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  • Bengali Word সুবা, সুবেEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) province. সুবাদার (noun) governor of a province; military commissioned officer. সুবাদারি (noun) governorship of a province.

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  • Bengali Word সুবাতাসEnglish definition (noun) favourable wind
  • Bengali Word সুবাদEnglish definition (noun) relation; connection.
    এই সুবাদে in this connection; thus related/ connected; thanks to.
  • Bengali Word সুবাসEnglish definition (noun) sweet smell/ odour; fragrance; aroma; perfume
  • Bengali Word সুবাসিতEnglish definition (adjective) well-scented/ perfumed.
    সুবাসিত করা (verb transitive) perfume; scent. সুবাসিত তেল (noun) perfumed/ scented oil.
  • Bengali Word সুবেEnglish definition (noun)সুবা