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  • Bengali Word লক্ষ্মীEnglish definition(noun) (feminine) (1) Hindu goddess of fortune and beauty. (2) fortune; wealth; riches; prosperity. (3) beauty; grace; charm; loveliness. (4) splendour; lustre. (5) success; happiness. (6) (as term of endearment) dear one; darling: একটু চুপ করে বসো, লক্ষ্মীটি.  (adjective) well-behaved and good-natured; good: লক্ষ্মী ছেলে, লক্ষ্মী মেয়ে লক্ষ্মী কান্ত (noun) beloved of Lakshmi; Narayana. লক্ষ্মীছাড়া (adjective) ‘bereft of grace and fortune’; wretched; miserable; poor; uncouth; scoundrelly; wicked.(noun) scapegrace; rascal; scamp; scalawag; wretch; scoundrel; villain. লক্ষ্মীছাড়ী (feminine) = লক্ষ্মীছাড়া. লক্ষ্মী টি = লক্ষ্মী (6). লক্ষ্মী পেঁচা (noun) kind of owl said to be the vehicle of Lakshmi. লক্ষ্মীমন্ত,লক্ষ্মী বান (adjective) (1) possessed of fortune/ good luck; wealthy; prosperous; lucky; rich. (2) handsome; beautiful; graceful. লক্ষ্মীবিলাস (noun) (1) kind of fine cloth. (2) a particular Ayurvedie hair oil. লক্ষ্মী মণি, লক্ষ্মী মণিটি noun(s) (term of endearment) dear; darling; treasure. লক্ষ্মী শ্রী (noun) good fortune; prosperity; Lakshmi’s favour; affluence; opulence; easy circumstances. লক্ষ্মীসনাথ (adjective) endowed with beauty/ fortune. লক্ষ্মী স্বরূপিণী (adjective) (feminine) appearing as Lakshmi incarnate; endowed with all the qualities of Lakshmi. লক্ষ্মীর বরপুত্র (noun) fortune’s favourite. লক্ষ্মীর বরযাত্রী (noun) (plural) (figurative) fair weather friends. লক্ষ্মীর ভাণ্ডার (noun) inexhaustible store.

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  • Bengali Word লক্ষ ১English definition (noun) (1) look; glance; looking.
    (2) aim. (3) mark; sign; target; object; goal. লক্ষ করা (verb transitive) (1) mark; observe; notice; note; cast a look; glance; (2) aim at; direct towards; have in view; mean; intend. লক্ষরাখা (verb intransitive) keep an eye on; keep watch; be on watch; be on the watch for.
  • Bengali Word লক্ষ ২English definition (noun) one hundred thousand.
     (adjective) numerous; countless. লক্ষ পতি (noun) man with a hundred thousand Taka; millionaire; very wealthy man. লক্ষ লক্ষ (adjective) innumerable; countless. লক্ষাধিক (adjective) more than a hundred thousand.
  • Bengali Word লক্ষকEnglish definition (adjective) (rhetorical) indicating; hinting; expressing indirectly/ elliptically/ by metonymy
  • Bengali Word লক্ষণEnglish definition (noun) (1) mark; sign; symbol; token; trait; characteristic.
    (2) attribute; quality. (3) lucky mark; favourable sign. (4) symptom/ indication of disease. (5) definition; accurate description. (6) designation; appellation. (7) omen; presage; prognostic. লক্ষণ যুক্ত (adjective) possessing/ characterized by a sign/ mark/ symptom/ indication; having a characteristic; indicative of; presaging; marked by.
  • Bengali Word লক্ষণাEnglish definition (noun) (1) (rhetorical) use of a word for another word with a cognate meaning; indirect/ figurative sense of a word; elliptical expression.
    (2) implication.
  • Bengali Word লক্ষণাক্রান্তEnglish definition = লক্ষণযুক্ত ( লক্ষণ)
  • Bengali Word লক্ষণাত্মকEnglish definition (adjective) relating to signs/ marks; symptomatic; characteristic
  • Bengali Word লক্ষণীয়English definition (adjective) remarkable; noticeable; noteworthy; perceptible; visible; prominent; to be observed/ remarked/ noted
  • Bengali Word লক্ষিতEnglish definition (adjective) (1) noticed; observed; remarked; marked; seen; perceived; beheld; espied.
    (2) aimed at. (3) felt; considered; regarded. (4) recognized. (5) (rhetorical) expressed figuratively/ elliptically; implied; signified; vaguely expressed/ indicated. লক্ষিতার্থ (noun) figurative/ implied meaning.
  • Bengali Word লক্ষ্মণEnglish definition (noun) (mythology) name of a younger brother and companion of Rama
  • Bengali Word লক্ষ্যEnglish definition (adjective) to be marked/ observed/ remarked/ noticed/ perceived; observable; perceptible; intended; aimed at.
     (noun) aim; object; objective; purpose; end; intention; goal; targets. লক্ষ্যচ্যুত (adjective) missing the mark; failing to hit the target; stray; erratic; beside the mark; wide of the mark. লক্ষ্যচ্যুত হওয়া (verb intransitive) (1) miss the mark; (2) be/ fall wide of the mark. (3) go astray; deviate. লক্ষ্যত (adjective) apparently; openly. লক্ষ্য দর্শক (noun) (physics) viewfinder. লক্ষ্য বেধ, লক্ষ্য ভেদ noun(s) hitting a mark/ bull’s eye. লক্ষ্যবেধ/ লক্ষ্যভেদ করা (verb intransitive) hit the mark. লক্ষ্যবেধী, লক্ষ্যভেদী (adjective) capable of hitting the mark; accurate; precise; unerring.  (noun) marksman. লক্ষ্যভ্রষ্ট = লক্ষ্যচ্যুত. লক্ষ্যসিদ্ধি (noun) attainment of an object. লক্ষ্যস্থল target; mark. লক্ষ্যহীন (adjective) aimless.
  • Bengali Word লক্ষ্যীকৃতEnglish definition (adjective) aimed at
  • Bengali Word অলক্ষ্মীEnglish definition (adjective) (1) graceless; not neat in works and activities.
    (2) unfortunate. (noun) misfortune. অলক্ষ্মীতে পাওয়া (verb transitive) get under the influence of unlucky star; get addicted to practices that bring misfortune and misery; be in constant misery. অলক্ষ্মীর দশা (noun) want; poverty; indigence. অলক্ষ্মীর দৃষ্টি (noun) the sinister look of a bad star; poverty; misery.
  • অঙ্কলক্ষ্মী (noun) wife; the mistress of a house.
  • অলক্ষ্মীতে পাওয়া (verb transitive) get under the influence of unlucky star; get addicted to practices that bring misfortune and misery; be in constant misery.
  • গৃহলক্ষ্মী (noun) a housewife whose gracious management of the household affairs brings prosperity to the family; (facetious) a wife.
  • জয়লক্ষ্মী, জয়শ্রী (noun) the presiding goddess of victory (according to Hindu scriptures).
  • ধন লক্ষ্মী goddess of wealth.
  • পুরলক্ষ্মী (noun) 1 guardian goddess of a city.
  • লক্ষ্মী পেঁচা (noun) barn owl.
  • বিজয়লক্ষ্মী (noun) (feminine) the goddess of victory.
  • মহালক্ষ্মী (noun) (feminine) great Lakshmi (Shakti of Narayana).
  • রণলক্ষ্মী (noun) (feminine) fortune of war; goddess of battle.
  • রাজলক্ষ্মী (noun) (feminine) fortune/ prosperity of a king (personified as a goddess); royal sovereignty/ majesty.
  • রাজ্যলক্ষ্মী (noun) good fortune of a kingdom.
  • সতী লক্ষ্মী (noun)(feminine) a verychaste and pleasingwife who brings fortuneto her husband; virtuous wife.
  • সৌভাগ্যলক্ষ্মী (noun) (feminine) (mythology) goddess of fortune; good fortune personified.
  • স্বদেশলক্ষ্মী (noun) mother country.
  • হাতের লক্ষ্মী পায়ে ঠেলা (figurative) throw away one’s fortune.
  • হৃদয় লক্ষ্মী (noun) (feminine) mistress; beloved; sweetheart; wife.