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  • Bengali Word বাঁটোয়ারাEnglish definition(noun) partition; division; apportionment.

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  • Bengali Word বাঁটEnglish definition (noun) (1) handle; halt; hilt.
    (2) teat (of cattle). (3) (vulgar) penis.
  • Bengali Word বাঁটওয়ারাEnglish definition = বাঁটোয়ারা
  • Bengali Word বাঁটনEnglish definition (noun) = বণ্টন
  • Bengali Word বাঁটাEnglish definition (verb transitive) distribute; divide; apportion; share out; allot.
    বাঁটানো, বাঁটান (verb transitive) cause to distribute, etc. বাঁটা বাটি (noun) sharing out; apportionment/ partition/ allotment (among partners).
  • Bengali Word বাঁটুলEnglish definition (noun) (1) small ball (uses of iron and used as a missile).
    (2) shot. (3) (facetious) short and fat man; dumpy fellow. বাঁটুল বাঁটুল (noun) a children’s game played with a ball and a stick.
  • Bengali Word গোঁয়ারাEnglish definition [Persian] (noun) (plural) (Singular গোর) (1) replica of the coffins of Hazrat Hasan and Hazrat Hussain taken out in procession on the occasion of Muharram.
    (2) the Muharram festival.
  • Bengali Word গোসোয়ারাEnglish definition [Persian] (noun) (1) the summary/ salient points of an account.
    (2) the gist of anything.
  • Bengali Word পিয়ারাEnglish definition (adjective) beloved; dear; favourite; charming; lovable; pleasing.
    (noun) sweet-heart.
  • Bengali Word পুয়া, পুয়ারাEnglish definition (noun(s) a kind of cake
  • Bengali Word পেয়ারাEnglish definition [Portuguese] (noun) guava
  • Bengali Word ফোয়ারাEnglish definition [Arabic] (noun) fountain; spring; jet
  • Bengali Word বাটোয়ারাEnglish definition = বাঁটোয়ারা
  • Bengali Word মাতওয়ারাEnglish definition = মাতোয়ারা
  • Bengali Word মাতোয়ারা, মাতোয়ালা, মাতওয়ারাEnglish definition [Arabic] (adjective(s) intoxicated; drunk; inebriated; beside oneself; rapt