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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word মঞ্জরি, মঞ্জরীEnglish definition(noun(s)) 1 cluster of blossoms: পুষ্প মঞ্জরী. 2 flower; bud. 3 shoot; sprout; sprig: আমের মঞ্জরি. 4 ear; spike: শস্য মঞ্জরি, পুষ্প মঞ্জরি. 5 foliage (as an ornament on buildings). মঞ্জরীজাল (noun) dense mass of buds/flowers. মঞ্জরীদণ্ড (noun) (botany) rachis; rhachis. মঞ্জরিপত্র (noun) (botany) bract.
  • Bengali Word মঞ্জরিতEnglish definition(adjective) blossomed; budded; flowered; blown; in blossom; sprouted. মঞ্জরিত হওয়া (verb intransitive) be in blossom; blossom; bud; flower; sprout.
  • Bengali Word মঞ্জাEnglish definition(noun) = মঞ্জতৃণ
  • Bengali Word মঞ্জি, মঞ্জীEnglish definition(noun) cluster of blossoms. মঞ্জিফলা (noun) banana.
  • Bengali Word মঞ্জিকাEnglish definition(noun) (feminine) harlot; courtesan.
  • Bengali Word মঞ্জিমাEnglish definition(noun) beauty; elegance.
  • Bengali Word মঞ্জিল, মনজিলEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) 1 a day’s journey; stage. 2 hotel; serai. 3 dwelling house; lodging. 4 house; mansion. 5 storey (of a building). 6 destination; goal. 7 rank; dignity. 8 boundary. মঞ্জিলে মাকসুদ (noun) destination; goal.
  • Bengali Word মঞ্জিষ্ঠাEnglish definition(noun) the creeper Indian madder; Rubia cordifolia.
  • Bengali Word মঞ্জীরEnglish definition(noun) anklet (with small jingling bells).
  • Bengali Word মঞ্জুEnglish definition(adjective) beautiful; lovely; charming; pleasant; sweet; graceful; delicate. মঞ্জুকেশী (adjective) having beautiful hair মঞ্জুকেশিনী (feminine) = মঞ্জুকেশী. মঞ্জুগমন (adjective) going/walking gracefully. মঞ্জুগমনা (adjective). মঞ্জুঘোষ (adjective) uttering a sweet sound; sweet-sounding. (noun) 1 sweet sound. 2 one of the most celebrated Bodhisattvas among the northern Buddhists. 3 dove. মঞ্জুঘোষা (adjective) (feminine) = মঞ্জুঘোষ. মঞ্জুনেত্র (adjective) fair-eyed. মঞ্জুপাঠক (adjective) able to recite beautifully. (noun) parrot. মঞ্জুভাষী (adjective) sweetly speaking; honey-mouthed; fair-spoken মঞ্জুভাষিণী (feminine) = মঞ্জুভাষী. মঞ্জুস্বন = মঞ্জুঘোষ মঞ্জুহাসী (adjective) sweet-smiling. মঞ্জুহাসিনী (feminine) = মঞ্জুহাসী.
  • Bengali Word মঞ্জুরEnglish definition[Arabic] (adjective) granted; approved of; admitted; accepted; sanctioned; permitted; chosen. মঞ্জুর করা (verb transitive) grant; approve; admit; permit; accept; sanction; choose.
  • Bengali Word মঞ্জুরি, মঞ্জুরীEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) sanction; approval; consent; permission; choice. (adjective) accepting; approving; sanctioning: মঞ্জুরী দস্তখত. মঞ্জুরি কমিশন (noun) grants commission.
  • Bengali Word মঞ্জুলEnglish definition(adjective) beautiful; pleasing; lovely; charming. (noun) 1 bower; arbour. 2 a species of water-hen or gallinule. মঞ্জুলতা (noun) beauty; loveliness.
  • Bengali Word মঞ্জুশ্রীEnglish definition(noun) (feminine) 1 = মঞ্জুঘোষ (2) ( মঞ্জু). 2 delicate/ charming grace/beauty; one possessing such grace/beauty.
  • Bengali Word মঞ্জুষা, মঞ্জূষাEnglish definition(noun(s) box; chest; case; basket; casket.
  • Bengali Word মটEnglish definition(noun) (onomatopoeia) suggesting a cracking or snapping sound; crack; snap. মট করে (adverb) with a crack/snap. মটমট (noun) repeated cracks/ snaps. মটমট করে (adverb) freely; proudly; haughtily. মটমটে (adjective) very dry; arrogant.
  • Bengali Word মটকা ১English definition(noun) 1 head; top. 2 topmost part of the surface of a thatched roof. মটকা মারা (verb transitive) close up the opening at the centre of a thatched roof.
  • Bengali Word মটকা ২English definition(noun) large earthen cask or barrel.
  • Bengali Word মটকা ৩English definition(noun) a coarse variety of silk material.
  • Bengali Word মটকা ৪English definition(noun) pose; posture; manner. মটকা মারা (verb intransitive) (figurative) feign; pretend; pretend to be sleeping.
  • Bengali Word মটকানোEnglish definition(verb transitive), (verb intransitive) 1 twist/ wring/ break with a snap/ crack; snap; crack. 2 keep one’s eyes half closed. আঙ্গুল মটকানো (verb intransitive) snaps one's fingers. ঘাড় মটকানো (verb intransitive) 1 wring (somebody’s) neck. 2 extort (from); squeeze something out of somebody. আঙুল মটকে গালি দেওয়া snap one’s finger at somebody (as an indication of one’s intention to wring his neck) and curse him.
  • Bengali Word মটকি, মটকীEnglish definition(noun(s) = মটকা ২
  • Bengali Word মটনEnglish definition[English] (noun) mutton. মটন চপ (noun) mutton-chop.
  • Bengali Word মটর ১English definition(noun) pea. মটরকলাই, মটরকড়াই (noun(s)) pea. মটরডাল (noun) husked pea-seeds used as food. মটরদানা (noun) 1 grain/ seed of pea. 2 necklace/ girdle comprising small pea-like balls. মটরমালা (noun) necklace comprising small pea-like balls. মটরশাক (noun) pea-plant eaten as a vegetable. মটরশুটি (noun) pea-pod; green peas.
  • Bengali Word মটাৎEnglish definition(noun) (onomatopoeia) = মট
  • Bengali Word মঠ ১English definition(noun) 1 academy; college (especially for young Brahmins). 2 cloister; monastery; convent; abbey. 3 temple; shrine. মঠধারী, মঠাধিকারী, মঠাধ্যক্ষ (noun(s) superintendent of a monastery; principal of a college, abbot, etc. মঠধারিণী, মঠধ্যক্ষা (feminine) = মঠধারী.
  • Bengali Word মঠ ২English definition(noun) sweetmeat made of flour mixed with cardamom, chilli powder, salt, camphor, etc and cooked in syrup.
  • Bengali Word মণিEnglish definition(noun) 1 jewel; gem; precious stone; pearl; any ornament/ amulet. 2 (term of endearment) precious; treasure; darling: সোনামণি, খুকুমণি. 3 peak point. (adjective) 1 best; greatest; glorious: রঘুকুলমণি. মণিক (noun) mineral. মণিকবিদ্যা (noun) mineralogy. মণিকঙ্কণ (noun) bejewelled bracelet. মণিকণ্ঠ (noun) blue jay. মণিকর্ণিকা (noun) ear-ornament consisting of pearls/ jewels. মণিকাচ (noun) 1 crystal. 2 feathered part of an arrow. মণিকাঞ্চন (noun) gems and gold. মণিকাঞ্চনযোগ (noun) (figurative) excellent combination/ union. মণিকানন (noun) wood/ grove containing jewels. মণিকার (noun) jeweller; lapidary. মণিকুট্টিম (noun) bejewelled house/ chamber. মণিকুণ্ডল = মণিকর্ণিকা. মণিকুন্তলা (adjective) (feminine) having hair adorned with jewels. মণিকূট (noun) mountain containing jewels. মণিকোঠা (noun) room adorned with gems. মণিখচিত (adjective) studded/ adorned with gems. মণিগ্রীব (adjective) wearing a diamond necklace. মণিদর্পণ (noun) mirror adorned with/ consisting of jewels. মণিদীপ (noun) lamp adorned with jewels. মণিদীপ্ত (adjective) lit by precious stones. মণিদ্বীপ (noun) name of a mythical island in the ocean of nectar. মণিপুর (noun) name of a country. মণিপুরী (adjective) of/born in/produced in Manipur. (noun) native of Manipur. মণিপ্রভা (noun) splendour of jewels. মণিবন্ধ (noun) wrist. মণিবন্ধন (noun) fastening of jewels. মণিবীজ (noun) pomegranate (tree). মণিভাণ্ডার (noun) jewel-house. মণিমণ্ডপ (noun) crystal hall; hall on crystal pillars. মণিমণ্ডিত (adjective) Set/studded with jewels or pearls. মণিময় (adjective) full/formed/consisting of jewels; crystalline. মণিমাণিক্য (noun) gems and jewels; precious stones. মণিমান (adjective) adorned with jewels. (adjective) the sun. মণিমালা (noun) 1 string/necklace of jewels or pearls. 2 lustre; beauty. 3 kind of metre. মণিমেখলা (adjective) girdled with/surrounded by gems or jewels. মণিযষ্টি (noun) jewelled stick. মণিরত্ন (noun) precious stones. মণিরাগ (noun) colour of a jewel; vermillion; kind of ruby. মণিসর, মণিহার (noun(s) = মণিমালা. মণিহারা ফণী (noun) a snake which has lost the gems of its head; (figurative) one who is inconsolably grief-stricken on account of losing his most precious treasure/beloved person.
  • Bengali Word মণিকEnglish definition(noun) 1 gem; jewel; precious stone. 2 water-jar; pitcher.
  • Bengali Word মণিতEnglish definition(noun) 1 sound of kissing; smack. 2 sound of pleasurable sensation made by women during sexual enjoyment.