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  • Bengali Word হুজুরEnglish definition(noun) (1) presence; presence of a superior authority. (2) master; honoured person. (interjection) Your Majesty; Your Highness; Sir; Your Lordship; Your Excellence; Your Honour.

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  • Bengali Word হুজরাEnglish definition [Arabic] (noun) (1) small room; cell; closet; private room.
    (2) a private room for prayer or meditation.
  • Bengali Word হুজুক, হুজুগEnglish definition noun(s) (1) passing popular trend; craze.
    (2) rumour. (3) fashion. হুজুক ছড়ানো (verb intransitive) spread a rumour; gossip. হুজুক তোলা (verb intransitive) raise a rumour; noise it about/ abroad/ around; rumour. হুজুগে (adjective) (1) given to participating madly in a passing popular trend/ excitement; hysterical; easily excitable; given to accepting madly a passing fashion. (2) given to indulging in rumours. হুজুগে মাতা (verb intransitive) participate/ involve oneself in a passing popular trend/ excitement; follow the crowd; swim with the tide.
  • Bengali Word হুজ্জত, হুজ্জৎEnglish definition [Arabic] (noun) (1) altercation; disputation; argument; dispute.
    (2) hubbub; row; quarrel; trouble. হুজ্জত বাঁধানো (verb intransitive) create a row/ trouble; pick a quarrel.
  • Bengali Word হুজ্জতি, হুজ্জতীEnglish definition (adjective) quarrelsome; contentious; troublesome; rowdy; factious
  • Bengali Word খেজুরEnglish definition (noun) small, brown, sweet. oval-shaped fruit of the date-palm; dates.
    oval-shaped fruit of the date-palm; dates. খেজুর গুড় (noun) date molasses. খেজুর ছড়ি/খেজুর ছড়া (noun) cluster of dates. খেজুররস (noun) juice of the date-palm. খেজুরে (adjective) made of dates or of the juice of date-palm. খেজুরে/ খাজুরে আলাপ (noun) idle talk that consumes time but is, nevertheless, attractive.
  • Bengali Word নামঞ্জুরEnglish definition [Persian] (adjective) disallowed; refused; rejected; disapproved; inadmissible; turned down.
    নামঞ্জুর করা (verb transitive) turn down not allow; disallow; reject; disapprove. নামঞ্জুরি (noun) disapproval; rejection.
  • Bengali Word নেজুরEnglish definition (noun) (dialect) = লেজুড়
  • Bengali Word মঞ্জুরEnglish definition [Arabic] (adjective) granted; approved of; admitted; accepted; sanctioned; permitted; chosen.
    মঞ্জুর করা (verb transitive) grant; approve; admit; permit; accept; sanction; choose.
  • Bengali Word মাজুরEnglish definition [Arabic] (adjective) (1) dismissed.
    (2) helpless.