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  • Bengali Word ভুবনEnglish definition(noun) (1) world; earth; universe. (2) (mythology) seven heavens and seven underworlds. (3) abode; residence. (4) a being; living creature; man; mankind. ভুবনজয়ী (adjective) world conquering. ভুবনত্রয় (noun) the three worlds (heaven, earth and underworld). ভুবনপাবন (adjective) world-purifying. ভুবনপালক (noun) preserver of the worlds. ভুবনবিখ্যাত (adjective) world-famous. ভুবনবিজয়ী (adjective) = ভুবনজয়ী. ভুবনবিজিত (adjective) known all over the world. ভুবনব্যাপী (adjective) worldwide; universal. ভুবনভুলানো (adjective) enchanting the whole world; holding the world under a spell. ভুবনময় (adverb) all over the world. ভুবন মনোমোহিনী (adjective) (feminine) captivating the minds of all people of the world. ভুবনমোহন (noun) fascinating the whole world. ভুবনমোহিনী (feminine) = ভুবনমোহন. ভুবনহিত (noun) welfare of the world.

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  • Bengali Word ভুবঃEnglish definition (noun) (according to Hindu mythology) the second of the seven heavens; the eternal region; sky; firmament; atmosphere
  • Bengali Word ভুবনেশ্বরEnglish definition (noun) (1) lord of the world.
    (2) name of a sacred temple and city in India.
  • Bengali Word ভুবনেশ্বরীEnglish definition (noun) (feminine) (1) mistress of the world.
    (2) one of the ten manifestations of the goddess Durga.
  • Bengali Word ভুবর্লোকEnglish definition = ভুবঃ
  • Bengali Word নিধুবনEnglish definition (noun) (1) shaking; trembling; agitation; fluttering.
    (2) sexual intercourse/union; copulation. (3) sports; amusements.
  • Bengali Word বিধুবনEnglish definition (noun) trembling; tremor
  • Bengali Word অধোভুবন, অধোলোকEnglish definition (noun) the underworld; the lowest of the three worlds spoken of in Hindu
  • চাহা (verb transitive) (poet) ask/pray for; desire; wish: মরিতে চাহি না আমি সুন্দর ভুবনে.
  • ত্রিভুবন (noun) heaven, earth and the underworld collectively; the universe.