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  • Bengali Word ভাগ্যEnglish definition(noun) (1) fate; luck; chance; destiny; lot. (2) (good) fortune; happiness; welfare; good luck. (3) to be shared/divided; divisible. ভাগ্যক্রমে (adverb) in course of fortune; fortunately; luckily by chance. ভাগ্যগণনা (noun) fortune telling; divination; soothsaying. ভাগ্যগণনা করা (verb transitive) foretell; tell one’s fortune; soothsay; divine. ভাগ্যগণনাকারী (noun) fortuneteller; soothsayer; astrologer. ভাগ্যগুণ (noun) good fortune. ভাগ্যগুণে (adverb) (1) luckily; by a stroke of good luck/ fortune; by chance. (2) (ironical) as luck would have it; because of one’s ill-luck; unluckily. ভাগ্যচক্র (noun) wheel of fortune; ever-changeful fortune. ভাগ্যচক্রে (adverb) by a turn of fortune’s wheel; in course of fortune. ভাগ্যদেবতা (noun) god or goddess of fortune; destiny; (compare) the fates. ভাগ্যদেবী (feminine) = ভাগ্যদেবতা. ভাগ্যদোষে (adjective) as ill luck would have it; unfortunately through bad luck. ভাগ্যপরীক্ষা (noun) trial of luck. ভাগ্যপরীক্ষা করা (verb transitive) try one’s luck. ভাগ্যপুরুষ (noun) destiny ; the divine ordainer of fortune; providence. ভাগ্যফল (noun) fruits of one's acts in a former life; one’s destiny; astrological reading of one’s fortune. ভাগ্যবক্তা (noun) good fortune; happiness; prosperity. ভাগ্যবল (noun) strength of one’s good fortune; fortune’s favour. ভাগ্যবান, ভাগ্যবন্ত (adjective) fortunate; lucky; prosperous. ভাগ্যবতী (feminine) = ভাগ্যবান. ভাগ্যবিধাতা = ভাগ্যপুরুষ. ভাগ্যবিধাত্রী (feminine) = ভাগ্যবিধাতা. ভাগ্যবিপর্যয়, ভাগ্যবিপ্লব (noun(s) reversal/ reverses of fortune; ill-luck; misfortune. ভাগ্যবৈষম্য (noun) bad fortune; calamity. ভাগ্যমন্ত = ভাগ্যবন্ত. ভাগ্যযোগ (noun) lucky/ fortunate juncture. ভাগ্যরহিত (adjective) deserted by fortune; miserable. ভাগ্যলিখন, ভাগ্যলিপি (noun) one’s foreordained fortune (believed by the Hindus to be written by Brahma on his forehead on the 6th day after birth); destiny. ভাগ্যহীন (adjective) unfortunate; unlucky; luckless; ill-fated; ill-starred ভাগ্যহীনা (feminine) = ভাগ্যহীন. ভাগ্যি (noun) (colloquial) = ভাগ্য. (adverb) luckily; it’s fortunate that: ভাগ্য সে বাড়িতে ছিল. ভাগ্যিস (adverb) = ভাগ্যি. ভাগ্যের হাসিমুখ (noun) smiles of fortune. ভাগ্যোদয় (noun) rise of fortune; dawning of one’s good fortune; rising fortune.

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  • Bengali Word ভাগ ১English definition (noun) (1) division (also mathematics).
    (2) apportionment; sharing out; partition. (3) part; piece; quarter; fraction; fragment. (4) share; portion; allotment. (5) a division of time: দিবা ভাগ, নিশা ভাগ. (6) region; part; side; spot; place: নিম্ন ভাগ. (7) fortune; lot; luck; fate. (8) inheritance. (9) (arithmetic) numerator of fraction. (10) degree or (360) th part of the circumference of a great circle. ভাগ করা (verb transitive) divide; distribute; allot; apportion; shale out; partition. ভাগ দেওয়া (verb transitive) give a share/portion; allow to participate in: কাজের ভাগ দেওয়া. ভাগ পাওয়া (verb transitive) get a share/portion; be allowed to participate in. ভাগ নেওয়া (verb transitive) share; take a share; participate in. ভাগক্রিয়া (noun) (algebra) dividend. ভাগচাষি (noun) share-cropper. ভাগধেয় (noun) (1) share; portion. (2) revenue; share of a king; tax; impost. (3) lot; fortune; fate. (adjective) entitled to a share (as an his/ inheritor). ভাগফল (noun) (arithmetic) quotient. ভাগবাটোয়ারা (noun) apportioning; sharing. ভাগশেষ (noun) (arithmetic) remainder. ভাগহর (adjective) taking a part; sharing. (noun) co-heir. ভাগহার (noun) (1) (arithmetic) (method of) division. (2) sharing; taking a share. ভাগের মা গঙ্গা পায় না (prov) what belongs to all belongs to none. বাড়তি/বাড়ার ভাগ in addition; moreover.
  • Bengali Word ভাগ ২English definition (noun) (poetic) = ভাগ্য
  • Bengali Word ভাগনা, ভাগনেEnglish definition (noun) (coll) = ভাগিনেয়, ভাগনি (feminine) = ভাগিনেয়ী
  • Bengali Word ভাগবতEnglish definition (noun) (1) name of the most celebrated and popular of the 18 Puranas (especially dedicated to the glorification or Vishnu-Krishna).
    (2) follower /worshipper of Vishnu. (3) (derogatory) hypocrite; sanctimonious person. (adjective) (1) relating to/corning from Bhagabat. (2) divine; holy; sacred. ভাগবতী (adjective) (feminine) relating to devotion to God; devotional.
  • Bengali Word ভাগা ১English definition (verb intransitive) flee; run away; take to one’s heels; escape; steal away; slip away; go off; make off
  • Bengali Word ভাগা ২English definition (noun) share; one of the equal parts of a thing; lot
  • Bengali Word ভাগাড়English definition (noun) (1) ground for dumping dead cows.
    ভাগাড়ে গরু পড়া (figurative) (people) scrambling for something covetable as do vultures for a dead cow.
  • Bengali Word ভাগানোEnglish definition (verb transitive) (1) put to flight; drive away; chase; rebuff; head off; send packing.
    (2) seduce; lore (away); entice; allure.
  • Bengali Word ভাগাভাগিEnglish definition (noun) sharing out; apportionment/ partition among partners; allocation; distribution; deal; dispensation; division
  • Bengali Word ভাগিEnglish definition (noun) (poetic; archaic) = ভাগ্য
  • Bengali Word ভাগিনাEnglish definition = ভাগিনেয়.
    ভাগিনী (feminine) = ভাগিনেয়ী.
  • Bengali Word ভাগিনীEnglish definition (feminine) of ভাগী
  • Bengali Word ভাগিনেয়English definition (noun) (of a man) sister’s son; (of a woman) son of one’s husband’s sister; nephew.
    ভাগিনেয়ী (feminine) niece.
  • Bengali Word ভাগী ১English definition (adjective) entitled to/ receiving/ possessing a share; partaking of; blessed with; concerned in; responsible for; participating in.
    (noun) partner; sharer; shareholder. ভাগিনী (feminine) = ভাগী . ভাগীদার (noun) (1) = ভাগী. (2) co-heir.
  • Bengali Word ভাগী ২English definition (adjective) (poetic) fortunate
  • Bengali Word ভাগীরথীEnglish definition (noun) the Ganges; one of the three main streams/ branches of it
  • Bengali Word ভাগ্না, ভাগ্নেEnglish definition (noun) (colloquial) = ভাগিনেয়.
    ভাগ্নি (feminine) = ভাগিনেয়ী. ভাগ্নে বউ, ভাগ্নে বৌ (noun) (feminine) wife of a sister’s son. ভাগ্নিজামাই (noun) husband of a sister’s daughter.
  • Bengali Word অনারোগ্যEnglish definition (noun) state of illness.
    (adjective) incurable;
  • Bengali Word অযোগ্যEnglish definition (adjective) (1) unworthy; unfit; incompetent; unmerited; undeserving.
    (2) disabled. (3) unusable; unserviceable; out of order.
  • Bengali Word আরোগ্যEnglish definition (noun) (1) cure; recovery from illness.
    (2) sound health; health. আরোগ্য করা (verb transitive) cure; heal; bring round: আরোগ্য লাভ করা (verb transitive) recover; come round; be cured; be restored to health.
  • Bengali Word দুরারোগ্যEnglish definition (adjective) difficult to cure; incurable; irremediable
  • Bengali Word দুর্ভাগ্যEnglish definition (noun) ill/bad luck; misfortune; sinister fate
    দুর্ভাগ্যক্রমে, দুর্ভাগ্যবশত (adverb) unluckily; unfortunately; as ill luck would have it.
  • Bengali Word নির্ভাগ্যEnglish definition (adjective) unfortunate; unlucky
  • Bengali Word পরভাগ্যEnglish definition (noun) another’s wealth/ fortune.
    পরভাগ্যোপজীবী (adjective) living on another’s fortune/ earning. পরভাগ্যোপজীবিনী (feminine) = পরভাগ্যোপজীবী .
  • Bengali Word বর্গ্যEnglish definition = বর্গীয়
  • Bengali Word ব্যঙ্গ্যEnglish definition (adjective) indicated by allusion/ insinuation; implied; suggestive.
    ব্যঙ্গ্যোক্তি (noun) covert language; insinuation.
  • Bengali Word ভোগ্যEnglish definition (adjective) (1) to be enjoyed/used: enjoyable.
    (2) to be suffered/endured. (noun) object of enjoyment; possession money. ভোগ্যা (feminine) (adjective) = ভোগ্য. (noun) prostitute. ভোগ্যতা (noun) enjoyableness; usefulness.
  • Bengali Word মার্গ্যEnglish definition (adjective) to be sought/ searched for
  • Bengali Word যোগ্যEnglish definition (adjective) (1) fit/ qualified for; able/ equal to; capable (of); deserving; suitable; worthy: যোগে লোক.
    (2) eligible; able; competent; efficient. (3) becoming; befitting: রাজার যোগ্য. (4) merited; deserved: যোগ্য পুরস্কার/শাস্তি. (5) proper; right: যোগ্য কাজ. যোগ্যা (feminine) of যোগ্য. যোগ্যতা (adjective) qualification; ability; suitability; fitness; propriety; suitableness; eligibility; competence; capability; efficiency; worth; merit; aptness. তানুসারে (adverb) according to/in order of merit. যোগ্য তাপত্র (noun) certificate of merit/ competence.
  • Bengali Word সুযোগ্যEnglish definition (adjective) very competent/ capable/ worthy/ deserving.
    সুযোগ্য সুযোগ্যা (feminine) = সুযোগ্য.
  • ধনভাগ্য (noun) luck for earning money.
  • পরভাগ্যোপজীবী (adjective) living on another’s fortune/ earning.
  • ভাগ্য-পরীক্ষক (noun) 1 fortune-teller.
  • বহুভাগ, বহুভাগী, বহুভাগ্য adjective(s) very fortunate; of great fortune.
  • বিড়ালের ভাগ্যে শিকা ছেঁড়া (figurative) unexpected piece of good fortune; windfall; lucky stroke.
  • মহাভাগ্য (noun) great luck/happiness.
  • যশোভাগ্য (noun) luck/destiny to earn fame.
  • সুখ সৌভাগ্য (noun) happiness and riches.
  • সুপ্রসন্ন হওয়া (verb intransitive) favour; smile on/ upon: ভাগ্য সুপ্রসন্ন হওয়া.
  • সৌভাগ্যক্রমে (adverb) by good luck; luckily; fortunately.
  • হতভাগা, হতভাগ্য adjective(s) ill-starred; ill-fated; luckless; unfortunate; wretched; miserable.