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  • Bengali Word বর্ষEnglish definition (noun) (1) year.
    (2) rain. (3) cloud. (4) shower or fall: তুষার বর্ষ. বর্ষকাল (noun) a period of one year; a full calendar year. বর্ষজীবী (adjective) lasting or living for a year only; (botany) annual. বর্ষ প্রবেশ (noun) New Year’s Day. বর্ষবরণ (noun) welcoming the New Year; New Year’s Day. বর্ষবৃদ্ধি (noun) (1) increase in years. (2) anniversary; birth-day. (3) excessive rain. বর্ষবলয় (noun) (botany) annual ring. বর্ষভোগ্য (adjective) to be enjoyed for one year. বর্ষমান (adjective) raining. pouring; showering. বর্ষমান (noun) rain-gauge.
  • Bengali Word বর্ষণEnglish definition (noun) (1) raining.
    (2) rain; rainfall. (3) falling or pouring like rain; pouring out; shedding out; sprinkling/ scattering/ dispersing upon: গোলাপজল বর্ষণ; (লাক্ষণিক.) gracious bestowal: আর্শীবাদ বর্ষণ. বর্ষণ করা (verb transitive) rain upon; shower/ scatter/ sprinkle) disperse upon; bestow graciously (upon). বর্ষণ-বিধৌত (adjective) washed by rain. বর্ষণমুখর (adjective) vibrant/reverberant with palter of rain. বর্ষণশীল (adjective) raining; pouring out; showering.
  • Bengali Word বর্ষপ্রবেশ, বর্ষবলয়English definition noun(s) = বর্ষ
  • Bengali Word বর্ষা ১English definition (noun) (1) rain; rainfall.
    (2) the rains; rainy season; monsoon. বর্ষাকাল (noun) = বর্ষা ((2) ). বর্ষাগম (noun) beginning of the rainy season; break of the monsoon. বর্ষাতি (noun) rain-coat; mackintosh; waterproof umbrella. (2) mushroom. (adjective) grown in the rainy season; mushroom. বর্ষাত্যয় (noun) cessation of rain; termination of the rainy season; autumn. বর্ষাধৌত (adjective) washed by/ submerged in rain. বর্ষাপোকা (noun) scarlet mite. বর্ষা প্লাবিত (adjective) flooded by rainstorms. বর্ষাবসান (noun) = বর্ষাত্যয়. বর্ষা বাদল (noun) rain; rain and shower. বর্ষা ম্লান (adjective) darkened by rain. বর্ষাস্নাত (adjective) = বর্ষাধৌত.
  • Bengali Word বর্ষিকEnglish definition (adjective) (1) growing in the rainy season.
    (2) annual; yearly. (3) rainy; relating/ belonging to the rains. (4) shedding; showering; pouring.
  • Bengali Word বর্ষিতEnglish definition (adjective) poured; showered
  • Bengali Word বর্ষিষ্ঠEnglish definition (adjective) (1) very old; burdened with age; hoary.
    (2) oldest; eldest; older.
  • Bengali Word বর্ষী ১English definition (used as a suffix) raining; pouring out; showering down; distributing; scattering; dispersing: অনল-বর্ষী, emitting fire
  • Bengali Word বর্ষী, বর্ষীয়English definition (used as suffix) of the age of; aged; অষ্টাদশ বর্ষীয়.
    বর্ষীয়া (feminine) = বর্ষীয়.
  • Bengali Word বর্ষীয়ানEnglish definition (adjective) very old; elderly; older; elder
  • Bengali Word বর্ষুকEnglish definition (adjective) = বর্ষণশীল ( বর্ষণ)
  • Bengali Word বর্ষোপলEnglish definition (noun) hail-stone
  • Bengali Word এষা ২English definition (adjective) (feminine) (1) worthy of desire; desirable.
    (2) searchable; explorable. (3) fit to be remembered.
  • Bengali Word কষা ২English definition (adjective) (1) high in price; costly.
    (2) miserly; niggardly; close-fisted: কষা লোক. (3) fitting close or too close; tight: কষা জামা.
  • Bengali Word ঘুষা ২English definition = ঘুসা
  • Bengali Word ভাষা ২English definition (verb transitive), (verb intransitive) (poetic) (1) express.
    (2) speak; sing; say; tell; announce; declare. (3) explain; comment.