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  • Bengali Word বিরক্তEnglish definition(adjective) (1) annoyed; irritated; vexed; irked; offended; displeased; bothered; disturbed; tormented. (2) having no interest in; averse; disinterested; indifferent; apathetic. (3) disaffected; estranged. বিরক্তা (feminine) = বিরক্ত. বিরক্ত করা (verb transitive) (1) annoy; irritate; vex; disgust; irk; offend; displease; bother; disturb; torment; get on the nerves of; tread on the toes of; badger; importune. (2) make indifferent/ apathetic. (3) estrange; antagonize; alienate; disaffect. বিরক্তচিত্ত (adjective) disaffected at heart.

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  • Bengali Word বির্বতEnglish definition (noun) (1) change; alteration; transformation.
    (2) turning round; rolling onwards; moving about; rotation; revolution. (3) consequence. (4) altered/ changed form or state. (5) dance. (6) (philosophy) error; illusion; apparent/ illusory form; unreality. (7) presence/ existence in a particular state. (8) collection; multitude. (9) travelling. বির্বতবাদ, বির্বতনবাদ (noun) (1) theory of evolution. (2) (philosophy) illusionism; the doctrine affirming the world to be illusion.
  • Bengali Word বিরক্তিEnglish definition (noun) (1) annoyance; irritation; vexation; exasperation; displeasure.
    (2) indifference; apathy; want of interest; disinterest. (3) disaffection; estrangement. বিরক্তিকর, বিরক্তিজনক adjective(s) annoying; irritating; vexatious; irksome; nettlesome, bothersome; troublesome; importunate; disgusting; exasperating.
  • Bengali Word বিরঙ্গEnglish definition (noun) various colours.
    রঙ্গ বিরঙ্গ  রঙ্গ.
  • Bengali Word বিরচনEnglish definition (noun) (1) writing; composing.
    (2) composition; fashioning; forming; making; arrangement. (3) construction; building.
  • Bengali Word বিরচিতEnglish definition (noun) (1) written; composed.
    (2) formed; fashioned; arranged; made; put together; (3) constructed; built.
  • Bengali Word বিরজা ১English definition (noun) (1) Puri in Orissa (which is a holy place for Hindus).
    (2) (Vaishnaba mythology) a river which the soul has to cross in order to reach the blissful abode of Vishnu. বিরজাধাম (noun) = বিরজা.
  • Bengali Word বিরজা ২English definition (adjective) (1) free from the menstrual excretion.
    (2) free from dust; clean; pure. (3) free from passion. (noun) a woman who has ceased to menstruate.
  • Bengali Word বিরঞ্জনEnglish definition (noun) bleaching; decolourization
  • Bengali Word বিরতEnglish definition (adjective) (1) stopped; ceased; ended; discontinued; dissuaded; desisted; resigned; prevented; desisting/ abstaining from.
    বিরতা (feminine). বিরত করা (verb transitive) stop; dissuade; turn somebody away; deter; cause to leave off/ abstain; prevent. বিরত হওয়া (verb intransitive) stop; desist/ abstain from; cease; discontinue; give up; resign; abandon; pause; come to an end.
  • Bengali Word বিরতিEnglish definition (noun) (1) desistance; abstention (from); resignation.
    (2) pause; cessation; recess; interval: stop; end; termination. (3) dislike; indifference; aversion. (4) peace; serenity; calm; quiet; tranquillity. (5) dash (-).
  • Bengali Word বিরলEnglish definition (adjective) (1) rare; scarcely found; unfrequent; scanty; few.
    (2) sparse; wide apart; having interstices; separated by intervals; not thick/ compact. (3) loose; thin. (4) desolate; solitary; secluded; lonely: বিরলস্থান. (5) secret; confidential: বিরল কথন. (noun) (1) solitary/ lonely/ secluded place. বিরলকেশ (adjective) thin-haired; bald-headed: বিরলজানুক (adjective), (noun) having knees wide apart; bandy-legged (man). বিরলতা (noun) rarity; rareness; scarcity; sparseness; sparsity. বিরল বসতি (adjective) thinly/ sparsely. populated. বিরলে (adverb) in seclusion; in private; in solitude; solitarily.
  • Bengali Word বিরসEnglish definition (adjective) (1) juiceless; sapless; dry.
    (2) flavourless; dull; unseasoned; tasteless; flat; insipid. (3) unpleasant; unsavoury disagreeable; painful. (4) melancholic; gloomy; sad; sullen; glum; dispirited; displeased. (noun) (1) melancholy; sadness; gloom. (2) interruption of enjoyment. বিরসতা (noun) (1) want of juice/ sap; dullness; unsavouriness; insipidity; vapidity; bad taste. (2) gloom; sadness; melancholy; sullenness; dispiritedness. বিরস মৃত্তিকা (noun) (chemistry) rare earth.
  • Bengali Word বিরহEnglish definition (noun) (1) parting (especially of lovers); separation; abandonment; desertion.
    (2) absence (from); lack; want; lacking; with the exception of. বিরহ কাতর (adjective) distressed by separation. বিরহ কাতরা (feminine). বিরহজ, বিরহজনিত adjective(s) arising from separation. বিরহ জ্বর (noun) anguish of separation. বিরহ বিধুর (adjective) = বিরহ কাতর. বিরহ বিরস (adjective) painful through separation. বিরহ ব্যথা (noun) pang of separation. বিরহ ব্যাকুল (adjective) = বিরহ কাতর. বিরহ শয়ন (noun) solitary bed/ couch. বিরহানল(noun) fire of separation. বিরহার্ত (adjective) pained by separation. বিরহাবস্থা (noun) state of separation. বিরহে (adverb) in the absence of; away from.
  • Bengali Word বিরহিতEnglish definition (adjective) (1) free from; deprived of; devoid/ destitute of; wanting in; with the exception of; separated from.
    (2) abandoned; deserted; solitary; lonely. (3) detached; disjoined; freed from: বন্ধন বিরহিত. বিরহিতা (feminine) = বিরহিত.
  • Bengali Word বিরহীEnglish definition (adjective) separated; parted (especially from a beloved person); lonely; solitary.
    (noun) a man separated from his wife or sweetheart. বিরহিণী (feminine) = বিরহী.
  • Bengali Word বিরহোৎকণ্ঠEnglish definition (adjective) longing after one’s absent lover.
    বিরহোৎকণ্ঠা (noun) longing after one’s absent beloved. বিরহোৎকণ্ঠিত (noun) (in drama) woman who longs after her absent lover/ husband. বিরহোৎকণ্ঠিতা (feminine) = বিরহোৎকণ্ঠ.
  • Bengali Word বিরহোৎসুকEnglish definition (adjective) suffering from separation
  • Bengali Word বিরাগEnglish definition (noun) (1) indifference to external things or worldly objects; want of attachment; apathy; lack of interest; unconcern; disinterest; stoicism.
    (2) aversion; repugnance; dislike; disaffection; resentment; dissatisfaction; discontent; distaste. (3) displeasure; disinclination; antipathy; loathing. (4) freedom from all worldly desires; asceticism. বিরাগ ভাজন (adjective) causing displeasure; loathsome; repugnant; disagreeable. (noun) object of displeasure. বিরাগ ভাজন হাওয়া (verb intransitive) incur displeasure.
  • Bengali Word বিরাগীEnglish definition (adjective) indifferent; having no attachment; disinterested; unconcerned; displeased; apathetic.
    বিরাগিণী (feminine) = বিরাগী.
  • Bengali Word বিরাজEnglish definition (noun) the supreme Being.
    বিরাজ করা (verb intransitive) shine forth/ out; reign; rule; govern; exist; be present; be illustrious/ eminent; excel; appear. বিরাজমান (adjective) (1) eminent; brilliant; illustrious; splendid; glorious. (2) existing; existent; present. বিরাজমানা (feminine) = বিরাজমান.
  • Bengali Word বিরাজিতEnglish definition (adjective) (1) = বিরাজমান ( বিরাজ).
    (2) manifest; conspicuous; revealed. বিরাজিতা (feminine) = বিরাজিত.
  • Bengali Word বিরাটEnglish definition (adjective) vast; great; enormous; gigantic; huge, immense.
    (noun) (1) North Bengal. (2) king of North Bengal. (3) (philosophy) the Supreme intellect located in a supposed aggregate of gross bodies. বিরাটত্ব (noun) vastness; immensity; enormity.
  • Bengali Word বিরাদর, বিরাদারEnglish definition = বেরাদার
  • Bengali Word বিরানEnglish definition [Persian] (adjective) desolate; laid waste; depopulated; ruined.
    বিরান করা (verb transitive) ruin; lay waste; depopulate.
  • Bengali Word বিরানব্বই, বিরানব্বুইEnglish definition (colloquial) (noun) (adjective) ninety-two
  • Bengali Word বিরানাEnglish definition [Persian] (adjective) stranger; not related ; unrelated: বিরানা মানুষ
  • Bengali Word বিরাবEnglish definition (noun) clamour; noise; sound; buzzing; humming.
    (adjective) noiseless; silent; soundless; quiet; hushed. বিরাবী (adjective) = বিরাব.
  • Bengali Word বিরাবানEnglish definition [Persian] (noun) desolate place
  • Bengali Word বিরামEnglish definition (noun) (1) abstention.
    (2) = বিরাগ ((4) ). (3) cessation; termination; end. (4) pause; intermission; stop; respite; leisure; interval; rest. (5) (grammar) end of a word or sentence; the stop. বিরাম চিহ্ন (noun) punctuation mark. বিরামহীন (adjective) incessant; ceaseless; unending; interminable; unremitting; continuous; never-ending; non-stop.
  • Bengali Word বিরাশিEnglish definition (noun), (adjective) eighty-two.
    বিরাশি সিক্কার ওজন (1) unit of mass equalling the weight of eighty-two one-rupee silver coins; standard weight. (2) very heavy; costly; sumptuous বিরাশি সিক্কা ওজনের চাপড় hard smack.
  • ত্যক্ত বিরক্ত (adjective) extremely annoyed/vexed; exceedingly disgusted; exasperated.
  • বিরক্তিকর, বিরক্তিজনক adjective(s) annoying; irritating; vexatious; irksome; nettlesome, bothersome; troublesome; importunate; disgusting; exasperating.