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  • Bengali Word ভাবি, ভাবীEnglish definition(noun) (feminine) brother’s wife; sister-in-law. ভাবীজান, ভাবীজি noun(s) (feminine) (usually a form of address) respected sister-in-law.

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  • Bengali Word ভাবিকEnglish definition (adjective) (1) meaningful.
    (2) real; natural, (3) full of feeling/sentiment. (4) exciting. (5) future. (6) a figure of speech which consists in describing the part or future so vividly that it appears to be present.
  • Bengali Word ভাবিতEnglish definition (adjective) (1) worried; anxious; troubled.
    (2) soaked in: obtained; got. (3) proved; established. (4) made to become; transformed into. (5) purified; cultivated. (6) (medical) rectified; saturated; infused; macerated. (7) perfumed with; scented. (8) thought about; imagined; fancied; conceived; known; contempIated. (9) pervaded/ inspired by; occupied/ engrossed with; devoted to; intent upon.
  • Bengali Word ভাবিতাত্মাEnglish definition (adjective) meditative; devout, holy.
    (noun) saint; sage.
  • Bengali Word ভাবিনীEnglish definition (adjective) (feminine) worried; anxious.
    (noun) (feminine) an attractive women; an emotional or wanton woman.
  • Bengali Word পরিভাবীEnglish definition (adjective) (1) defeating; vanquishing; overpowering; subduing.
    (2) despising; insulting; slighting; mocking; defying; injuring.
  • Bengali Word স্বভাবীEnglish definition (adjective) normal