so you reap; sow the wind and reap the whirlwind. যেমন দেবা তেমনি দেবী (prov) like husband, like wife.
  • Bengali Word যেমনিEnglish definition= যেমনই ( যেমন)
  • Bengali Word যেরূপEnglish definition= যেমন
  • Bengali Word যেহেতুEnglish definition(conjunction) since; because; whereas; considering that.
  • Bengali Word যো ১English definition= জো
  • Bengali Word যো ২English definition(conjunction) as. যো হুকুম as you command; I am at your beck and call.
  • Bengali Word যো-হুকুমEnglish definition(phrase) as you command; at your command. যো-হুকুমের দল (noun) (plural) flock of flatterers; obsequious followers.
  • Bengali Word যোক্তব্যEnglish definition(adjective) to be joined/ yoked/ united.
  • Bengali Word যোক্তাEnglish definition(adjective) to one who joins/ yokes/ unites.
  • Bengali Word যোক্ত্রEnglish definition(noun) 1 any instrument for tying/ fastening; rope; halter; thong. 2 (figurative) provision; resource: চাকরির যোক্ত্র নেই. 3 (figurative) facility; convenience: কাজে যোক্ত্র নেই.
  • Bengali Word যোখাEnglish definition= জোখা ( জোখ)
  • Bengali Word যোগEnglish definition(noun) 1 union; junction; combination; contact with; mixing; mixture; blending. 2 connection; relation; association; contact. 3 cooperation; concert: এক যোগে. 4 abstract meditation and mental obstruction practised as a system (as taught by Patanjali and called the Yoga philosophy); yoga. 5 application/ concentration of the thoughts; abstract contemplation; meditation; self-concentration 6 (mathematics) addition; sum; total. 7 act of yoking/ attaching/ joining/ harnessing/ putting to (of horses). 8 fixing (as of an arrow on the bowstring). 9 putting on (of armour). 10 remedy; cure: হঠ যোগ. 11 means; expedient; device; way; manner; method. 12 trick; stratagem; fraud; deceit. 13 employment; use; application; performance. 14 acquisition; gain; profit; wealth; property. 15 occasion; opportunity; chance: লাভের যোগ. 16 putting together; arrangement; disposition; regular succession. 17 fitting together; fitness; propriety; suitability. 18 medium; by: ডাকযোগে. 19 path; route; by: বিমানযোগে, নৌকাযোগে. 20 particular time; by: রাত্রিযোগে. 21 (astronomy) constellation; asterism. 22 (astrology) conjunction; lucky conjuncture; auspicious time; possibility of occurrence: বিষ্কুম্ভ যোগ , বিবাহের যোগ. 23 festival: একটা মস্ত যোগ আছে. 24 union of the individual soul with the universal soul. 25 exertion; endeavour; zeal; diligence; industry; care; attention. 26 devotion; pious seeking after God. 27 (grammar) connection of words together; syntactical dependence of a word; construction. 28 (linguistics) connection of a word with its root; original/ etymological meaning (as opposed to রুঢ়ি). 29 (mathematics) plus sign. 30 undertaking; business; work. যোগ করা (verb transitive), (verb intransitive) unite; join; add; associate; mix; blend; practice yoga; apply; attach; fix; turn/ direct/ concentrate/ (the mind, thoughts etc); connect; bring together. যোগ দেওয়া (verb transitive), (verb intransitive) join; participate in; take up an employment; report as for duty; associate with; unite; add. যোগ ক্রিয়া (noun) (algebra) components. যোগ ক্ষেম (noun) 1 attainment/ acquisition of unattained things and preservation of what is attained; security/ secure possession of what has been acquired; acquisition and preservation of property. 2 welfare; prosperity; substance; livelihood. 3 charge for securing property (from accidents); insurance. 4 property destined for pious uses and sacrifices. 5 indivisible inheritance. যোগদান করা (verb intransitive) join (mathematics); report as for duty; take up an employment; associate with; participate in; side with; take part in. যোগধারী (adjective) absorbed in deep meditation. (noun) Shiva. যোগ নিদ্রা (noun) 1 state of half meditation; half sleep; yogic trance. 2 sleep of Vishnu at the end of a yoga; Vishnu’s sleep personified as a goddess and said to be a form of Durga. যোগনিষ্ঠ (adjective) devotedly meditative; absorbed in meditation. যোগপট্ট (noun) cloth thrown over the back and knees of a devotee during meditation. যোগ পথ (noun) road leading to yoga. যোগপদ (noun) state of self-concentration/ meditation. যোগপীঠ (noun) particular posture during meditation. যোগফল (noun) result of addition; sum; (physics) summation. যোগবল (noun) force of devotion; supernatural power. যোগ বাহী (adjective) 1 uniting; connecting. 2 acting as a medium; helping to maintain contact. 3 (chemistry) catalytic. (noun) medium. যোগ বাহ্য (noun) 1 quicksilver. 2 alkali. যোগবিদ, যোগ বিৎ (adjective) conversant with the yoga; knowing the right means/ proper methods; follower of the yoga doctrines. যোগ ভঙ্গ, যোগ ভ্রংশ noun(s) interruption of (yogic) meditation; failing in yogic practice/ meditation. যোগ ভ্রষ্ট (adjective) interrupted/ foiled in yogic practice/ meditation; lured away/ fallen from spiritual heights attained by means of yoga. যোগ মায়া (noun) (feminine) power of God in the creation of the world personified as a deity; name of Durga; magical power of abstract meditation. যোগ মার্গ = যোগ পথ. যোগ যুক্ত (adjective) immersed in deep meditation; absorbed in yoga. যোগ রূঢ় (adjective) (grammar) having a special as well as an etymological and general meaning (said of certain words). যোগ শাস্ত্র (noun) any work on the yoga doctrine. যোগ সাজশ (noun) collusion; complicity; connivance; conspiracy. যোগ সাজশে (adverb) in collusion with; with the connivance of. যোগ সাধন (noun) unification; blending; mixture; joining; practice of yoga. যোগ সাধন করা (verb intransitive) unite; mix; blend; join; combine; reconcile; incorporate; unify; couple; fuse. যোগ সাধনা (noun) practice of yoga. যোগ সার (noun) universal remedy. যোগ সিদ্ধ (adjective) perfected by means of yoga; successful in attaining spiritual perfection by means of yoga. যোগ সিদ্ধি (noun) attainment of spiritual perfection through yoga; obtaining the fruit of yogic practice. যোগস্থ (adjective) absorbed in meditation.
  • Bengali Word যোগাকর্ষণEnglish definition(adjective) molecular attraction; cohesion.
  • Bengali Word যোগাচারEnglish definition(noun) observance of the yoga.
  • Bengali Word যোগানEnglish definition(noun) 1 supply; purveyance; stock; flow: কথার যোগান. 2 assistance; help: কাজে যোগান. যোগানদার (noun) 1 supplier; purveyor. 2 assistant; helper. 3 hod-carrier; hodman. যোগান দেওয়া (verb intransitive) supply; purvey; procure. যোগানো (verb intransitive) 1 supply; purvey. 2 find; to be found: কথা যোগানো. 3 flatter; adulate; humour; puff: মন যোগানো. যোগানের নিয়ম (noun) law of supply. যোগাভ্যাস (noun) practice of yoga.
  • Bengali Word যোগাযোগEnglish definition(noun) 1 contact; touch; intercourse: তার সঙ্গে যোগাযোগ রেখো, keep in touch with him. 2 relation; connection; association; communion: দুটি ঘটনার মধ্যে কোনো যোগাযোগ নেই. 3 communication. 4 consistency: শুরু ও শেষের মধ্যে যোগাযোগ. 5 cooperation: দুজনের যোগাযোগে কার্যসম্পাদন. 6 conjuncture: শুভ যোগাযোগ. যোগাযোগ করা (verb intransitive) contact; get into communication with. যোগাযোগ রক্ষা করা (verb intransitive) maintain contact with; keep in touch with. যোগাযোগ স্থাপন করা (verb intransitive) establish/ make contact with; get in contact with (somebody); reach (somebody) (by message/ telephone). যোগাযোগ ব্যবস্থা (noun) communication system. গণযোগাযোগ (noun) mass communication.
  • Bengali Word যোগারূঢ়English definition= যোগ
  • Bengali Word যোগালেEnglish definition= যোগাড়ে (২)
  • Bengali Word যোগাসনEnglish definition(noun) seat/ mode of sitting suited to profound meditation/ yoga; yoga posture.
  • Bengali Word যোগাসীনEnglish definition(adjective) seated in yogic meditation যোগাসীনা (feminine).
  • Bengali Word যোগাড়English definition(noun) 1 preparation; arrangement; provision. 2 procurement; collection; obtaining; securing. যোগাড় করা (verb intransitive) procure; secure; get; obtain; array for; make preparation for; collect; manage; supply. যোগাড় করে দেওয়া (verb intransitive) procure for another; make available; find for; provide something (for somebody); provide somebody with something; furnish. যোগাড় যন্ত্র (noun) preparations; arrangements. যোগাড় যন্ত্র করা (verb intransitive) make arrangements/ preparations; arrange (for); manage; shift for oneself. যোগাড়ে (adjective) 1 adept in procurement/ getting things done; adept/ employed in making preparations and arrangements. 2 full of resources; capable of shifting for oneself; cute; smart; dodgy; shifty. (noun) 1 resourceful person; shifty fellow; dodger. 2 assistant; hodman; hod-carrier.
  • Bengali Word যোগিনীEnglish definition(noun) fem (of যোগী) 1 female demon or any being endowed with magical power. 2 fairy/ witch/ sorceress represented as sixty-four in number and as created by Durga and attendant oh her or on Shiva. 3 female ascetic. 4 (with Buddhists) woman representing any goddess who is the object of adoration. 5 (astrology) a particular conjunction of stars.
  • Bengali Word যোগিবেশ, যোগীবেশEnglish definition(noun) conventional garb of a yogi/ an ascetic.
  • Bengali Word যোগিয়াEnglish definition(noun) name of an Indian musical mode.
  • Bengali Word যোগীEnglish definition(noun) 1 contemplative saint; ascetic; devotee. 2 follower of the yoga system; yogi. 3 name of a mixed caste. 4 selfless devotee (to any cause): কর্ম যোগী. যোগীন্দ্র, যোগীশ, যোগীশ্বর noun(s) 1 master/ adept in the yoga. 2 Shiva. 3 Yajnavalkya. যোগীন্দ্র-বাসনা (adjective) coveted by yogis.
  • Bengali Word যোগেEnglish definitionpreposition through; by means of; through the agency of; in cooperation with. যোগে যাগে (adverb) 1 somehow; with great difficulty; the hard way. 2 by chance; through a favourable opportunity.
  • Bengali Word যোগ্যEnglish definition(adjective) 1 fit/ qualified for; able/ equal to; capable (of); deserving; suitable; worthy: যোগে লোক. 2 eligible; able; competent; efficient. 3 becoming; befitting: রাজার যোগ্য. 4 merited; deserved: যোগ্য পুরস্কার/শাস্তি. 5 proper; right: যোগ্য কাজ. যোগ্যা (feminine) of যোগ্য. যোগ্যতা (adjective) qualification; ability; suitability; fitness; propriety; suitableness; eligibility; competence; capability; efficiency; worth; merit; aptness. তানুসারে (adverb) according to/in order of merit. যোগ্য তাপত্র (noun) certificate of merit/ competence.