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  • Bengali Word রব ২English definition[Arabic] (noun) lord; protector; God; preserver; master.

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  • Bengali Word রব ১English definition (noun) (1) (of birds) song; singing.
    (2) hum; humming. (3) sound; clamour; noise; outcry; hue and cry. (4) rumour. (5) response. রব উঠেছে A rumour is in the air; Rumour has it; There is a rumour that. রব করা (verb intransitive) make a noise; sing; hum; cry; cry aloud; make a sound. রব রবা (noun) hey day.
  • Bengali Word আব ২English definition (noun) abnormal cell-growth in any part of the body; tumour
  • Bengali Word কুতুব ২English definition [Arabic] (noun) (plural) (singular কিতাব) books.
    কুতুবখানা (noun) a Library; a collection of books.
  • Bengali Word তব ২English definition (adverb), (conjunction) then
  • Bengali Word দাব ২English definition (noun) (1) conflagration; forest conflagration; fire; heat; distress.
    (2) forest. দাবদগ্ধ (adjective) burnt down in a forest conflagration; (figurative) extremely distressed; tormented; anguished. দাবদাহ (noun) heat of a forest conflagration. দাবাগ্নি, দাবানল (noun) forest conflagration; wildfire.
  • Bengali Word নব ২English definition (noun), (adjective) nine.
    (adjective) ninth. নবগুণ (noun) nine marks (of high birth). নবগুণিত (adjective) multiplied by nine. নবগ্রহ (noun) nine planets (collectively). নবচত্বারিংশ (adjective) forty-nine. নবচত্বারিংশৎ (noun), (adjective) forty-nine. নবচত্বারিংশত্তম (adjective) forty-ninth. নবচত্বারিংশত্তমী (feminine) = নবচত্বারিংশত্তম. নবতি (noun), (adjective). ninety. নবতিতম (adjective) ninetieth. নবতিতমী (feminine) = নবতিতম. নবদুর্গা (noun) goddess Durga in her nine forms. নবদ্বার (noun) nine doors/apertures of the body. নবধা (adjective) nine parts/ways/times; of nine kinds. (adverb) in nine ways/parts; by nine times. নবনবতি (noun), (adjective) ninety-nine. নবনবতিতম (adjective) ninety-ninth. নব নবতিতমী (feminine) = নব নবতিতমী. নব বিংশতি (noun), (adjective) twenty-nine. নব বিংশতিতম (adjective) twenty-ninth. নব বিংশতিতমী (feminine). নবম (adjective) ninth. নবমী (noun) ninth day of a lunar fortnight. নবমুখ (adjective) having nine aperture/ openings. নবরত্ন (noun) (1) nine precious gems (pearl, ruby, topaz, etc). (2) nine jewels (ie, nine men of letters at the court of Vikramaditya). নব রত্নসভা (noun) court of Vikramaditya adorned with nine men of letters. নবরস (noun) (rhetorical) nine sentiments/ passions (love, heroism, anger, etc). নব লক্ষণ = নবগুণ. নবশাখ, নবশায়ক (noun(s) name given to any of the nine inferior castes (cowherd, gardener, oilman, weaver, confectioner, water-carrier, potter, blacksmith and barber). নব সম্পর্কিত (adjective) newly allied.
  • Bengali Word ব ২English definition [Persian] prep with; by: বমাল, বতদ্‌বির; according to: বতারিখ, বদস্তুর
  • Bengali Word বাব ২English definition [Arabic] (noun) (1) tax; rent.
    (2) excuse: একটা বাফতা করে বসে রইল.
  • Bengali Word যাব ২English definition = যাবক
  • Bengali Word রাব ২English definition (noun) (poetic) = রব ১
  • Bengali Word সব ২English definition = সাব