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  • Bengali Word বহু ২English definition(noun) (poetic, archaic) = বউ

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  • Bengali Word বহু ১English definition (adjective) many; numerous; great or considerable in quantity; much; abundant; profuse; diverse; manifold; long; several; poly-; multi-.
    বহুকষ্টে (adjective) with great difficulty. বহুকাল (noun) a long time. (adverb) for a long time. বহুকাল ধরে, বহুকালাবধি for a long time; for long. বহুকাল পরে alter a long time. বহুকাল পূর্বে long ago. বহুকালব্যাপী (adjective) long-lasting; long-continued; very old. বহুকালাশ্রিত (adjective) sheltered/ supported for a long time বহুকালাশ্রিতা (feminine) = বহুকালাশ্রিত. বহুকালীন, বহুকেলে (adjective) long-standing; old; ancient; antique. বহুকেশর (adjective) (botany) polyandrous. বহুকোষ্ঠ (adjective) (botany) multicellular. বহুক্ষণ (noun), (adverb) (for) a long while/ time. বহুক্ষম (adjective) enduring much; long suffering. বহুগর্ভপত্রী (adjective) (botany) polycarpellary, বহুগুচ্ছ (botany) polyadelphous. বহুগুণ (adjective) multiplied many time; many times over; many more; much more; many fold; multifarious. বহুগ্রন্থি (adjective) having many knots. বহুজ্ঞ (adjective), (noun) possessed of great knowledge; having varied or vast experience; polymath. বহুজ্ঞ ব্যক্তি (noun) polymath; man of varied/ vast experience. বহুত (adjective) much; many. বহুতঃ (adverb) in many ways; front many sides. বহুতন্ত্রী, বহুতন্ত্রীক (adjective) many-fibred; having many strings. বহুতম (adjective) superl very many; most; most numerous; remotest; farthest. বহুতর (adjective) comp many more; too many; more abundant/ numerous; greater or very great; more; very; too much; various; diverse; manifold; profuse. বহুতলক (noun) (geometry) polyhedron. বহুতা (noun) muchness; numerousness; abundance; multitude; plurality; profusion; excessiveness; diversity. বহুত্র (adverb) in many ways or places; at many diverse places; amongst many. বহুদ (adjective) liberal; munificent. বহুদর্শন, বহুদর্শী adjective(s) seeing much; having varied/ vast experience; prudence; circumspect. বহুদর্শিতা (noun) varied/ vast/ wide experience; circumspection; prudence. বহুদর্শিনী (feminine) = বহুদর্শী. বহুদুগ্ধা (adjective) having/giving much milk. বহুদূর (adjective) very far; far-away; far-off; distant. (adverb) very far; far off; far away; at a great distance. বহুদূরবর্তী (adjective) far-off; remote; faraway. বহুদূরবর্তিতা (noun) remoteness; farness. বহুদূরবর্তিনী (adjective) (feminine) = বহুদূরবর্তী. বহুদূরস্থ (adjective) = বহুদূরবর্তী. বহুদূরস্থা (feminine) = বহুদূরস্থ. দৃষ্ট = বহুদর্শী. বহুদেশদর্শী (adjective) one who has seen many countries; great traveller বহুদেশদর্শিনী (feminine) = বহুদেশদর্শী . বহুদেশদর্শিতা (noun) experience of visiting many countries. বহুদোষ (noun) great harm/ disadvantage. (adjective) very wicked/bad. বহুধন (adjective) possessing much wealth; wealthy. বহুধা (adverb) in many and diverse modes/ methods/ ways/ directions/ parts; diversely; many times. বহুধারা (adjective) many-edged. বহুপতিত্ব (noun), polyandry. বহু-পত্নীক (adjective) having many wives; polygamous. বহুপদ (adjective) (algebra) polynomial. বহুপদ (noun) polypod; multiped. বহুপুত্র (adjective) (masculine) having many sons. বহুপুত্রী (adjective) (feminine) having many children. বহুপার্শ্বিক (adjective) (botany) multiparous; multilateral. বহুপ্রদ (adjective) having a numerous progeny. বহুপ্রদ (adjective) liberal; munificent; bountiful. বহুপ্রবাহ (adjective) flowing in many streams. বহুপ্রবাহী (adjective) having many streams বহুপ্রসবিনী (adjective) (feminine) bearing many children; prolific; fertile. বহুপ্রসূ (adjective) (feminine) = বহুপ্রসবিনী. বহুপ্রান্তীয় (adjective) parietal. বহুফলক (noun) (geometry) polyhedron. বহুফলকপত্র (noun) (botany) compound leaf. বহুফলী (adjective) bearing many fruits. বহুবচন (noun) (grammar) plural number. বহু বর্ষজীবী (adjective) long-lived; (botany) perennial. বহুবল (adjective) very strong; mighty. বহুবল্লভ (adjective) one beloved of many women; Sri Krishna. বহুবল্লভা (feminine) a woman beloved of many men; flirt; prostitute. বহুবাদী (adjective) garrulous; babbling. বহুবার (adverb) many times. বহুবিদ (adjective) much knowing; very learned. বহুবিধ (adjective) of many sorts/kinds; manifold; various. বহুবিবাহ (noun) polygamy. বহুবিবাহকারী (adjective), (noun) polygamous; polygamist. বহুবিস্তীর্ণ (adjective) wide-spread; widely diffused; far-flung. বহুবীজপত্রী (adjective) (botany) polycotyledon. বহুবেত্তা (adjective), (noun) = বহুজ্ঞ. বহুব্যয়সাধ্য (adjective) very expensive or costly. বহুব্যয়ী (adjective) prodigal. বহুব্যয়ে (adverb) at a great cost or expense. বহুব্রীহি (adjective) possessing much rice. (noun) mode of forming compound words (in which the last member loses its character of a substantive and together with the first member serves to quality a noun). বহুভর্তৃক (adjective) having many husbands. বহুভঙ্গিম (adjective) having many expressions or styles. বহুভাগ, বহুভাগী, বহুভাগ্য adjective(s) very fortunate; of great fortune. (noun) a great fortune বহুভাগা, বহুভাগিনী, বহুভাগ্যা (feminine). বহুভাষিতা (noun) act of speaking many languages; garrulity; talkativeness. বহুভাষী (adjective) speaking many languages; polyglot; garrulous; talkative. (noun) a polyglot. বহুভাষিণী (feminine) = বহুভাষী. বহুভাষী ব্যক্তি (noun) a polyglot; garrulous/ talkative person. বহুভুজ (noun) (geometry) polygon; (botany) polyp. (adjective) polygonal; polyporous. বহুভুজ ক্ষেত্র (noun) (geometry) polygon. বহুভ্রূণবীজতা (noun) (botany) polyembryony. বহুভ্রূণবীজী (adjective) (botany) polyembryony. বহুমত (adjective) highly esteemed; valued. বহুমান (noun) high esteem/ estimation; great respect/ regard for. বহুমানাস্পদ, বহুমানী adjective(s) thought much of; highly esteemed; revered. বহুমান্য (adjective) to be thought much of; to be highly esteemed; estimable. বহুমুখ (adjective) multifaceted; multifarious; multiplex; multilateral: বহুমুখ টেলিগ্রাম, বহুমুখ বিদ্যালয়. বহুমুখী = বহুমুখ. বহুমূত্র (noun) diabetes. বহুমূত্রগত (adjective) diabetic. বহুমূত্রপীড়িত (adjective) diabetic. বহুমূর্তি (adjective) multiform. বহুমূল, বহুমূলক (adjective) many-rooted. বহুমূল্য (adjective) very costly; precious; high-priced; valuable. বহুযোগিক (adjective) (botany) decompound. বহুরত্ন (adjective) rich in gems or jewels; very wealthy. বহু-বন্ধু (adjective) porous; full of holes. বহুরাশিক (noun) (arithmetic) the double rule of three. বহুরূপ (adjective) multiform; variegated; checkered; diverse; multifarious; manifold. (noun) (1) an itinerant showman who amuses people by assuming various forms. (2) various forms. বহুরূপা (noun) chameleon. বহুরূপী (adjective) multiform; manifold; assuming different forms; polymorphic. (noun) = বহুরূপ ((1) ). বহুরূপিণী (feminine) = বহুরূপী. বহুরূপতা (noun) polymorphism; variegation; diversity. বহুরেখ, বহুরেখা (adjective) having many lines or wrinkles; wrinkled. বহুরোখা (adjective) having much hair or wool. (noun) sheep. বহুশ, বহুশ: (adverb) many (times); in a great measure; to a great extent; repeatedly; oft; manifoldly; much. বহু শত্রু (adjective) having many enemies. বহু শাখা (adjective) having many branches or ramification; multifarious; manifold. বহু শাস্ত্রজ্ঞ (noun), (adjective) acquainted with many sciences; polymath. বহুশিখ, বহুশিখা (adjective) having many flames or points. বহুশিরাল (adjective) (botany) multicostate. বহুশ্রুত (adjective) profoundly/ vastly learned; erudite; well versed in the Vedas. বহুশ্রেয়াস (adjective) endowed with many qualities; by far the best. বহুশ্রেয়সী (feminine) = বহুশ্রেয়াস. বহুসংখ্যক (adjective) numerous; many. বহুস্ত্রীক = বহুপত্নীক. বহুস্বামিক (adjective) having to serve many masters; having many owners.
  • Bengali Word বহুড়িEnglish definition (noun) (feminine) (archaic) childwife; newly-married wife
  • Bengali Word বহুতEnglish definition (adjective) বহু.
    বহুত আচ্ছা (interjection) very good; okay; excellent.
  • Bengali Word বহুলEnglish definition (adjective) much; many; numerous; abundant; profuse; plentiful.
    বহুলতা, বহুলত্ব (noun) muchness; abundance; multiplicity; numerousness. বহুল পরিমাণে (adverb) in a great/ large measure; abundantly; profusely. বহুলীকরণ (noun) multiplying; magnifying; multiplication; winnowing. বহুলীকৃত (adjective) multiplied; magnified; aggrandized; augmented; increased; extended.
  • Bengali Word অগুরু ২English definition (adjective) one having no spiritual guide or preceptor
  • Bengali Word আলু ২English definition (suffix) denoting nature, propensity, tendency, etc (দয়ালু, নিদ্রালু)
  • Bengali Word আশু ২English definition (adjective) early; speedy; quick: আশু নিরাময়.
    (adverb) early, quickly; immediately; without delay. আশুগতি. আশুগামী (adjective) quick-moving; swift. আশুতোষ (adjective) quickly/easily appeased. (noun) appellation of Hindu deity Shiva.
  • Bengali Word উলু ২English definition (noun) kind of grass growing in marshy land; reed.
    উলু খাগড়া (noun) (1) variety of reed. (2) (figurative) ordinary innocent people: রাজায় রাজায় যুদ্ধ হয় উলু খাগড়ার প্রাণ যায়, (prov) Kings with one another vie, and the innocent people die. উলু বনে মুক্তা ছড়ানো (prov) Cast pearls before swines.
  • Bengali Word জনু ২English definition (noun) birth; origination
  • Bengali Word দারু ২English definition [Persian] (noun) (1) liquor; wine.
    (2) medicine; remedy.
  • Bengali Word পরশু ২English definition (noun), (adverb) day after tomorrow; day before tomorrow
  • Bengali Word পিলু ২English definition (noun) name of a tree; walnut
  • Bengali Word পিছু ২English definition = পাছু
  • Bengali Word যাদু ২English definition = জাদু
  • Bengali Word যুযুৎসু ২English definition = জুজুৎসু
  • Bengali Word রিপু ২English definition = রিফু
  • Bengali Word লহু ২English definition (adjective) (old use) = লঘু
  • Bengali Word শঙ্কু ২English definition (noun) (1) peg; nail; wedge; spike.
    (2) stake; pillar; post. (3) hand of a clock. (4) forceps. (5) arrow; spear; dart. (6) pin/ gnomon of a dial. (7) probe. (8) prod. (9) skewer. (10) (geometry) cone. (11) fibre/ vein of a leaf. (12) measure of twelve fingers. (13) measuring rod. শঙ্কুকর্ণ (noun) an ass (having pointed ears). শঙ্কুচ্ছেদ (noun) (goem) conic section. শঙ্কুদোলক (noun) (mech) conical pendulum. শঙ্কু পট্ট (noun) seen-dial.
  • Bengali Word শিশু ২English definition (noun) the tree Dalbergia sissoo