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  • Bengali Word বিপদEnglish definition(in compounds) (noun) misfortune; adversity; calamity; mishap; failure; ruin; danger; risk; hazard; difficulty; disaster; trouble. বিপদগর্ভ (adjective) dangerous; fraught with dangers and difficulties. বিপদগ্রস্ত (adjective) fallen into misfortune; afflicted; endangered; imperiled. বিপদদশা (noun) state of misfortune; calamitous position. বিপদবহুল (adjective) fraught with dangers and difficulties; perilous. বিপদভঞ্জন (adjective) = removing/ remedying misfortune/ adversity. বিপদযুক্ত (adjective) attended with misfortune; dangerous. বিপদরহিত (adjective) free from danger/ misfortune. বিপদে পড়া (verb transitive) run/ fall into a danger; be involved in a danger. বিপদে ফেলা (verb transitive) endanger; imperil; put/ bring into danger; put at risk.

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  • Bengali Word বিপক্বEnglish definition (adjective) completely matured/ ripened/ developed
  • Bengali Word বিপক্ষEnglish definition (noun) opponent; rival; adversary; enemy; disputant; opposite party; antagonist.
    (adjective) deprived of wings; wingless. বিপক্ষতা (noun) rivalry; hostility; enmity; opposition; antagonism. বিপক্ষ দল (noun) rival/ opposite party; enemy forces. বিপক্ষপাত (adjective) impartial; unbiased. বিপক্ষপাতী (adjective) opposed/ hostile to; against. বিপক্ষভাব a hostile disposition. বিপক্ষীয় (adjective) of a rival party/ the enemy forces. বিপক্ষে prep against.
  • Bengali Word বিপজ্জনকEnglish definition (adjective) dangerous; risky; unsafe; perilous; hazardous; insecure
  • Bengali Word বিপণনEnglish definition (noun) marketing; selling
  • Bengali Word বিপণি, বিপণীEnglish definition (noun) shop; stall; fair; market-place; sales emporium.
    বিপণী (noun) trader; shopkeeper; merchant.
  • Bengali Word বিপৎEnglish definition (noun) = বিপদ.
    বিপৎকাল (noun) (1) time of misfortune/ calamity. (2) adversity. বিপৎপূর্ণ (noun) fraught with dangers. বিপৎপাত (noun) misfortune; calamity. বিপৎসঙ্কুল (adjective) full of dangers and difficulties. বিপৎ সাগর (noun) ocean of misfortune; heavy calamity.
  • Bengali Word বিপত্তারিণীEnglish definition (noun) (feminine) any Hindu goddess who keeps/ saves from trouble or danger
  • Bengali Word বিপত্তিEnglish definition (noun) (1) going wrongly; adversity; misfortune; agony; torment; mishap; danger; failure; disaster.
    (2) destruction; ruin; death. (3) unfavourableness (of time); sharp turn in one’s affair. বিপত্তিকর (adjective) causing misfortune/ calamity/ danger/ adversity/ trouble; calamitous. বিপত্তিকাল (noun) season of adversity/ misfortune. বিপত্তি খণ্ডন (noun) removal of adversity. বিপত্তিনাশন, বিপত্তিভঞ্জন (adjective(s), (noun(s) removing/ remedying misfortune/ adversity. বিপত্তিরহিত (adjective) free from misfortune.
  • Bengali Word বিপত্নীকEnglish definition (adjective) one whose wife is dead.
    (noun) widower.
  • Bengali Word বিপথEnglish definition (noun) wrong road; bad road; evil way; evil course; bad conduct.
    বিপথগামী (adjective) (1) going in a wrong way/ evil course; gone astray; one to the bad. (2) (astronomy) aberrated, বিপথগামিনী (feminine) = বিপথগামী. বিপথে যাওয়া (verb intransitive) go astray; go to the bad; pursue evil courses; (astronomy) aberrate; be on the wrong track.
  • Bengali Word বিপদাত্মকEnglish definition (adjective) dangerous; risky; perilous
  • Bengali Word বিপদাপদEnglish definition (noun) (plural) dangers and difficulties
  • Bengali Word বিপদাপন্নEnglish definition = বিপন্ন
  • Bengali Word বিপদুদ্ধারEnglish definition (noun) rescue/ release/ deliverance front danger.
    বিপদুদ্ধার করা (verb transitive) rescue/ release/ free/ deliver/ save from danger.
  • Bengali Word বিপন্নEnglish definition (adjective) involved in danger/ difficulty; afflicted; distressed; endangered; imperilled; fallen on evil days.
    বিপন্না (feminine) = বিপন্ন. বিপন্নতা (noun) misfortune; adversity; bad/ evil/ adverse fortune; affliction; hardship; trouble; ill fortune.
  • Bengali Word বিপন্মুক্তEnglish definition (adjective) free/ freed/ rescued/ delivered from danger or difficulty; out of danger.
    বিপন্মুক্ত করা (verb transitive) free/ rescue/ deliver from danger or difficulty. বিপন্মুক্তি (noun) = rescue/ release/ deliverance front danger.
  • Bengali Word বিপরিণামEnglish definition (noun) (1) change; reverse; upsetting.
    (2) death; destruction. বিপরিণামী (adjective) undergoing a change of state/ form; reversed; upset.
  • Bengali Word বিপরীতEnglish definition (adjective) (1) opposite; contrary; contradictory; opposing; contending; counteracting.
    (2) unusual; odd; strange: বিপরীত কর্ম. (3) unfavourable; adverse; inauspicious: বিপরীত বিধি/ ভাগ্য. (4) hideous; monstrous; terrific: বিপরীত মূর্তি. (5) turned round; reversed; inverted. (6) perverse; wrong; contrary to rule. (7) (arithmetic) reciprocal. (8) (geometry) converse; opposite: বিপরীত কোণ. (noun) (logic) contrary proposition. বিপরীতকারী (adjective) acting in a contrary manner; perverse; hostile; disobedient. বিপরীত ক্রিয়া (algebra) invertendo. বিপরীতগতি (noun) course against the current. বিপরীত প্রতিজ্ঞা (geometry) converse proposition. বিপরীত প্রতিবিম্ব (physics) inverted image. বিপরীত বুদ্ধি (adjective) wrongheaded. বিপরীত শব্দ (noun) antonym. বিপরীত শ্রেণী (algebra) harmonic series. বিপরীতভাবে (adverb) in reverse order; in the opposite manner; conversely.
  • Bengali Word বিপর্যয়English definition (noun) (1) disaster; upset; reverse; reverse of fortune; change for the worse; calamity; misfortune; loss; ruin; overthrow; destruction 2 turning round; transposition; change; alteration; inverted order/ succession; opposite; inversion; disorder.
    বিপর্যয় ঘটানো (verb intransitive) cause/ bring about disaster/ destruction/ ruin; cause serious disruption. বিপর্যয় কাণ্ড (noun) a monstrous/ disastrous/ affair/ thing; a catastrophe.
  • Bengali Word বিপর্যস্তEnglish definition (adjective) (1) turned over; overturned; upturned; reversed; contrary; inverted; topsy-turvy; thrown into confusion; disorderly.
    (2) upset; routed; destroyed; shattered; undone; demolished; utterly embarrassed; confounded. বিপর্যস্ত করা (verb transitive) (1) turn over; overturn; turn round; reverse; invert; put into disorder; thrown into confusion; disrupt. (2) destroy; demolish; upset; confound; disrupt; rout; embarrass utterly; convulse.
  • Bengali Word বিপর্যাসEnglish definition = বিপর্যয়
  • Bengali Word বিপলEnglish definition (noun) a measure of time; moment; instant
  • Bengali Word বিপশ্চিৎEnglish definition (noun) learned man; savant; scholar
  • Bengali Word বিপাকEnglish definition (noun) (1) cooking; dressing.
    (2) effect; result; consequence. (3) bad/ ugly consequences: কর্ম বিপাক. (4) calamity; distress; misfortune; trouble. (5) metabolism; digestion. বিপাকে পড়া (verb intransitive) be in a predicament; fail/ run into a trouble or danger; get into scrapes. বিপাকীয় (adjective) metabolic.
  • Bengali Word বিপাশাEnglish definition (noun) the Beas (river in the Punjab)
  • Bengali Word বিপিতাEnglish definition (noun) step-father
  • Bengali Word বিপিনEnglish definition (noun) forest; grove; wood; thicket.
    বিপিন বিহারী (adjective) wandering in woods for pleasure. (noun) Sri Krishna.
  • Bengali Word বিপুলEnglish definition (adjective) (1) large; big; huge: বিপুল শরীর.
    (2) extensive; wide; vast: বিপুল সমুদ্র. (3) abundant; numerous; important: বিপুল ফলসম্ভার. (4) loud: বিপুল শব্দ. (5) noble; magnanimous: বিপুল হৃদয়. (6) very deep; profound; greet: বিপুল স্নেহরাশি. (7) long: বিপুল সময়. (8) thick: বিপুল কান্তার. বিপুলা (feminine) = বিপুল. বিপুলতা (noun) largeness; greatness; extent; width; magnitude; vastness; loudness; abundance; profundity; magnanimity. বিপুলকায় (adjective) having a large/ huge body.
  • Bengali Word বিপ্রEnglish definition (noun) learned Brahmin
  • Bengali Word বিপ্রকর্ষEnglish definition (noun) (1) distance; remoteness; difference; contrast.
    (2) (grammar) separation of two consonants by the insertion a vowel; vowel insertion. বিপ্রকর্ষণ (noun) dragging/ driving away; carrying off; repelling; repulsion.
  • আধিদৈবিক বিপদ (noun) natural calamity.
  • আপদবিপদ (noun) storm and stress.
  • একটি মাত্র (adjective) but one; only one: বিপদ এড়াবার একটি মাত্র পথ আছে, There is only one way out.
  • বিপদের কাণ্ডারি (noun) one’s guide or resort in peril.
  • বিপদ ডেকে আনা be the cause of a mishap by one’s own imprudence.
  • তরানো (verb intransitive) move across; cross: বিপদে তরানো, get over a crisis.
  • দ্বিপদ (adjective) 1 two-footed; biped; bipedal; two-legged.