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  • Bengali Word সাগুEnglish definition(noun) sago. সাগু দানা (noun) grain of sago; sago.

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  • Bengali Word সাগরেদিEnglish definition (noun) discipleship; pupillage; apprenticeship; sycophancy.
    সাগরেদি করা (verb intransitive) act as a disciple/ pupil; become a follower/ disciple of; dance attendance on; toad to(somebody).
  • Bengali Word সাগরEnglish definition (noun) sea; ocean.
    সাগর গর্ভ (noun) sea-bed. সাগরগামী (adjective) ocean-going. সাগরগামিনী (feminine). সাগর ছেঁচা মানিক (figurative) (noun) precious jewel. সাগরপার (noun) seashore; other shore/ side of a sea. সাগর পারে (adjective) on the seashore; beyond seas; abroad; across the sea; overseas. সাগরবক্ষ (noun) sea-level. সাগর মেখলা (adjective) sea-girt.  (noun) earth. সাগর শাখা (noun) arm of the sea. সাগর সঙ্গম (noun) place where a river (especially the Ganges) falls into a sea; estuary. সাগরাঙ্ক (noun) sea-level. সাগরাম্বরা (adjective) fem s e a-c l ad . সাগরালয় (adjective) living in the ocean.  (noun) name of Varuna.
  • Bengali Word সাগ্নিকEnglish definition (adjective) possessing/ maintaining a sacred fire; associated with witnessed by Agni.
     (noun) Brahmin who maintains perpetual sacred fire.
  • Bengali Word সাগ্রহEnglish definition (adjective) eager; persistent; earnest; pertinacious; intent; wistful.
    সাগ্রহে (adverb) eagerly; persistently; earnestly; intently; with pertinacity.
  • Bengali Word ঘাগি, ঘাগী, ঘাগুEnglish definition (adjective) (1) experienced by long practice or repeated faults and failures; a veteran.
    (2) confirmed; obstinate; inveterate; hardened: ঘাগিচোর, বদমাশ.
  • Bengali Word ফাগ, ফাগুEnglish definition (noun) (poetic) red powder (usually of the root of wild ginger coloured with sappan wood) which Hindus throw at one another during the Holi (হোলি) festival