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  • Bengali Word মনঃEnglish definition(in compounds) = মন ১. মনঃকল্পনা (noun) imagination; figment of imagination. মনঃকল্পিত (adjective) imagined; fancied; imaginary; fanciful; fictitious; fantastic. মনঃকষ্ট (noun) pain of mind; agony; anguish; heartache; torment; suffering; distress; trouble; mortification. মনঃকষ্ট দেওয়া (verb transitive) distress; torment; trouble; inflict pain/ suffering; hurt (in one’s feelings); pain (somebody’s feelings); wound; mortify; grieve. মনঃকষ্ট পাওয়া (verb intransitive) be distressed/ tormented/ troubled/ pained/ hurt; suffer; be wounded/ mortified. মনঃক্ষুণ্ণ (adjective) disappointed; saddened; displeased; disconsolate; offended; unhappy; disheartened; dejected; upset; cut up; mortified; grieved. মনঃক্ষুণ্ণ হওয়া (verb intransitive) be offended; take something to heart; be disappointed/ displeased/ upset/ cut up/ hurt (in one’s feelings); take something amiss. মনঃপীড়া = মনঃকষ্ট. মনঃপূর্ত (adjective) to one’s liking; after one’s own heart; acceptable to; approved by; to one’s satisfaction. মনঃপ্রসাদ (noun) serenity/ peace of mind. মনঃপ্রাণ (noun) all one’s heart. মনঃপ্রাণ দিয়ে চেষ্টা করা try heart and soul. মনঃপ্রিয় (adjective) dear to the heart. মনঃশক্তি (noun) morale; resoluteness; strength of character. মনঃসমীক্ষক (noun) psycho-analyst. মনঃসমীক্ষণ, মনঃসমীক্ষা (noun(s) psycho-analysis. মনঃসমীক্ষণ করা (verb transitive) psycho-analyze. মনঃসমীক্ষামূলক (adjective) psycho-analytic(al). মনঃসংযোগ (noun) application of one’s mind; concentration of mind. মনঃসংযোগ করা (verb transitive) apply one’s mind (closely) to; concentrate (on); direct one’s thoughts to; be attentive to. মনঃসন্তাপ (noun) mental anguish; grief. মনঃসমুন্নতি (noun) high-mindedness. মনঃস্থ (noun) abiding/dwelling in the heart; mental; determined; resolved; decided. মনঃস্থ করা (verb transitive) resolve; decide; make up one’s mind; intend; have a good mind to. মনঃস্থিরকরণ (noun) act of strengthening/ confirming the mind. মনঃস্থৈর্য (noun) firmness of mind.

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