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  • Bengali Word ভাবিকEnglish definition(adjective) (1) meaningful. (2) real; natural, (3) full of feeling/sentiment. (4) exciting. (5) future. (6) a figure of speech which consists in describing the part or future so vividly that it appears to be present.

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  • Bengali Word ভাবEnglish definition (noun) (1) any state of mind or body.
    (2) way of thinking or feeling. (3) sentiment. (4) emotion; passion: ভাবের উচ্ছ্বাস. (5) opinion. (6) native; disposition; manner of being; temperament; character. (7) intention. (8) abstract idea; thought; imagination: ভাব জগৎ. (9) ecstasy; reverie: ভাবে বিভোর. (10) meditation; contemplation; cogitation: ভাবমগ্ন. (11) (philosophy) idea. (12) mood: ভাবান্তর. (13) love; attachment; affection; friendship; amity: দুজনে গলায় গলায় ভাব. (14) peace: আড়ির পরে ভাব. (15) sense; inner significance; purport; meaning; implication; import: কবিতার ভাব. (16) acquaintance: তোমার সঙ্গে তো কতো লোকেরই ভাব. (17) form; shape: নব নব ভাব. (18) manner: mode; kind: এইভাবে, ওইভাবে. (19) conjecture; supposition. (20) seat of the feelings/ affections; heart; soul; mind. (21) that which is/exists; thing; substance; living creature. (22) becoming; being; existing; occurring; appearance. (23) turning/transition into. (24) state; condition; rank: স্থবির ভাব. (25) state of being anything: বাল ভাব, the state of being a child, childhood: তনুতা ভাব, state of thinness. (26) true condition/ state; truth; reality. (27) birth; origin. (28) manner of acting; conduct; behaviour. (29) (astronomy) state or condition of a planet. (30) an astrological house or lunar mansion. (31) (grammar) mood. (32) wanton sport; dalliance. ভাব করা (verb transitive) (1) be friends with; make friends; make friends again; make friends with; make a friend of; make peace with; make acquaintance with; be on amicable terms with. (2) (old use) meditate; contemplate. ভাব জাগা / ভাব লাগা (verb intransitive) be under the spell of ecstasy; be affected with an idea/emotion. ভাব রাখা (verb transitive) maintain friendly relations. ভাব হওয়া (verb intransitive) become friendly with; be acquainted with; be at peace with; become friendly; scrape an acquaintance with. ভাবগত (adjective) ideological; abstract; relating to inner significance/ underlying idea/content: নজরুলের ভাবগত বৈশিষ্ট্য. ভাবগতি, ভাবগতিক (noun) mood; attitude and bearing; outlook; inclination: তার ভাবগতিক ভালো নয়. ভাবগম্য (adjective) to be (or being) conceived by the mind. ভাবগম্ভীর (adjective) solemn; grave; full of weighty/ solemn ideas; serious; momentous; stately; ceremonial. ভাবগর্ভ (adjective) pregnant with ideas; impregnated with (deep) thoughts; profoundly thoughtful; having a deep meaning/significance; full of meanings. ভাবগ্রাহ্য (adjective) understanding the sense; appreciating the sentiment; capable of reading the inmost thoughts; appreciative; omniscient. ভাবগ্রাহ্য (adjective) to be conceived by the heart. ভাবঘন (adjective) full of thoughts; compact: ভাবঘন ভাষা. ভাবচক্ষু (noun) inner eye; thoughtful look; eyes of imagination ভাবচিত্র (noun) inner thought/idea; conception (of a work of art). ভাবচৌর, ভাবচোর (noun(s) one who steals someone else’s ideas. ভাবতন্ত্র (noun) idealism. ভাবতান্ত্রিক (adjective) idealistic. ভাবতান্ত্রিকতা (noun) idealism. ভাবতরঙ্গ (noun) emotional outburst; thought wave. ভাবতরল (adjective) dilated/tremulous with emotion: ভাবতরল দৃষ্টি. ভাবধারা (noun) line of thinking; trend of thought. ভাবনিবিড় (adjective) = ভাবঘন. ভাবপূর্ণ (adjective) = ভাবগর্ভ. ভাবপ্রবণ (adjective) sentimental; emotional; maudlin. ভাবপ্রবণতা (noun) sentimentalism; emotionalism; sentimentality. ভাববাচক (adjective) (grammar) abstract. ভাববাচ্য (noun) neuter voice. ভাববাদ (noun) idealism. ভাববাদী (noun) (adjective) idealist; idealistic. ভাববিলাসী (adjective) sentimental; idealistic; visionary. ভাববিহ্বল (adjective) overwhelmed with emotion; ecstatic; euphoric. ভাববোধক, ভাবব্যঞ্জক (adjective(s) signifying/ suggesting a thought or emotion. ভাবব্যক্তি (noun) expression of an emotion/a thought. ভাবভক্তি (noun) expression of reverence/respect. ভাবভঙ্গি (noun) = ভাবগতিক. ভাবভরা (adjective) = ভাবগর্ভ. ভাবভোলা (adjective) = ভাববিহ্বল. ভাবময় (adjective) = ভাবগর্ভ. ভাবমূর্তি (noun) ideal/ imaginary shape or concept or form; image; inner form. ভাব রাখা (verb transitive) maintain friendly relations. ভাবলহরী (noun) = ভাবতরঙ্গ. ভাবলেশহীন (adjective) utterly blank; vacant; expressionless; impassive. ভাবশুদ্ধি (noun) purity of mind/ thought. ভাবশূন্য (adjective) void of affection/ attachment; expressionless. ভাবসঞ্চার (noun) inception/ dawn/ genesis of an idea; transmission of an emotion /idea. ভাবসন্ধি (noun) union/co-existence of two emotions. ভাবসমাহিত (adjective) fixed/ collected in mind. ভাব সার (noun) affection; love. ভাবহীন (adjective) (1) meaningless. (2) blank; expressionless. ভাবসূচক (adjective) = ভাবব্যঞ্জক. ভাবস্থ (adjective) being in love; enamoured; collected. ভাবস্থির (adjective) fixed/rooted in the heart. ভাবস্নিগ্ধ (adjective) heartily attached; affectionately disposed. ভাবের ঘরে চুরি (figurative) tendency to keep up appearances and neglect the essentials.
  • Bengali Word ভাবকEnglish definition (adjective) (1) thinking; imagining; fancying.
    (2) producing; creating. (3) promoting/ effecting one’s welfare. (noun) (1) creator; producer. (2) sentiment; emotion; thought; meditation.
  • Bengali Word ভাবকানি, ভাবকিEnglish definition (noun) (1) threat; scolding; reprimand.
    (2) grimaces.
  • Bengali Word ভাবড়া, ভাবরা, ভেবড়া, ভ্যাবড়াEnglish definition (adjective) (1) scared; startled.
    (2) nonplussed; confused; dumbfounded. ভাবড়ানো (verb transitive) (1) score; startle; frighten. (2) nonplus; confuse; dumbfound.
  • Bengali Word ভাবনEnglish definition (noun) (1) meditation; contemplation; thinking; cogitation; reflection; imagination; apprehension; conception; supposition.
    (2) consideration. (3) discussion; review. (4) (medical) saturating any powder with fluid; infusion; steeping. (5) (Ayurved) digestion. (6) ceremonial purification of a person; application of perfume etc; women’s toilet. (7) dalliance; flirting. ভাবনীয় (adjective) (1) conceivable; thinkable. (2) to be conceived/ imagined/ fancied/ supposed. (3) to be worried/ anxious about.
  • Bengali Word ভাবনা ১English definition (noun) (1) thought; recollection; contemplation; meditation; imagination; fancy.
    (2) worry; anxiety. (3) idea; gist; substance.
  • Bengali Word ভাবনা ২English definition (noun) (1) (medical) repeated pulverization and purification/rectification of medicines etc; saturation.
    (2) (chemistry) infusion; maceration. ভাবনা করা, ভাবনায় পড়া (verb intransitive) worry; be worried.
  • Bengali Word ভাবনী, ভাবনি, ভাবুনীEnglish definition (noun(s) (feminine) thoughtful woman; woman fond of/ attached to learning
  • Bengali Word ভাবরাEnglish definition (noun) = ভাপ
  • Bengali Word ভাবরানো, ভাবড়ানোEnglish definition (verb intransitive) be anxious/ worried/ confused/non-plussed
  • Bengali Word ভাবা ১English definition (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) (1) think; cogitate.
    (2) meditate; contemplate; reflect. (3) recollect; remember: তুমি কি আমাকে একবারও ভাবো? (4) conceive; imagine. (5) consider; regard; judge; take (one) for: বন্ধু বলে ভাবা. (6) intend; resolve: এখন কী ভেবে এসেছ? (7) contrive; devise: একটা কিছু উপায় ভাবো. (8) suppose; guess: তুমি কি ভাবছ সে আসবে? (9) worry (for): সামান্য কারণে এতো ভাবো কেন? ভেবেচিন্তে (adverb) upon careful consideration; after serious thoughts; with sufficient reflection.
  • Bengali Word ভাবা ২English definition (verb transitive) steam; freeze; congeal: ভাবা দই
  • Bengali Word ভাবাচেকাEnglish definition = ভেবাচাকা. ( ভাবা)
    ( ভাবা)
  • Bengali Word ভাবাত্মকEnglish definition (adjective) = ভাবগর্ভ ( ভাব)
  • Bengali Word ভাবানুগEnglish definition (adjective) following the object; natural; simple
  • Bengali Word ভাবানুষঙ্গEnglish definition (noun) association of ideas.
  • Bengali Word ভাবানো ১English definition (verb transitive) cause to think; cause to worry; worry
  • Bengali Word ভাবানো ২English definition (verb transitive) (1) steam.
    (2) cause to thicken; curdle: দই ভাবানো.
  • Bengali Word ভাবান্তরEnglish definition (noun) another state or condition; change of mental state/mood
  • Bengali Word ভাবান্বিতEnglish definition (adjective) thoughtful; worried; perturbed ; anxious
  • Bengali Word ভাবাবিষ্টEnglish definition (adjective) lost or absorbed in thought/reverie/ ecstasy; overwhelmed with emotion
  • Bengali Word ভাবাবেশEnglish definition (noun) absorption in thought/ reverie/ ecstasy; rapture; bliss; elation
  • Bengali Word ভাবাভাসEnglish definition (noun) (1) simulation of feeling/emotion.
    (2) faint hint of an emotion; paucity of emotion.
  • Bengali Word ভাবার্থEnglish definition (noun) (1) purport; gist; inner significance; substance.
    (2) intention; intent; spirit; purpose.
  • Bengali Word ভাবালুEnglish definition (adjective) (1) thoughtful; compassionate; softhearted; commiserative.
    (2) sentimental. ভাবালুতা (noun) sentimentalism; emotionalism.
  • Bengali Word ভাবি, ভাবীEnglish definition (noun) (feminine) brother’s wife; sister-in-law.
    ভাবীজান, ভাবীজি noun(s) (feminine) (usually a form of address) respected sister-in-law.
  • Bengali Word ভাবিতEnglish definition (adjective) (1) worried; anxious; troubled.
    (2) soaked in: obtained; got. (3) proved; established. (4) made to become; transformed into. (5) purified; cultivated. (6) (medical) rectified; saturated; infused; macerated. (7) perfumed with; scented. (8) thought about; imagined; fancied; conceived; known; contempIated. (9) pervaded/ inspired by; occupied/ engrossed with; devoted to; intent upon.
  • Bengali Word ভাবিতাত্মাEnglish definition (adjective) meditative; devout, holy.
    (noun) saint; sage.
  • Bengali Word ভাবিনীEnglish definition (adjective) (feminine) worried; anxious.
    (noun) (feminine) an attractive women; an emotional or wanton woman.
  • Bengali Word ভাবী ১English definition (adjective) about to be; future; imminent; predestined; inevitable; would be.
    বৈধ ভাবী উত্তরাধিকারী heir-apparent.
  • অস্বাভাবিকতা (noun) unnaturalness; abnormality.
  • স্বাভাবিকতা (noun) naturalness; usualness; spontaneity.