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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word মণিহারীEnglish definition= (old spelling of) মনিহারি
  • Bengali Word মণ্ডEnglish definition(noun) 1 scum of boiled rice (or any grain). 2 gruel; starch; pulp; paste. 3 foam; froth. 4 pith; essence. 5 thick part of milk yoghurt; cream. 6 embolic myrobalan tree. 7 decoration; ornament. মণ্ডা (noun) (feminine) 1 sweet blob. 2 liquor.
  • Bengali Word মণ্ডকEnglish definition(noun) sort of pastry of baked flour.
  • Bengali Word মণ্ডনEnglish definition(noun) 1 adorning; decoration; embellishment; ornament. 2 toilet; 3 overlaying; inlaying; studding.
  • Bengali Word মণ্ডপEnglish definition(noun) 1 temple. 2 open hall/temporary shed (erected on festive occasions). 3 pavillion; tent. 4 arbour; bower. (adjective) drinking the scum of boiled rice or any other liquor. মণ্ডপ প্রতিষ্ঠা (noun) consecration of a temple.
  • Bengali Word মণ্ডরীEnglish definition(noun) an insect of the family Cystocirca gregaria (= ঘুর.ঘুরে).
  • Bengali Word মণ্ডলEnglish definition(noun) 1 anything round. 2 disc (especially of the sun or moon). 3 circle; globe; orb. 4 ring; circumference; ball; wheel. 5 path/orbit of a heavenly body. 6 hallo (round the sun or moon). 7 ball for playing. 8 circular bandage (in surgery). 9 round mole/mark (caused by the finger-nail) on the body. 10 circular array of troops. 11 district; arrondissement; zone; region; village; locality; territory; province; country. 12 (also used as a plural suffix) multitude; group; collection; congregation band; whole body; society; community; assemblage; company. 13 division/book of the Rigveda. 14 village headman; headman; leader; sheriff. 15 a ryot who collect revenues on behalf of the landlord. 16 (geometry) zone. খণ্ডমণ্ডল (noun) sector/segment of a circle. (adjective) circular; round. মণ্ডলনৃত্য (noun) circular dance. মণ্ডলপট্ট (noun) (physics) zone plate. মণ্ডল পরিদর্শক circle inspector. মণ্ডলভাগ (noun) part of a circle. মণ্ডলমধ্য (noun) middle of a circle. আভামণ্ডল (noun) (astronomy) corona. আলোক মণ্ডল (noun) photosphere. ইন্দুমণ্ডল (noun) disc of the moon. বর্ণমণ্ডল (noun) Chromosphere. বায়ুমণ্ডল (noun) atmosphere. মণ্ডলাকার (adjective) circular; spherical; round; globular. মণ্ডলাগ্র (adjective) round-pointed. (noun) scimitar. মণ্ডলাধীশ (noun) ruler of a country/province.
  • Bengali Word মণ্ডলক English definition(noun) 1 disc; circle; orb. 2 circular array of troops. 3 group; collection; heap; mass; troop; band; crowd. 4 cutaneous disease with spots. 5 mirror.
  • Bengali Word মণ্ডলিত, মণ্ডলায়িতEnglish definition(adjective(s)) made round; circular.
  • Bengali Word মণ্ডলীEnglish definition(noun) 1 (also used as a plural suffix) = মণ্ডল (১১). 2 ring; circle. 3 snake. 4 the sun. মণ্ডলীকরণ (noun) rounding; gathering in a ball/circle; coil. মণ্ডলীকৃত (adjective) curved; rounded; bent; made circular.
  • Bengali Word মণ্ডলেশ, মণ্ডলেশ্বরEnglish definition= মণ্ডলাধীশ. ( মণ্ডল)
  • Bengali Word মণ্ডা ১English definition(noun) kind of sweetmeat; sweet blob.
  • Bengali Word মণ্ডা ২English definition(verb transitive) (poetic) decorate; adorn.
  • Bengali Word মণ্ডিতEnglish definition(adjective) adorned; decorated; embellished. মণ্ডিতা (feminine) = মণ্ডিত. মণ্ডিত করা (verb transitive) adorn; decorate; embellish; overlay/stud (with).
  • Bengali Word মণ্ডূকEnglish definition(noun) frog. মণ্ডূকী (feminine) = মণ্ডূক. মণ্ডূক গতি (noun) gait of a frog. মণ্ডূক পর্ণী (noun) the plant Hydrocotyle asiatica.
  • Bengali Word মণ্ডোদকEnglish definition(noun) froth obtained from powdered rice; barm.
  • Bengali Word মতEnglish definition(noun) 1 opinion; view; remark. 2 consent; sanction; approval; approbation; commendation. 3 thought; idea; sentiment. 4 theory; doctrine; ism. 5 belief; faith; religion; creed; tenet. 6 prescription; rules; principles. 7 method; mode; means. 8 intention; design; purpose; wish. মত করা (verb intransitive) 1 agree (to); consent; acquiesce; assent; give one’s consent; fall in with; accede (to). 2 intend. মত করানো (verb transitive) persuade. মত দেওয়া (verb intransitive) 1 = মত করা (1). 2 give opinion; comment; opine. 3 advise. 4 approve. মত নেওয়া (verb transitive) take/ seek/ obtain somebody’s opinion/ approval/ comment/ advice/ counsel. মত পাওয়া (verb transitive) obtain somebody’s opinion/ approval. মত বদলানো (verb transitive) change one’s mind. মত গ্রহণ (noun) poll. মতবাদ (noun) theory; doctrine; tenet; principle. মতবাদী (adjective) (noun) adhering to/upholder of a particular theory/ doctrine/ tenet. মতবিরোধ, মতভেদ (noun(s) difference of opinion; disagreement; dissension. মতাধিকার (noun), suffrage. মতানৈক্য = মতবিরোধ. মতান্তর (noun) another opinion/ creed/ sect; difference of opinion; a different/ contrary opinion/view/ doctrine/ theory. মতান্তরে (adverb) in/according to another view/ theory. মতাবলম্বন (noun) embracing a particular doctrine/ theory. মতাবলম্বন করা (verb transitive) embrace/ uphold/ adhere to/profess/ accept a particular opinion/ view/ theory/ doctrine/ tenet/ creed/ religion. মতাবলম্বী (adjective) holding the doctrine, view, etc of. (noun) adherent/ supporter/ upholder/ follower of a particular doctrine/ theory/ view/ opinion/ creed/ religion/ faith. মতাবলম্বিনী (feminine) = মতাবলম্বী. মতামত (noun) views for and against; opinion.
  • Bengali Word মতন, মতোEnglish definition(adjective) 1 like; similar to; as: নদীর মতো, আগের মতো. 2 becoming; befitting; like: বীরের মতন. 3 suiting; as desired; satisfying; after: মনের মতন. 4 regarded/considered as; taken/ passing for; thought fit; approved: মনো মতন, পছন্দ মতো.  (prepostion) 1 for: আজকের মতো, জন্মের মতো, for good. 2 according to; in keeping with: কথা মতো করার/দেবার মতন to do/give.
  • Bengali Word মতলবEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) 1 intention; motive; aim; purpose; object. 2 design; stratagem; plan; artifice; wile. মতলব আঁটা (verb transitive) think out a plan; plan; scheme; hatch a plot; intrigue. মতলব করা/ভাঁজা (verb transitive) design; contrive a plan/stratagem; design; scheme. মতলব হাসিল করা (verb transitive) attain one’s goal/object. মতলববাজ (adjective) self-seeking; selfish; designing; scheming; artful; crafty; wily; perfidious; shady. (noun) self-seeker; plotter; schemer.
  • Bengali Word মতি ১English definition(noun) 1 inclination; propensity; mentality. 2 intelligence; intellect. 3 memory. 4 heart: হৃষ্টমতি. 5 desire; wish; design; intention: যদি তার মতি হয়. 6 devotion; attention: ধর্মে মতি. 7 counsel; advice: কে দিয়েছে এ মতি. মতি হওয়া (verb intransitive) be inclined to; incline to; have a mind to. মতিগতি (noun) ‘mental course’; mode of thought; propensities; intentions and inclinations. মতিচ্ছন্ন (adjective) 1 out of one’s mind; not in one’s right mind/ head. 2 evil-minded; waywarded; rakish; debauched; desolate; wayward. (noun) evil-mindedness; waywardness; folly; derangement; madness. মতিচ্ছন্ন হওয়া (verb intransitive) go astray; go off the rails; go mad; see things; rave; ramble. মতিপ্রকর্ষ (noun) superiority of mind; talent; cleverness. মতিবিভ্রংস (noun) insanity; madness. মতিবিভ্রম, মতিভ্রংশ, মতিভ্রম (noun(s) 1 loss of memory. 2 loss of intellect/ judgement; confusion; error; misapprehension; lapse of judgement; aberration; delusion. 3 waywardness; delinquency; recalcitrance. মতিভ্রষ্ট, মতিভ্রান্ত (adjective(s) 1 demented. 2 deranged; mad; crazy; unhinged; unbalanced; raving; barmy; loony; touched. মতিভ্রান্তি (noun) = মতিভ্রম. মতিমতো (adverb) according to one’s inclination/ propensities. মতিমত্তা (noun) intelligence; wisdom; sagacity; cleverness. মতিমান (adjective) intelligent; wise; clever; discreet. মতিমতী (feminine) = মতিমান. মতিস্থিরতা, মতিস্থৈর্য (noun(s)) firmness of resolve/mind; mental equipoise; sanity; level-headedness; sobriety; equilibrium; balance; composure. মতিহীন (adjective) 1 deprived of sense; stupid. 2 lacking in devotion/ attention/ intention/ inclination. মতিহীনতা (noun) 1 senselessness; stupidity; mindlessness; obtuseness; foolishness. 2 lack of devotion/ inclination, etc.
  • Bengali Word মতি ২English definition= মোতি. মতিচুর, মতিচূর = মিহিদানা ( মিহি)
  • Bengali Word মতিহারীEnglish definition1 (noun) name of a region in Bihar. 2 a variety of tobacco (grown in Matihari).
  • Bengali Word মতোEnglish definition(colloquial)  মতি ১
  • Bengali Word মত্তEnglish definition(noun) 1 drunk; intoxicated; drunken; besotted. 2 excited (with joy); overjoyed; delighted. 3 excited by sexual passion/desire; in rut; ruttish (as an elephant). 4 furious; insane; mad; frenzied; maddened. 5 greatly proud of: ধনমত্ত. 6 absorbed/lost in: সঙ্গীতে মত্ত. 7 addicted to; indulging in: ভোগবিলাসে মত্ত. (noun) 1 cuckoo. 2 ruttish elephant. 3 buffalo. 4 madman. মত্তা (feminine) = মত্ত. মত্তগামিনী (noun) (feminine) woman with a rolling walk; bewitching/wanton woman. মত্ততা (noun) 1 intoxication; sottishness. 2 great elation/joy; exhilaration; ebullience; ecstasy; song and dance; frenzy; delirium; flurry; thrill; fever pitch. 3 madness; derangement. 4 spasm; excitement furore; revelry; rage; feverish. enthusiasm. 5 addiction; absorbing preoccupation. মত্তদন্তী, মত্তবারণ, মত্তমাতঙ্গ, মত্তহস্তী (noun(s)) furious/ruttish elephant.
  • Bengali Word মথEnglish definition[English] (noun) moth.
  • Bengali Word মথনEnglish definition(noun) 1 stirring; churning; shaking; rubbing. 2 hurting; annoying; injury; destruction. 3 trampling; crushing. 4 (used as a suffix) destroying: অসুর মথন. মথন করা (verb transitive) churn; stir; whirl round; shake; agitate; trouble; disturb; distress; destroy; trample; crush; rout.
  • Bengali Word মথনিEnglish definition(noun) churning-rod.
  • Bengali Word মথাEnglish definition(verb transitive) (archaic, poetic) = মথন করা ( মথন)
  • Bengali Word মথিতEnglish definition(adjective) churned; shaken; agitated; stirred; trampled; crushed; destroyed; routed. (noun) butter-milk churned without water. মথিত করা = মথন করা. ( মথন).
  • Bengali Word মথীEnglish definition(noun) churning-stick.