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  • Bengali Word ফারসিEnglish definition(noun) Persian language.(adjective) of or pertaining to Persia.

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  • Bengali Word ফার ১English definition (noun) splitting; cleaving.
    (adjective) split; cleft
  • Bengali Word ফারখত, ফারখতিEnglish definition [Arabic] 1 deed of release or discharge; deed of dissolution of partnership.
    (2) deed of divorcement. (3) receipt; acquittance.
  • Bengali Word ফারফোরEnglish definition (adjective) full of holes; porous; honeycombed
  • Bengali Word ফারাকEnglish definition [Arabic] (noun) (1) differences; contrast; incongruity.
    (2) distance; separation. (adjective) different; distinct; separated.
  • Bengali Word ফার্নEnglish definition [English] (noun) fern
  • Bengali Word ফার্সEnglish definition [English] (noun) farce
  • Bengali Word ফার্সীEnglish definition (noun) = ফারসি
  • Bengali Word ফার্নিচারEnglish definition [English] (noun) furniture
  • Bengali Word কুরসিEnglish definition [Arabic] (noun) a movable seat; a chair
  • Bengali Word তাতারসি, তাতরসিEnglish definition (noun) boiled juice of sugarcane; treacle
  • Bengali Word পারসিEnglish definition (adjective) Persian; of the Parsees.
    (noun) Persian; Parsee; Parsi.
  • Bengali Word ফরসিEnglish definition [Arabic] (noun) flat-bottomed hubble-bubble; hookah
  • Bengali Word ফুরসিEnglish definition = ফরসি
  • Bengali Word রসিEnglish definition = রশি