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  • Bengali Word রসা ১English definition(noun) (1) the earth. (2) tongue. (3) porcupine. (4) lower world; hell. (5) vine; grape. রসাতল (noun) = রসা (4). রসাতলে দেওয়া (verb intransitive) (figurative) ruin/ destroy utterly. রসাতলে যাওয়া (verb intransitive) (figurative) be ruined/ destroyed utterly.

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  • Bengali Word রসা ২English definition (noun) (1) meat-soup; gravy (of meat/ fish).
    (2) fruit-juice.
  • Bengali Word রসা ৩English definition (noun) rope; cord; a 120 feet long rope.
    রসা রসি (noun) cordage; ropes.
  • Bengali Word রসা ৪English definition (verb intransitive) (1) become juicy/ sappy.
    (2) ripen; mature; mellow. (3) become slightly rotten/ petrified. (4) soften; become moist; moisten: মাটি রসেছে. (5) be stricken with excess of phlegm/ lymph/ in the body; swell: চোখ-মুখ রসেছে.  (noun) (1) (adjective) juicy; succulent; mellow; ripe: রসা আম. (2) slightly rotten/ petrified/ decomposed; overripe: রস মাছ. রসা রসা (adjective) moderately juicy.
  • Bengali Word রসাইEnglish definition = রসুই
  • Bengali Word রসাঞ্জনEnglish definition (noun) (1) vitriol of copper or a sort of collyrium prepared from it with the addition of curcuma or from the calx of brass with amomum xanhorrhiza or from lead ore.
    (2) antimony; stibnite.
  • Bengali Word রসাতলEnglish definition = রসা ১
  • Bengali Word রসাত্মকEnglish definition (adjective) (1) having juice for its essence; characterized sapidity/ savour; sappy; juicy.
    (2) (rhetorical) tasteful; elegant; charming; beautiful; witty; humorous; flavoury. রসাত্মিকা (feminine) = রসাত্মক.
  • Bengali Word রসাধিক্যEnglish definition (noun) excess of juice/ flavour; morbid excess of phlegm/ lymph/ mucus in the body
  • Bengali Word রসানEnglish definition (noun) (1) act of steeping in juice.
    (2) wetting; moistening. (3) act of polishing gold, etc. (4) a polishing substance (containing alum, sulphur, nitre, etc). (5) a stone rubbing against which gold, etc are polished; polishing stone. (6) spicy/ piquant remark added to give flavor to speech; mockery; derision; cutting remark.
  • Bengali Word রসানিEnglish definition (noun) (1) fluid; secretion; discharge; exudation.
    (2) broth; soup.
  • Bengali Word রসানোEnglish definition (verb transitive) (1) make juicy; wet; moisten; melt.
    (2) (figurative) soften; melt; affect; appeal to; move the feelings: মন রসা. (3) make interesting by adding piquant/ spicy remarks. রসিয়ে (adverb) with gusto/ zest; humorously.
  • Bengali Word রসাবেশEnglish definition (noun) affected state of the mind; ecstasy; bliss; beatitude
  • Bengali Word রসাভাসEnglish definition (noun) (1) (rhetorical) mere semblance/ false attribution/ improper manifestation of a sentiment.
    (2) (rhetorical) impropriety.
  • Bengali Word রসাম্লEnglish definition (noun) vinegar made from fruit; sour sauce; tamarind sauce
  • Bengali Word রসায়নEnglish definition (noun) (1) chemistry.
    (2) a medicine supposed to prevent old age and prolong life; elixir; elixir vitae. (3) buttermilk. (4) poison. রসায়নজ্ঞ, রসায়নবিদ adjective(s) versed in chemistry.  (noun) chemist. রসায়ন বিদ্যা, রসায়ন শাস্ত্র noun(s) chemistry. রসায়নাগার (noun) chemical laboratory.
  • Bengali Word রসায়নীEnglish definition (adjective) chemical; versed in chemistry.
     (noun) chemist; chemical scientist. রসায়ন বিদ্যা (noun) science of chemistry.
  • Bengali Word রসা, রসালোEnglish definition (adjective) (1) juicy; succulent; tasteful; delicious; palatable; sappy.
    (2) humorous; witty; spicy; piquant; racy: রসায়ন আলাপ. (3) savoury; sweet; mellifluous; melodic; tuneful; sweet-sounding; harmonious: রসায়ন গীত.  (noun) (1) mango tree. (2) kind of grass.
  • Bengali Word রসালসাEnglish definition (noun) (anatomy) artery
  • Bengali Word রসালাপEnglish definition (noun) humorous/ witty/ amorous conversation; causerie; tête-à-tête; chitchat; pleasantries; badinage.
    রসালাপ করা (verb intransitive) indulge/ be engaged in humorous/ witty/ amorous conversation; gossip; chat.
  • Bengali Word রসাস্বাদ, রসাস্বাদনEnglish definition = রসগ্রহণ ( রস)
  • Bengali Word অক্ষমা ১English definition (noun) (1) anger; want of forbearance.
    (2) intolerance.
  • Bengali Word আওতা ১English definition (noun) shade; sunshade
  • Bengali Word আগা ১English definition (noun) top; গাছের আগা; tip: ফুলের আগা; end; extremity; লাঠির আগা.
    আগা গোড়া (adverb) from beginning to end; from head to foot.
  • Bengali Word আনা ১English definition (verb transitive) bring; fetch.
    (noun) coming: আনাগোনা. (adjective) brought forth: তোমার আনা কাপড়. আনানো (verb transitive) have (something) brought by sb (somebody); make (somebody) bring (something).
  • Bengali Word আমলা ১English definition [Arabic] (noun) ministerial staff; government officer.
    আমলাতন্ত্র (noun) system of government by officials; bureaucracy. আমলাতান্ত্রিক (adjective) bureaucratic. আমলাতন্ত্রবাদী (noun) bureaucrat. (adjective) bureaucratic. আমলা-ফয়লা (আমলা + Arabic ফয়লা) (noun) clerical and executive staff.
  • Bengali Word আমা ১English definition (adjective) half-burnt; not thoroughly burnt: আমাইট
  • Bengali Word আর্যা ১English definition (feminine) Of আর্য
  • Bengali Word আলা ১English definition [Aabic] (adjective) the first; the chief; the highest; the greatest: উজিরে আলা
  • Bengali Word আসা ১English definition (verb intransitive) (1) to come; arrive; reach: বাড়ি আসা.
    (2) rise; occur; crop up: মনে আসা. (3) commence; begin: বৃষ্টি আসা. (4) set in: বর্ষা আসা. (5) be available : বাজারে সব জিনিসই আসে. (6) occur; take place: বিপদ আসা. (7) accustom (oneself) to; make used to; be able to : বক্তৃতা আমার আসে না. (8) come to be on the point of: ফুরিয়ে আসা. (9) spread; increase; rise upto: উঠান পর্যন্ত পানি এসেছে. (10) be earned : কিসে দু'পয়সা আসে. (adjective) that which has come: হাতে আসা. (noun) act of coming : আমার কাছে আমার কি কারণ? উঠে আসা (verb intransitive) come up; come off : ছাল উঠে আসা. কাজে আসা (verb intransitive) be of use; be useful/serviceable. কান্না আসা move to tears. নিয়ে আসা bring; fetch: বইটি নিয়ে এসো, fetch me the book. নেমে আসা (verb intransitive) come/get down; alight; descend; dismount. ফিরে আসা (verb intransitive) come back; return. ফেলে আসা (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) leave behind. আসা যাওয়া (noun) (1) coming and going; frequentation: আসা সার. (2) communication; intercourse; speaking terms : আমাদের মধ্যে আসা যাওয়া নেই. (verb intransitive) be of importance: এতে কিছু আসে যায় না, it does not matter.
  • Bengali Word এণ্ডা ১English definition = আণ্ডা