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  • Bengali Word বরEnglish definition(noun) (1) act or object of choosing; choice; election; wish; request: বর চাওয়া. (2) boon; gift; reward; benefit; blessing; favour: বর দেওয়া. (3) bridegroom, (4) husband.(adjective) (1) desired. (2) select; choicest; valuable; precious; best; most excellent or eminent; fine: পণ্ডিত বর, তরুবর, বর নারী. বর চাওয়া (verb transitive) ask a boon. বর দেওয়া (verb intransitive) grant a boon. বর নেওয়া (verb transitive) choose a boon. বর পাওয়া (verb transitive) obtain a boon. বর কনে (noun) (plural) the bride and the bridegroom. বর বধূ (noun) (plural) = বর কনে. বর কর্তা (noun) head of the bridegrooms party. বরদ (adjective) granting wishes; conferring a boon; ready to fulfil request or prayers. বরদা 1 (feminine) of বরদ. (2) goddess Durga. বর দাতা (noun) one who confers a boon. বর দাত্রী (feminine). বরদান (noun) granting a boon or request. বরদান করা (verb transitive) grant a boon or wish. বর ধাতু (noun) noble metal. বর পক্ষ (noun) bridegroom’s party or side. বর পণ (noun) a dowry in cash paid by the bride’s parents or party to the bridegroom. বর পত্র (noun) a minion (especially of a deity); a darling; a favourite. বর প্রদ (adjective) = বরদ. বর প্রদা (feminine). বর বর্ণিনী (noun) a woman with a beautiful complexion; an excellent or handsome woman; any woman. বর মাল্য (noun) a garland of flower which the bride puts ceremonially round the neck of the bridegroom whilst accepting him as her husband; a garland of highest honour. বর যাত্রা (noun) procession of a bridegroom (to the bride’s house). বর যাত্রী, বর যাত্র (noun) one who accompanies a bridegroom to a wedding. বরের ঘরের মাসি কনের ঘরের পিসি (phrase) one who hunts with the hound and runs with the hare.

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  • Bengali Word বরইEnglish definition (noun) jujube
  • Bengali Word বরওক্ত, বরবক্তEnglish definition [Persian] (adverb) in time; at the proper/ right/suitable/due time
  • Bengali Word বরংEnglish definition (noun) rather; in preference
  • Bengali Word বরকEnglish definition (adjective), (noun) receiving; welcoming; choosing; electing selecting, one who receives/ welcomes etc; elector
  • Bengali Word বরকতEnglish definition [Arabic] (noun) abundance, prosperity auspiciousness; good fortune; blessing
  • Bengali Word বরকন্দাজ English definition [Persian] (noun) footman or follower carrying a firearm; an armed guard; body-guard.
    বরকন্দাজি, বরকন্দাজী (noun) profession of a footman or body-guard.
  • Bengali Word বরখাস্তEnglish definition [Persian] (noun) recall or removal from office; discharge; dismissal.
    (adjective) removed from office; discharged; dismissed. বরখাস্ত করা (verb transitive) remove from office; discharge; dismiss. বরখাস্ত হওয়া (verb intransitive) be removed from office; be discharged/dismissed. বরখাস্তি (adjective) removed from office; abandoned; set aside: বরখাস্তি জমি.
  • Bengali Word বরখেলাপ, বরখেলাফEnglish definition [Persian] (adjective), (adverb) unnecessary against; contrary to; opposite; unnecessarily; for nothing; unwarrantedly: হুকুমের বরখেলাপ. contrary to orders.
    contrary to orders. বরখেলাপ করা (verb transitive) disobey; oppose; break (one’s word or promise). কানুন বরখেলাপ against law; unlowful.
  • Bengali Word বরগা ১English definition [Portuguese] (noun) rafter (কড়ি-বরগা).
    বরগা গণা (verb transitive) (ironical) undergo a term of imprisonment; serve term.
  • Bengali Word বরগা ২English definition = বর্গা
  • Bengali Word বরচন্দনEnglish definition (noun) (1) deodar.
    (2) fragrant aloe wood and tree.
  • Bengali Word বরজEnglish definition (noun) plantation of betel-leaves
  • Bengali Word বরঞ্চEnglish definition (adverb) rather; by preference; preferably
  • Bengali Word বরণ ১English definition = বরন
  • Bengali Word বরণ ২English definition (noun) (1) the act of choosing; wishing; wooing.
    (2) devotional/respectful/ cordial/ ceremonial reception or acceptance or nomination; welcome. বধূ বরণ, প্রতিমা বরণ. (3) appointment; election: সভাপতি পদে বরণ. (4) submissive/ deliberate acceptance: দুঃখ বরণ. বরণ করা (noun) (1) receive/ accept/nominate/elect respectfully; devotionally; cordially or ceremonially; welcome. appoint; employ accept submissively or voluntarily; (figurative) embrace; submit oneself to. বরণ ডালা (noun) a wicker-tray holding articles with which one is received ceremonially. বরণপত্র (noun) warrant (giving authority). বরণমালা (noun) garland placed by a maiden round the neck of a selected suitor; a similar garland to welcome somebody respectfully or cordially. বরণীয় (adjective) fit to be received/ accepted/ nominated/elected respectfully; devotionally; cordially or ceremonially; fit to be welcomed; adorable; acceptable; venerable. বরণীয়া (feminine) = বরণীয়.
  • Bengali Word বরতরফEnglish definition [Persian] (adjective) dismissed; discharged.
    বরতরফি (noun) dismissal; discharge.
  • Bengali Word বরদEnglish definition = বর
  • Bengali Word বরদার, বরদারEnglish definition [Persian] bearer; carrier (used as suffix as ion নিশান-বরদার , flag-bearer; হুকুম বরদার obedient; আসা বরদার mace-bearer)
  • Bengali Word বরদাস্ত, বরদাশ্‌তEnglish definition [Persian] (noun) endurance; patience; tolerance; resignation.
    বরদাস্ত করা (verb transitive) tolerate; bear (with); endure; brook; suffer. বরদাস্ত হওয়া (verb intransitive) be tolerable; be endured.
  • Bengali Word বরনEnglish definition (noun) (poetic) colour; complexion
  • Bengali Word বরনারীEnglish definition (noun) (feminine) best woman; most excellent woman
  • Bengali Word বরন্তীEnglish definition (adjective) (feminine) (1) (girl) yearning or longing madly for marriage.
    (2) well-educated about her conjugal duties (before marriage).
  • Bengali Word বরফEnglish definition [Persian] (noun) ice; snow.
    বরফ পড়া (verb intransitive) snow. বরফ জল (noun) ice-water. বরফতুল্য (adjective) icy.
  • Bengali Word বরফট্টাইEnglish definition (noun) = বড়াই ১
  • Bengali Word বরফিEnglish definition (noun) a kind of sweetmeat made of condensed cowmilk
  • Bengali Word বরবটি, বরবটীEnglish definition (noun) a kind of kidney bean: Dolichos catjong
  • Bengali Word বরবর্ণিনীEnglish definition = বর
  • Bengali Word বরবাদEnglish definition [Persian] (adjective) desolated; ruined; laid waste; wasted; destroyed; squandered; cast away; thrown to the wind.
    বরবাদ করা (verb transitive) ruin; destroy; ravage: waste; squander throw away; throw to the winds. বরবাদ হওয়া (verb intransitive) be ruined/ destroyed/squandered.
  • Bengali Word বরমাল্য, বরযাত্র , বরযাত্রীEnglish definition noun(s) = বর
  • Bengali Word বরয়িতাEnglish definition (noun) one who accepts, receives, elects or selects (respectfully, cordially devotionally or ceremoniously) welcome.
    (2) one who accepts voluntarily or submissively. (3) welcomer. (4) chooser; elector. বরয়িত্রী (noun) (feminine) maiden who herself chooses her husband.
  • অক্ষরডম্বর (adjective) an ostentatious show of a great crowd of letters.
  • অগ্নিবর্ণ (adjective) crimson; red as fire.
  • অগ্রবর্তী (adjective) situated at the front; that which is leading.
  • অঘোষ বর্ণ (noun) the consonant sounds that do not produce usual vibration in the vocal cords (eg.
  • অদূরবর্তী (adjective) near-by.
  • অনবরোধ (noun) freedom from restriction.
  • অনলবর্ষণ (noun) showering or emitting of fire; (figurative) fiery eloquence.
  • অনশ্বরতা (noun) indestructibility; immortality.
  • অনীশ্বরবাদ (noun) belief that there is no god; atheism.
  • অনুচর বর্গ (noun) (plural) suite or train of attendants/followers; retinue.
  • অনুচ্চস্বরে (adverb) in a low voice; in an undertone.
  • অন্তঃস্থ বর্ণ (noun) the consonant letters য র ল ব which play the part of semi-vowels.
  • অন্তরালবর্তী (adjective) lying out of sight.
  • অন্ত্যবর্ণ (noun) 1 the last letter of a word.
  • অন্ত্রজ্বর (noun) enteric fever.
  • অন্বর্থনামা (adjective) having a name appropriate to one’s nature/ qualities/ properties.
  • অপরিবর্তনশীল (adjective) not subject to change; unchanging; immutable.
  • কলস্বন, কলস্বর (noun) low musical sound: নদীর কলস্বন.
  • অবনীশ্বর (noun) king; emperor.