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  • Bengali Word সুবেশEnglish definition(noun) fine dress/ garment.(adjective) well-dressed; well-clad; wearing fine clothes; beautifully dressed.

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  • Bengali Word সুবচনEnglish definition (noun) good speech; eloquence; good/ wise saying; epigram; maxim; adage; sweet words; salutary wards/ counsel; sweet words
  • Bengali Word সুবদনEnglish definition (adjective) having a handsome/ beautiful/ pretty ace; fair-faced.
    সুবদনা, সুবদনী (feminine) = সুবদন.
  • Bengali Word সুবদ্ধEnglish definition (adjective) bound fast; firmly closed; clenched
  • Bengali Word সুবন্দোবস্ত, সুবন্দেজEnglish definition (noun(s)) good management/ arrangement
  • Bengali Word সুবর্ণEnglish definition (noun) (1) gold; gold coin.
    (2) money; wealth; property. (3) a particular weight of gold. (4) good caste. (adjective) (1) of a beautiful/ good colour; brilliant in hue; bright; golden; yellow. (2) made of gold. (3) of a good tribe/ caste. সুবর্ণা (adjective). সুবর্ণ খচিত, সুবর্ণ গঠিত, সুবর্ণ নির্মিত (adjective) studded/ inlaid/ set with gold. সুবর্ণ গৈরিক (noun) red ochre. সুবর্ণ জয়ন্তী (noun) golden jubilee. সুবর্ণ চম্পক (noun) yellow-flowering champak. সুবর্ণ পদক (noun) gold-medal. সুবর্ণপদক প্রাপ্ত ব্যক্তি (noun) gold-medallist. সুবর্ণ প্রতিমা (noun) gold/ golden image; (figurative) very beautiful (female) figure/ person. সুবর্ণ বণিক (noun) Hindu community originally trading in gold and carrying on banking business; member of this community. সুবর্ণ সুবর্ণ বর্ণ (adjective) golden-coloured. সুবর্ণ বর্ণা (feminine) = সুবর্ণ বর্ণ . সুবর্ণময় (adjective) made/ consisting of gold. সুবর্ণময়ী (feminine) = সুবর্ণময়. সুবর্ণ রেখা, সুবর্ণ লেখা (noun(s)) streak of gold. সুবর্ণ সুযোগ (noun) golden opportunity.
  • Bengali Word সুবলিতEnglish definition (adjective) well-built; very powerful/ strong
  • Bengali Word সুবহ, সুলেহEnglish definition (adjective) easy to be drawn/ carried; portable.
    সুবহতা (noun) portability.
  • Bengali Word সুবহ্English definition (noun) [Arabic] morning; dawn; day-break.
    সুবহে / সুবে উম্মিদ (noun) dawn of hope. সুবহে /সুবে কাযিব (noun) the time just before day-break; light before day-break. সুবহে / সুবহে সাদেক (noun) dawn of day.
  • Bengali Word সুবহান আল্লাহEnglish definition [Arabic] (interjection) God be praised; Good God
  • Bengali Word সুবা, সুবেEnglish definition [Arabic] (noun) province.
    সুবাদার (noun) governor of a province; military commissioned officer. সুবাদারি (noun) governorship of a province.
  • Bengali Word সুবাতাসEnglish definition (noun) favourable wind
  • Bengali Word সুবাদEnglish definition (noun) relation; connection.
    এই সুবাদে in this connection; thus related/ connected; thanks to.
  • Bengali Word সুবাসEnglish definition (noun) sweet smell/ odour; fragrance; aroma; perfume
  • Bengali Word সুবাসিতEnglish definition (adjective) well-scented/ perfumed.
    সুবাসিত করা (verb transitive) perfume; scent. সুবাসিত তেল (noun) perfumed/ scented oil.
  • Bengali Word সুবিচারEnglish definition (noun) justice; equity; good/ impartial/ wise/ correct judgement.
    সুবিচার করা (verb intransitive) do justice; judge rightly/ impartially/ wisely; meet out justice. সুবিচারক (noun) good/ wise/ impartial judge.
  • Bengali Word সুবিজ্ঞাতEnglish definition (noun) well-known
  • Bengali Word সুবিদিতEnglish definition (adjective) well-known; well understood
  • Bengali Word সুবিধাEnglish definition (noun) (1) advantage; opportunity; convenience; facility; excellent/ advantageous/ favourable means or circumstance.
    সুবিধা নেওয়া (verb intransitive) take advantage of; avail oneself of an opportunity/ advantage. সুবিধাজনক (adjective) advantageous; convenient; opportune. সুবিধাপ্রাপ্ত (adjective) placed in an advantageous position; put to an advantage; privileged. সুবিধাবাদ (noun) opportunism. সুবিধাবাদী (adjective), (noun) opportunist. সুবিধামতো (adverb) conveniently; at one’s convenience. সুবিধা-সুযোগ (noun) opportunities; facilities.
  • Bengali Word সুবিধানEnglish definition (noun) good order/ arrangement/ regulation/ rule
  • Bengali Word সুবিধিEnglish definition (noun) good rule/ ordinance/ law
  • Bengali Word সুবিনয়, সুবিনীতEnglish definition adjective(s) well-educated; well-bred; very modest/ polite; well-behaved
  • Bengali Word সুবিন্দুEnglish definition (noun) zenith
  • Bengali Word সুবিন্যস্তEnglish definition (adjective) well-arranged; well-arrayed; well spread out; orderly; nicely laid out/displayed
  • Bengali Word সুবিপুলEnglish definition (adjective) very large/ giant/ numerous/ spacious; huge; immense.
    সুবিপুলা (feminine) = সুবিপুল.
  • Bengali Word সুবিমলEnglish definition (adjective) perfectly clear/ pure; immaculate
  • Bengali Word সুবিশালEnglish definition = সুবিপুল
  • Bengali Word সুবিস্তরEnglish definition (adjective) very extensive/ large; very great/ intense; abundant
  • Bengali Word সুবিস্তীর্ণ, সুবিস্তৃতEnglish definition (adjective(s)) well spread/ laid out; very extensive/ large/ broad; far-flung; vast
  • Bengali Word সুবিহিতEnglish definition (adjective) well done/ performed/ carried out/ arranged; richly provided with; well supplied
  • Bengali Word সুবুদ্ধিEnglish definition (noun) good sense/ understanding/ inclination; prudence; discretion; conscientiousness.
    (adjective) good and wise; clever; prudent; conscientious; intelligent; sensible.