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  • Bengali Word লজ্জাEnglish definition(noun) (1) shame; bashfulness; modesty; sense of delicacy; embarrassment. (2) hesitation; diffidence. (3) disgrace. লজ্জা দেওয়া (verb transitive) shame; put to shame; put out of countenance; discountenance; embarrass; confuse. লজ্জা পাওয়া (verb intransitive) be ashamed; blush; feel shame; be abashed/ discountenanced; be embarrassed; feel timid; hesitate; feel diffident. লজ্জাবোধ করা (verb intransitive) feel shame; feel diffident; feel self-conscious; feel uncomfortable. লজ্জাকর, লজ্জাজনক (adjective) causing shame; disgraceful; shameful. লজ্জাজনিত (adjective) due to/ born of bashfulness/ modesty/ sense of delicacy. লজ্জাদৃষ্টি (noun) bashful glance. লজ্জানত, লজ্জানম্র (adjective) bending down with bashfulness; coy. লজ্জান্বিত (noun) possessed of shame; modest; bashful. লজ্জাবনত (adjective) bending down the face with shame/ bashfulness; stooping low with shame/ bashfulness/ modesty. লজ্জাবনত মুখে (adverb) shame-facedly; bashfully; coyly. লজ্জাবহ (adverb) causing shame; disgraceful. লজ্জারান (adjective) ashamed; bashful; embarrassed; perplexed লজ্জাবতী (feminine). লজ্জাবতী লতা (noun) the sensitive plant; Mimosa pudica. লজ্জা বিনম্রানন (adjective) bending down the face with shame/ bashfulness. লজ্জাবোধ (noun) (feeling of) shame; sense of disgrace; sentiment of shame/ modesty; modesty. লজ্জাবিহীন/ রহিত adjective(s) void/ destitute of shame; shameless; immodest; impudent. লজ্জাশীল (adjective) of modest disposition; bashful; humble; coy; shy লজ্জাশীলা (feminine). লজ্জাশূন্য লজ্জা হীন = লজ্জাবিহীন লজ্জাশূন্যা, লজ্জাহীনা (feminine). লজ্জাশূন্যতা, লজ্জাহীনতা noun(s) immodesty; shamelessness.

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  • Bengali Word লজ্জতEnglish definition [Arabic] (noun) taste; flavour; joy; pleasure; deliciousness; enjoyment
  • Bengali Word লজ্জমানEnglish definition (adjective) feeling abashed; bashful; timid
  • Bengali Word লজ্জালুEnglish definition (adjective) shy; coy; bashful; timid.
     (noun) Mimosa pudica. লজ্জালু লতা (noun) Mimosa padica.
  • Bengali Word লজ্জিতEnglish definition (adjective) ashamed; abashed; embarrassed; put to shame; discountenanced
  • Bengali Word কবজা, কব্জাEnglish definition [Arabic] (noun) the hook or joint on which the shutters of a door, etc hang and turn; the hinges
  • Bengali Word কব্জাEnglish definition কবজা
  • Bengali Word করমচা, করঞ্জাEnglish definition (noun) = করঞ্জ.
    (adjective) red or crimson like the colour of করমচা.
  • Bengali Word কল-কব্জাEnglish definition (noun) (plural) machinery; the component parts of a complex machine; machines in general
  • Bengali Word গির্জাEnglish definition (noun) a house consecrated to the worship of God among Christians; a Christian prayer house; a church
  • Bengali Word দর্জাEnglish definition = দরজা
  • Bengali Word পঞ্জাEnglish definition (noun) (1) five of playing-cards/ dice.
    (2) = পাঞ্জ.
  • Bengali Word পাঞ্জাEnglish definition = পঞ্জা
  • Bengali Word ভঞ্জাEnglish definition (verb transitive) (colloquial) = ভঞ্জন করা
  • Bengali Word ভুঞ্জাEnglish definition (verb transitive), (verb intransitive) (poetic, archaic) (1) suffer; enjoy; experience.
    (2) eat; consume. ভুঞ্জানো (verb transitive) make/ cause somebody to enjoy/ eat/ suffer.
  • Bengali Word মজ্জাEnglish definition (noun) (1) marrow; bone-marrow.
    (2) (botany) pith. (3) (physiology) core. (4) (zoology) medulla. মজ্জাগত (adjective) pertaining to bone; deep-rooted; inveterate; bred-in-the bone; ingrained; deep-seated. মজ্জাগহ্বর (noun) (botany) pith cavity. মজ্জারস (noun) semen.
  • Bengali Word মঞ্জাEnglish definition (noun) = মঞ্জতৃণ
  • Bengali Word মাঞ্জাEnglish definition (noun) a glue mixed with powdered glass, etc for coating the string of a kite.
    মাঞ্জা করা/ দেওয়া (verb transitive) coat a string with the above glue; sharpen.
  • Bengali Word মির্জা, মীর্জাEnglish definition [Persian] noun(s) prince; Grande; son of a nobleman; a Muslim family name
  • Bengali Word রঞ্জাEnglish definition (verb transitive) (poetic) dye; paint; colour
  • Bengali Word সজ্জাEnglish definition (noun) (1) dress; decoration.
    (2) equipment;armour; mail. (3) preparation. (4) furnishings;fittings and furniture; outfit; accoutrements. (5) arraying. সজ্জাকক্ষ, সজ্জাগৃহ noun(s) dressing-room; greenroom.
  • লজ্জায় অধোবদন হওয়া (verb transitive) to hang down one's head in shame.
  • এতটুকু (adjective) a little; a bit: এতটুকু লজ্জা নেই.
  • (adjective), (adverb) how much: কী কষ্ট, কী লজ্জা, কী সুন্দর, কী জ্বালা.
  • চক্ষুলজ্জা (noun) feeling of delicacy in doing something that appears unseemly to the eye.
  • নির্লজ্জা (feminine) নির্লজ্জ.
  • বিগলিত লজ্জা (adjective) tree from shame; bold.
  • লজ্জালু লতা (noun) Mimosa padica.
  • লোকলজ্জা (noun) tear of public disgrace.
  • স্পর্শলজ্জা (noun) the sensitive plant, Mimosa pudica.
  • লজ্জায় মাথা হেঁট করা/ হওয়া hang one’s head (in/ for shame).