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  • Bengali Word মায়াEnglish definition(noun) (1) illusion; unreality; material world; physical/ phenomenal nature; Maya. (2) hallucination; delusion; unreal/ illusory image; phantom; apparition. (3) deception; deceit; fraud; duplicity; trick. (4) witchcraft; magic. (5) disguise. (6) affection; attachment. (7) fascination; infatuation. (8) compassion. মায়া করা (verb intransitive) think/ treat with affection; be attached to; have/ take compassion on; be filled with compassion for; be reluctant to lose: চাকরির মায়া করা. মায়ায় ভোলা (verb intransitive) be duped by sorcery/illusion; be beguiled/ infatuated/ charmed. মায়াউপবন (noun) enchanted garden. মায়াকর, মায়াকার (noun(s) conjurer; juggler. মায়াকানন = মায়া উপবন. মায়াকান্না (noun) affected sympathy/ sorrow; crocodile tears. মায়াগতি (noun) bond(s) of affection. মায়াঘোর (noun) spell of illusion/ delusion/ infatuation/ enchantment. মায়াজাল (noun) network/ cobweb/ spell 0f illusion/ infatuation/ enchantment. মায়াজীবী (noun) conjurer; magician; juggler. মায়াডোর (noun) bond of affection/ attachment. মায়াত্মক (adjective) (essentially) illusory; delusive; disguised; illusive. মায়াদণ্ড (noun) magic wand. মায়াধর, মায়াধারী (adjective(s) possessing illusion; skilled in magic; disguised; hypocritical. মায়াপাশ = মায়াজাল. মায়াবদ্ধ (adjective) strongly held under illusion; greatly attached/infatuated. মায়াবন্ধন (noun) bond of illusion/ affection/ attachment/ infatuation. মায়াকল (noun) power of illusion. মায়াবশ (adjective) fondly attached; under the spell of illusion/ infatuation; subject to attachment/ affection. মায়াবাদ (noun) the doctrine affirming the world to be illusion. মায়াবাদী (adjective) upholding the doctrine of Maya; illusionistic.(noun) illusionist. মায়াবিদ্যা (noun) magic; sorcery; jugglery. মায়াবী (adjective) (1) possessing illusion/ magical powers; employing deceit; deceiving/ deluding others. (2) illusory; creating illusions. (3) enchanting; infatuating: মায়াবী আলো. (noun) enchanter; conjurer; juggler; wizard; magician; sorcerer. মায়াবিনী (feminine) enchantress; witch; sorceress. মায়ামমতা (noun) love and attachment/ affection; affection and compassion. মায়াময় (adjective) consisting of illusion; formed of/creating illusion; illusive; unreal; magical; deceptive; enchanting; infatuating; bewitching মায়াময়ী (feminine). মায়ামুক্ত freed from affection/ attachment; disenchanted; disillusioned. মায়ামৃগ (noun) illusory antelope; phantom deer. মায়ামোহ (noun) = মায়াঘোর. মায়ারজ্জু = মায়াডোর. মায়ারাজ্য (noun) realm created by magic; realm of enchantment.

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  • Bengali Word মায়English definition prep [Arabic] together with; with; inclusive of; along with; to
  • Bengali Word মায়নাEnglish definition = মাহিনা
  • Bengali Word মায়াবসানEnglish definition (noun) end/expulsion of ignorance
  • Bengali Word মায়াবানEnglish definition (adjective) (1) affectionate; loving; enchanting.
    (2) having magical powers; employing deceit; sly; cunning. মায়াবতী (feminine) = মায়াবান.
  • Bengali Word মায়িকEnglish definition (adjective) illusory; creating illusion; practicing deceit; deceiving others.
    (noun) conjurer; juggler.
  • Bengali Word মায়ীEnglish definition (adjective) (1) artful; skilled in art/enchantment; cunning; deceptive; illusory.
    (2) subject to illusion. (noun) magician; conjurer; juggler.
  • Bengali Word মায়ূরEnglish definition (adjective) belonging to/coming from a peacock; made of peacock’s feathers
  • Bengali Word আবছায়াEnglish definition (noun) shadowy/ indistinct figure; phantom;
  • Bengali Word আলোছায়াEnglish definition (noun) Interplay of light and shade
  • Bengali Word কায়াEnglish definition (noun) physical structure; the body
  • Bengali Word ছায়াEnglish definition (noun) (1) shade produced by the interception of light.
    (2) shadow of a person or object. (3) similarity; semblance ; resemblance; image. (4) a haven; a refuge; a shelter: ছত্র ছায়া. ছায়া মাড়ানো (verb transitive) give company to one. ছায়া না মাড়ানো (verb transitive) shun one’s company. ছায়ার ন্যায় like a shadow or inseparable companion. ছায়াচিত্র (noun) a cinema film. ছায়াচ্ছন্ন (adjective) abounding in shade; affording shade; shady; shadowy. ছায়াতরু (noun) (1) a large tree affording abundant shade. (2) a banyan tree. ছায়া দেহ (noun) an incorporeal figure; a phantom; a ghost. ছায়ানট (noun) a musical mode. ছায়াপথ (noun) the long luminous track in the heavens, formed by a multitude of stars; the Milky Way; the Galaxy. ছায়া মণ্ডপ (noun) a place in the open covered by a canopy.
  • Bengali Word জায়াEnglish definition (noun) (feminine) the consort of a man ; wife
  • Bengali Word তেপায়াEnglish definition (adjective) three legged
  • Bengali Word ধুপছায়াEnglish definition (noun) (1) sunshine and shade.
    (2) peacock-blue. (3) kind of variegated cloth. (adjective) peacock-blue; chiaroscuro.
  • Bengali Word পায়াEnglish definition [Persian] (noun) (1) leg/foot of a piece of furniture; support.
    (2) leg/foot of an animal. (3) (derogatory) position; rank; dignity. পায়াভারী (noun) vanity (for holding a high post); vainglory; self-importance; conceit. (adjective) vainglorious; full of vainglory; conceited and boastful; self-important. উঁচু পায়া (noun) high post/rank.
  • Bengali Word প্রচ্ছায়াEnglish definition (noun) (physics) umbra
  • Bengali Word প্রতিচ্ছায়াEnglish definition (noun) reflection; likeness; image; shadow; phantom; resemblance
  • Bengali Word বায়াEnglish definition [Arabic] (noun) (1) (law) one who sells his rights.
    (2) a tabour used by the left hand.
  • Bengali Word ভায়াEnglish definition (noun) brother: friend; comrade
  • Bengali Word সায়াEnglish definition [Persian] (noun) petticoat
  • Bengali Word সেপায়াEnglish definition [Persian] (noun) tripod
  • Bengali Word হায়াEnglish definition [Arabic] (noun) modesty; shame; shyness; bashfulness
  • Bengali Word ক্রমায়াতEnglish definition (adjective) (1) successive; serial; gradual; continuous.
    ক্রমায়াত আয়বৃদ্ধি increasing return. ক্রমায়াত গুণফল continued product. ক্রমায়াত সংখ্যা serial number.
  • Bengali Word সমায়াতEnglish definition (adjective) come; arrived
  • ক্রমায়াত আয়বৃদ্ধি increasing return.
  • দয়ামায়া (noun) compassion and affection; kindness and love; kindheartedness.
  • মহামায়া (noun) illusion; divine power of illusion; 2 goddess Durga; 3 goddess Lakshmi.
  • মোহিনীমায়া (noun) enchanting illusion.
  • যোগ মায়া (noun) (feminine) power of God in the creation of the world personified as a deity; name of Durga; magical power of abstract meditation.
  • স্ত্রী মায়া (noun) woman’s craft.