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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word যৌগEnglish definition(noun) (chemistry) compound.
  • Bengali Word যৌগপদ্যEnglish definition(noun) simultaneousness.
  • Bengali Word যৌগিকEnglish definition(adjective) 1 compound; composite; complex; mixed. 2 (grammar) having an etymological meaning. 3 (mathematics) compound. 4 of yoga; yogic. যৌগিক অনুবীক্ষণ (noun) compound microscope. যৌগিক অর্থ (noun) (linguistics) derivative meaning. যৌগিক কাচ (noun) compound lens. যৌগিক ক্রিয়া (noun) 1 (grammar) compound verb. 2 yogic performance. যৌগিক পদার্থ (noun) compound substance; compound. যৌগিক বাক্য (noun) compound sentence. যৌগিক শব্দ (noun) word having an etymological meaning; derivative. যৌগিক সংখ্যা (noun) mixed/ complex number.
  • Bengali Word যৌতুকEnglish definition(noun) property given at marriage; dowry; marriage portion. যৌতুক দেওয়া (noun) bestow a dowry upon; dower; give a present. যৌতুকপ্রথা (noun) dowry system. যৌতুকহীন (adjective) portionless.
  • Bengali Word যৌথEnglish definition(adjective) joint; united; combined. যৌথ কারবার (noun) joint stock business/ company. যৌথ চেষ্টা (noun) united/ combined effort. যৌথ পরিবার (noun) joint family. যৌথ স্বাক্ষর (noun) joint signature.
  • Bengali Word যৌনEnglish definition(adjective) 1 sexual; conjugal: যৌন মিলন. 2 vaginal; biogenetic. 3 venereal: যৌন রোগ. যৌনতা (noun) sexuality.
  • Bengali Word যৌবনEnglish definition(noun) youth; youthfulness; adolescence; puberty; manhood. যৌবন কণ্টক (noun) eruption/ pimples on the face. যৌবনকাল (noun) period of youth; grown-up stage. যৌবন-চাঞ্চল্য (noun) restlessness of youth. যৌবনজ্বালা (ardour of) youthful passions. যৌবন দর্প (noun) juvenile pride/indiscretion. যৌবন দশা = যৌবনকাল. যৌবনপ্রাপ্ত (adjective) arrived at manhood যৌবনপ্রাপ্তা (feminine) arrived at womanhood. যৌবনবান (adjective) young; youthful যৌবনবতী (feminine). যৌবনভার (noun) ‘burden of youth’; bloom of youth. যৌবনমত্ত (adjective) intoxicated with (the pride of) youth. যৌবনমত্তা (feminine) = যৌবনমত্ত. যৌবনলক্ষণ (noun) sign of youth; grace; loveliness. যৌবনশ্রী (noun) beauty of youthfulness. যৌবনসম্পন্ন (adjective) full of youth; youthful. যৌবনসম্পন্না (feminine). যৌবনসহচর (noun) friends/ companion of one’s youth; confidant. যৌবনসহচরী (feminine) = যৌবনসহচর . যৌবনসুখ (noun) joys fo youth/ love. যৌবনসুলভ (adjective) usual for youth; youthful. যৌবনস্থ (adjective) being in the (bloom of) youth; arrived at puberty; marriageable. যৌবনারম্ভ (noun) prime of youth; first bloom of youth; juvenility. যৌবনারূঢ় (adjective) one who has arrived at adolescence/ puberty. যৌবনাবস্থা (noun) state of youth; youthfulness; puberty.
  • Bengali Word যৌবনোদয়English definition(noun) appearance/ beginning of youth.
  • Bengali Word যৌবরাজিকEnglish definition(adjective) relating/ belonging to an heir-apparent.
  • Bengali Word যৌবরাজ্যEnglish definition(noun) rank/ office/ rights of a heir-apparent; right of succession to kingdom. যৌবরাজ্য প্রদান করা, যৌবরাজ্যে অভিষিক্ত করা (verb intransitive) install as a crown prince.
  • Bengali Word যৎ ১English definition(in composition) (pronoun) = যদ্. যৎকালে (conjunction) at the time when; when; whilst. যজ্ঞ কিঞ্চিৎ, যজ্ঞ সামান্য (adjective) (only) a little; very little; paltry; insignificant; meagre. যৎপরোনাস্তি (adjective) extreme; utmost.  (adverb) extremely; exceedingly.
  • Bengali Word যৎ ২English definition(noun) name of an Indian musical measure.