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  • Bengali Word বাংলাEnglish definition(noun) (1) Bengal. (2) Bangla; Bengali language. (3) bungalow.(adjective) Bengali: বাংলা সাবান, country-made soap.

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  • Bengali Word জাংলাEnglish definition (noun) a platform for creeping plants to shoot up and spread
  • Bengali Word হ্যাংলাEnglish definition (adjective) (1) repulsively/ shamelessly greedy.
    (2) lewd. (3) lanky; leggy. হ্যাংলাপনা, হ্যাংলামি (noun(s)) shameless greed; repulsive greediness.
  • Bengali Word ডাকবাংলা, ডাকবাংলোEnglish definition [Hindi] (noun) a rest house for officers and travellers; a dak bungalow
  • ভাটি বাংলা (noun) southern part of Bangladesh.