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  • Bengali Word শ ১English definition(noun) the thirtieth consonant of the Bengali alphabet. It is a voiceless, unaspirated post dental fricative sibilant or spirant sound.

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  • Bengali Word আশ ১English definition (noun) eating; food (প্রাতরাশ)
  • Bengali Word কাশ ১English definition (noun) species of tall grass with tuft of soft downy white flowers; common reed
  • Bengali Word পাঙ্গাশ ১English definition (noun) a large silver-coloured fish
  • Bengali Word পাশ ১English definition (noun) (1) snare; trap; noose: মায়া পাশ.
    (2) tie; bond; cord; chain; fetter; bondage: ভুজ পাশ (3) abundance; quantity: কেশপাশ. (4) rope; string. (5) die; dice. (6) selvage; edge; border (of anything woven). পাশ ক্রীড়া (noun) dice-play, gambling.
  • Bengali Word বংশ ১English definition (noun) (1) offspring; children.
    (2) family; clan house. (3) lineage; pedigree. (4) posterity. বংশক্ষয় (noun) destruction or decay of a family. বংশগত (adjective) hereditary. বংশগতি (noun) heredity. বংশগৌরব (noun) family prestige or pride; pride of birth; dignity of a family. বংশচরিত্র (noun) (1) biography of men or women born of a particular family. (2) family history; history of a dynasty or race. (3) hereditary characteristic and behaviour. বংশজ (noun) (1) born of a particular family. (2) of good lineage. (3) born of kulin (কুলীন) family which has been socially lowered by matrimonial alliance with an inferior family. বংশতালিকা (noun) genealogical table; family tree. বংশধর (noun) descendant; scion. বংশনাশ (noun) destruction of a family. বংশপরম্পরা (noun) a regular line of descent or succession; heredity. বংশপরম্পরায় (adverb) from generation to generation; hereditarily. বংশ বর্ধন (noun) (1) prosperity of a family. (2) increase or multiplication of a race or family; growth in family size; breeding; procreation. বংশবৃদ্ধি = বংশবর্ধন ((2) ). বংশ বৃদ্ধি করা (verb intransitive) increase or multiply one’s race or family: procreate; breed. বংশবিস্তার (noun) = বংশবৃদ্ধি. বংশবৈশিষ্ট্য (noun) family trait or characteristic. বংশমর্যাদা (noun) family prestige; aristocracy. বংশরক্ষা (noun) preservation of one’s family or race. বংশরক্ষা করা (verb transitive) preserve one’s lineage. বংশলতা (noun) = বংশ তালিকা. বংশলোপ (noun) = বংশক্ষয়. বংশলোপ করা (verb transitive) destroy a family or race. বংশস্থিতি (noun) continuation/continuity of a line of descent. বংশহীন (adjective) destitute of family or descendants; having none to succeed or continue the line.
  • Bengali Word বালিশ ১English definition [Persian] (noun) pillow; cushion; bolster.
    কোল বালিশ, পাশ বালিশ (noun) side-pillow.
  • Bengali Word বেশ ১English definition (noun) (1) dress; apparel; garment; habit; attire; garb; outfit; ornament.
    (2) artificial exterior; assumed appearance; guise. (3) house of ill fame; brothel. বেশকার (noun) one who helps somebody in dressing and toilet; one who decorates an idol; dresser; decorator. বেশ ধারণ করা (verb intransitive) (1) get dressed; dress (oneself); put on; wear; don. (2) put on an appearance/guise. বেশধারী (adjective) wearing the dress of; dressed/guised as. (noun) hypocrite বেশধারিণী (feminine). বেশ বিন্যাস (noun) dressing; toilet. বেশভূষা (noun) clothing and ornaments; finery. বেশভূষাপরায়ণ (adjective) fond of fine dress, ornaments and toilet; foppish; dandified; fashionable. বেশভূষাপরায়ণা (feminine).
  • Bengali Word মিশ ১English definition (noun) mixing; blending; unision; mixtue; harmony; accord; agreement.
    মিশ খাওয়া (verb intransitive) be mixed/ blended; agree; harmonize; accord. মিশ খাওয়ানো (verb transitive) mix; blend; harmonize; recognize; put in harmony with; adapt; accord; attune.
  • Bengali Word রাশ ১English definition (noun) (1) heap; mass; pile; group; multitude; number; quantity.
    (2) (astrology) birth-sign; sign of the zodiac; nature; temperament. রাশ নাম (noun) name according to one’s astrological birth-sign. রাশ পাতলা (adjective) frivolous; flippant; lightheaded. রাশ ভারি, রাশ ভারী adjective(s) reserved in speech and manner; grave; grim; imposing; grand; solemn . রাশ হালকা = রাশ পাতলা.
  • Bengali Word হুতাশ ১English definition (noun) oblation-fire; fire
  • Bengali Word হুশ ১English definition = হুঁশ.
    হুশিয়ার = (adjective) (1) cautious; alert; watchful; careful; discreet; prudent. (2) intelligent; attentive; clever. হুঁশ করা (verb transitive) warn; give notice; caution. হুঁশিয়ার হওয়া iv be alert; be on the guard; be careful/ cautious/ prudent.
  • Bengali Word আঁশ ১, আঁইশEnglish definition (noun) fiber / threadlike membranes in some fruits, plants, etc
  • রাশ ১ (1, 2).