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  • Bengali Word বলকEnglish definition(noun) swelling up of milk, etc by boiling. বলক আসা (noun) swell up by boiling. বলকা (adjective) swelled up by boiling: এক বলকা দুধ, milk swelled up but once by boiling.

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  • Bengali Word বল্কা, বলকাEnglish definition = বলক
  • পূর্বলক্ষণ (noun) indication of anything about to occur; presage; symptom; foreboding.
  • বলকর, বলকারক, বলকৃৎ (adjective) strengthening; invigorating; (medical) tonic.
  • সর্বলক্ষণ (noun) all auspicious marks.