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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word মথুরাEnglish definition(noun) an ancient city in India. মথুরাধাম (noun) city of Mathura.
  • Bengali Word মথ্যমানEnglish definition(adjective) being churned/stirred up.
  • Bengali Word মদEnglish definition(noun) 1 any exhilarating/intoxicating drink; spirituous liquor; wine. 2 hilarity; rapture; excitement. 3 intoxication; inspiration. 4 insanity personified. 5 ardent passion for; sexual desire/ enjoyment; wantoness; lust; ruttishness; rut (especially of an elephant). 6 pride; arrogance; presumption; conceit of/about. 7 fluid/juice that exudes from the rutting elephants/stag’s temples. ৪ semen virile. মদ খাওয়া (verb intransitive) drink wine; drink. মদক (noun) an intoxicant consisting of opium, used for smoking. মদকর (adjective) intoxication. মদকরী (noun) elephant in rut. মদকল (adjective) sounding/singing softly or indistinctly (as if intoxicated); drunk; intoxicated (with liquor/passion); ruttish; furious; mad. মদকল কোকিল কূজিত (noun) warbling of cuckoos during the breeding season. মদকলযুবতী (noun) (feminine) young woman intoxicated with love. মদখোর (adjective) addicted to drinking. (noun) drunkard. মদগন্ধ, মদগন্ধা (noun(s) intoxicating beverage. মদগর্ব (noun) insane vanity/ pride/ arrogance. মদগর্বিত, মদগর্বী (adjective(s)) intoxicated/mad with pride/vanity. মদগর্বিতা, (feminine) = মদগর্বিত. মদজ্বর (noun) fever of passion/pride. মদবারি (noun) temple-juice (of a ruttish elephant). মদবিক্ষিপ্ত (adjective) distracted by passion; ruttish; furious. মদবিহ্বল, মদবিহ্বলিত (adjective(s)) excited by passion; lustful; wanton. মদমত্ত (adjective) 1 wildly intoxicated; dead drunk. 2 drunk/ intoxicated/ mad with vanity/pride. 3 ruttish. মদমত্তা/ মদমত্তহস্তী (noun) elephant in rut; furious elephant. মদমুকুলিত (adjective) half-closed with intoxication. মদমুকুলিতাক্ষী (adjective) with eyes half-closed with passion. মদমোহিত (adjective) stupefied by drunkenness. মদয়িতা (adjective) (feminine) intoxicating. মদলেখা (noun) line formed by the rut-juice (on an elephant’s temples). মদস্রাবী (adjective) emitting temple-juice (as a rutting elephant). মদাকুল (adjective) agitated by passion/lust; furious with rut. মদাচ্য (adjective) rich in/filled with wine; intoxicated; drunk. মদাতঙ্ক, মদাত্যয় (noun) disorder resulting from intoxication (as headache etc). মদান্ধ (adjective) blind through drunkenness/ passion; infatuated; ruttish (as an elephant). মদাবস্থা (noun) state of passion; ruttishness. মদালস (adjective) lazy from drunkenness; indolent; languid; slothful মদালসা (feminine). মদালাপ (noun) sounds of love/joy; amorous conversation. মদালাপী (adjective) uttering sounds of love/ joy মদালাপিনী (feminine).
  • Bengali Word মদত, মদৎ, মদদEnglish definition(noun) help; aid; assistance; succour; reinforcement; cooperation. মদত করা/দেওয়া (verb transitive) help; assist; aid; cooperate with; reinforce. মদদগার (noun) helper; ally; protector; assistant. মদদগারি (noun) = মদদ.
  • Bengali Word মদনEnglish definition(noun) 1 Hindu god of love. 2 passion; love; sexual desire. 3 season of spring. 4 name of various plants. 5 bee; bumble bee. 6 act of intoxicating/exhilarating. (adjective) intoxicating. মদনা (feminine) 1 any intoxicating drink; spirituous liquor. 2 musk. 3 lustful woman. মদন কণ্টক (noun) erection of hair caused by a thrill of love. মদন-কলহ (noun) love-quarrel. মদনক্লিষ্ট (adjective) pained by love. মদনধর্ম (noun) coitus. মদনপীড়া (noun) pain/ disquietude of love. মদনপীড়িত (adjective) stricken with sexual desire/love; lovesick; lovelorn. মদনপীড়িতা (adjective) (feminine). মদনবশ (adjective) influenced by love; enamoured. মদনবাণ (noun) shaft of Madana; মদনমোহন (noun) ‘infatuater of the god of love’; Sri Krishna. মদনরিপু (noun) ‘enemy of Kamadeva’, Shiva. মদন ললিত amorously sporting/ dallying. মদনলেখা (noun) love-letter. মদনশর = মদনবাণ. মদনাতুর = মদনপীড়িত. মদনাবস্থা (noun) state of love. মদনাশয় (noun) sexual desire.
  • Bengali Word মদনোৎসবEnglish definition(noun) festival of Madana; vernal.
  • Bengali Word মদনোৎসুকEnglish definition(adjective) pining/languid with love.
  • Bengali Word মদিনাEnglish definition1 (literally) city. 2 city where the holy shrine of Prophet Muhammad (sm) is situated.
  • Bengali Word মদিরEnglish definition(adjective) intoxicating; exhilarating; delighting; lovely. (noun) wagtail (especially in the breading season). মদির নয়ন, মদিরাক্ষ (adjective) having intoxicating/ fascinating eyes; lovely-eyed. মদির নয়না, মদিরাক্ষী (feminine) (noun) fascinating woman.
  • Bengali Word মদিরাEnglish definition(noun) spirituous liquor; any inebriating drink; wine; nectar. মদিরা গৃহ (noun) drinking-house; tavern. মদিরা সব (noun) any intoxicating liquor.
  • Bengali Word মদিরেক্ষণাEnglish definition(adjective) = মদিরনয়না ( মদির)
  • Bengali Word মদিরোন্মত্তEnglish definition(adjective) drunk with wine/spirituous liquor.
  • Bengali Word মদিরোৎকটEnglish definition(adjective) excited/intoxicated with spirituous liquor.
  • Bengali Word মদীয়English definition(possessive) (adjective) (old use) my.
  • Bengali Word মদো, মোদোEnglish definition(adjective(s) pertaining to wine/spirituous liquor; alcoholic; spirituous; addicted to wine. (noun) drunkard.
  • Bengali Word মদোদগ্রEnglish definition(adjective) 1 much excited; furious. 2 arrogant; haughty.
  • Bengali Word মদোদ্ধতEnglish definition(adjective) 1 intoxicated. 2 puffed up with pride; arrogant. মদোদ্ধতা (feminine) = মদোদ্ধত.
  • Bengali Word মদোন্মত্তEnglish definition(adjective) intoxicated with passion or pride.
  • Bengali Word মদোৎকটEnglish definition(adjective) 1 excited by drink; intoxicated. 2 excited by passion; ruttish; furious. 3 arrogant. (noun) elephant in rut.
  • Bengali Word মদ্দEnglish definition= মর্দ
  • Bengali Word মদ্দনাEnglish definition(noun) (archaic) manliness; virility.
  • Bengali Word মদ্দাEnglish definition= মর্দা
  • Bengali Word মদ্দানিEnglish definition= মর্দানি
  • Bengali Word মদ্যEnglish definition(noun) any intoxicating drink; vinous/spirituous liquor; wine. মদ্যপ, মদ্যপায়ী (adjective) drinking/addicted to intoxicating liquor. (noun(s) drunkard. মদ্যপান (noun) drinking of intoxicating liquors. মদ্য বিক্রেতা (noun) seller of intoxicating liquors; vintner; wine-merchant.
  • Bengali Word মদ্রEnglish definition(noun) 1 an ancient country consisting of some districts of the modern Punjab. 2 joy; happiness.
  • Bengali Word মদ্‌গুরEnglish definition= মাগুর
  • Bengali Word মধুEnglish definition(noun) 1 honey; nectar. 2 anything sweet (especially if liquid). 3 juice of the soma plant (সোম). 4 any sweet intoxicating drink; wine; spirituous liquor. 5 the month of Chaitra. 6 the season of spring. 7 name of an Asura. 8 liquorice. (adjective) sweet; delicious; pleasant; delightful; charming. মধুক (noun) 1 liquorice. 2 Asoka tree; Jonesia asoka. 3 Mahua tree; Bassia latifolia. মধুকণ্ঠ (adjective) having a melodious/ mellifluous voice; soft-spoken; sweet-voiced. (noun) cuckoo. মধুকর (noun) 1 bee; 2 lover; libertine; 3 the tree Eclipta prostrate (ভৃঙ্গরাজ) মধুকরী (feminine) female bee. মধুকরডম্বর (noun) (plural) swarm of bees. মধু কোদক (noun) milk mixed with water. মধুকোষ (noun) bee-hive; honeycomb. মধুক্রম = মধুকোষ. মধুগন্ধ, মধুগন্ধি, মধুগন্ধিক (adjective) sweet-smelling. মধুগ্রন্থি (noun) (botany) nectary. মধুগ্রহ (noun) libation of honey. মধুঘোষ (noun) cuckoo. মধুচক্র = মধুকোষ. মধুচন্দ্র, মধুচন্দ্রমা, মধুচন্দ্রিমা (noun) honeymoon. মধুচ্ছন্দ (noun) name of the first of Vishvamitra’s one hundred and one sons. মধুজ (adjective) obtained from honey. (noun) earth; wax; sugar made from honey; sugar-candy. মধুজাত (adjective) sprung/produced from honey. মধুজালক = মধুকোষ. মধুজীব (noun) bee. মধুজিহ্ব (adjective) honey-tongued; sweet-tongued; sweetly-speaking. মধুতৃণ (noun) sugar-cane. মধুত্রয় (noun) (plural) the three sweet things (sugar, honey and clarified butter). মধুত্ব (noun) sweetness. মধুদূত (noun) ‘messenger of spring’; mango tree. মধুদ্রুম = 1 মধুদূত. 2 Mahua tree. মধুধারা (noun) stream of honey. মধুনাড়ি (noun) cell in a honeycomb. মধুনিশি (noun) vernal/spring night; delightful night; wedding night. মধুপ (adjective) drinking sweetness; honey-drinking. (noun) large black bee. মধুপর্ক (noun) mixture of honey; oblation of honey, curds and clarified butter. মধুপর্কিক (adjective) presenting the offering of honey, etc. মধুপর্ণী (noun) name of several plants (Omelina arborea, indigofera tinctoria, Cocculus cordifalus, etc). মধুপায়ী = (adjective) drinking sweetness; honey-drinking. মধুপায়িনী (feminine) = মধুপায়ী. মধুপুরী (noun) city of Mathura. মধুপুষ্প (noun) name of various plants (Bassia latifolia, Acacia sirissa, Jonesia asoka, Minusopa elenga). মধুপূর্ণ (adjective) full of honey; honeyed; very delicious; very sweet/charming. মধুপেয় (adjective) sweet to drink. মধু প্রমেহ (noun) diabetes. মধুপ্রাশন (noun) putting a little honey into the mouth of a new-born male child. মধুপ্রিয় (adjective) fond of honey/juice of flowers. (noun) kind of plant (ভূমিজম্বু). মধুবন (noun) 1 Indian cuckoo; 2 pleasure-garden. মধুবর্ণ (adjective) honey-coloured; having an agreeable aspect. মধুবল্লী (noun) liquorice; a kind of grape. মধুবর্ষী (adjective) dropping/ raining sweetness; mellifluous. মধুবহুলা (noun) the creeper Gaertnera racemosa (মাধবীলতা). মধুবীজ (noun) pomegranate tree. মধুব্রত = মধুকর. মধুভাষী (adjective) honey-tongued. মধুভৃৎ = মধুকর. মধুমক্ষিকা (noun) bee. মধুমতী (adjective) (feminine) 1 possessing/containing sweetness; sweet; pleasant; agreeable; 2 rich in honey; mixed in honey; (noun) 1 a particular step/ degree in yoga; 2 name of a river; 3 kind of metre. মধুমান (adjective) (masculine) = মধুমতী. মধুমতীসিদ্ধি (noun) attainment of a particular supernatural power. মধুমত্ত (adjective) drunk with wine/ honey; intoxicated/ excited by the spring. মধুমদ (noun) intoxication with wine. মধুমদ্য (noun) intoxicating drink made from honey or from the blossoms of Bassia latifolia (মহুয়া). মধুময় (adjective) consisting of honey; sweet as honey; luscious. মধুমাধবী (noun) any spring flower abounding in honey; a particular species of flower; kind of intoxicating drink; wine. মধুমাধবীক (noun) any intoxicating drink. মধুমালতী (noun) kind of creeper. মধুমাস (noun) a spring month; month of Chaitra. মধুমিশ্র (adjective) mixed with honey/sweet milk. মধুমূল (noun) edible root of Amorphophallus companulatus (মৌ আলু). মধুমেহ (noun) diabetes mellitus. মধুমেহী (adjective) suffering from diabetes. মধুযষ্টি, মধুযষ্টিকা (noun(s)) sugar-cane; liquorice. মধুযামিনী = মধুনিশি. মধুরস (noun) juice of honey; sweetness; pleasingness; sugar-cane; wine palm (তাল); vine; bunch of grapes. মধুরাতি = মধুনিশি. মধুরিপু (noun) enemy of Madhu; Sri Krishna. মধুরিম (adjective) sweet as honey; very sweet. মধুরিমা (noun) sweetness; suavity; charm. মধুরুচি (adjective) tasting sweet; honeyed. মধুলিট, মধুলেহ, মধুলেহী (adjective) licking honey. (noun(s)) bee. মধুলুব্ধ, মধুলোলুপ (adjective(s) longing after honey. (noun(s)) bee. মধুশর্করা (noun) honey and sugar. মধুশাখ (noun) Bassia latifolia. মধুসখ (noun) friend of spring; god of love. মধুসর্পী (noun) honey and clarified butter. মধুসহায় (noun) ‘having spring for a companion; god of love. মধুসূদন = মধুনিসূদন. মধুস্রব (noun) ‘dropping sweetness’; name of several plants (Bassia latifolia, Sanseviera roxburghiana, etc); liquorice. মধুস্বর = মধুকণ্ঠ.
  • Bengali Word মধুরEnglish definition(adjective) 1 sweet; pleasant; delicious; amiable; charming; delightful. 2 sounding sweetly; uttering sweet cries; melodious; mellifluous; honeyed; sugary. (noun) 1 sweetness. 2 molasses. 3 poison. মধুরা (adjective) (feminine) = মধুর. মধুরকণ্ঠ, মধুরকণ্ঠী (adjective(s)) sweet-throated; singing sweetly. মধুরতা, মধুরত্ব (noun) sweetness; suavity; pleasantness; amiability; softness; charm. মধুরনিস্বন (adjective) sweet-voiced. মধুরপ্রকৃতি, মধুরস্বভাব (adjective(s)) sweet-tempered. মধুরভাষী (adjective) speaking sweetly/kindly; soft-spoken. মধুরভাষিণী (feminine) = মধুরভাষী. মধুররাবী (adjective) rumbling sweetly as a cloud. মধুরস্বন (adjective) sweetly-sounding. মধুরস্বর (adjective) sweet-voiced. মধুরাক্ষর (adjective) speaking/sounding sweetly; melodious; mellow. মধুরাম্ল (adjective) sweet and sour. মধুরালাপ (noun) pleasant/ friendly conversation; amorous conversation; sweet/ melodious notes. (adjective) uttering sweet sounds.
  • Bengali Word মধূচ্ছিষ্টEnglish definition(noun) bees-wax.
  • Bengali Word মধূত্থEnglish definition(noun) bees-wax. মধূত্থবতিকা (noun) wax candle.