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  • Bengali Word পেঁচাEnglish definition(noun) owl পেঁচী (feminine) = পেঁচা. পেঁচার ডাক (noun) hooting; hoot. পেঁচাও (adjective) twisted; coiled; spiral; winding; crooked; intricate; devious. পেঁচার বাচ্চা (noun) owlet. কাল পেঁচা (noun) hawk owl. কুট্‌রে পেঁচা (noun) spotty owl. লক্ষ্মী পেঁচা (noun) barn owl. হুতুম পেঁচা (noun) brown fish owl.

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  • Bengali Word পেঁকাটিEnglish definition = পাকাটি
  • Bengali Word পেঁকোEnglish definition (adjective) full of slime/mire; slimy; miry; silty
  • Bengali Word পেঁচEnglish definition [Persian] (noun) (1) screw; thread (of a screw).
    (2) spiral bend; coil; twist. (3) perplexity; intricate/ perplexing situation; false position; difficulty; complication; trouble; predicament; intricacy. (4) machination; deceit; intrigue; stratagem intricate scheme. (5) entanglement; mutual entwining: ঘুড়ির পেঁচ. (6) tricky/shrewd turn; involution: কথার পেঁচ. (7) a trick in wrestling. (8) tangle: সুতার পেঁচ. (9) spiral motion. পেঁচআঁটা/পেঁচকষা (verb intransitive) (1) tighten (a screw); give (a nut, etc) another screw. (2) (in wrestling) seize. (3) (figurative) put the screw(s) on (somebody); tighten one’s grip on; twist. পেঁচ খাওয়া (verb intransitive) (1) get in tangle; coil; be tangled up. (2) (figurative) get entangled; become complicated; become embroiled; be in a tangle. পেঁচ খেলা (verb intransitive) play a trick on somebody. পেঁচ খোলা (verb transitive), (verb intransitive) loosen; open; unscrew; slacken; disentangle; untwist; unravel; unscrew; be unscrewed/ disentangled/ untwisted/ unravelled (as a mystery). পেঁচ দেওয়া (verb transitive) (1) twist; twine. (2) (figurative) throw obstacles in the way; entangle; be up to one’s (old) tricks; complicate matters; make difficulties for. (3) (wrestling) seize. পেঁচ পড়া/ পেঁচ লাগা = পেঁচ খাওয়া. পেঁচ লড়া (verb intransitive) entangle the string of an adversary’s kite. পেঁচ লাগানো (verb intransitive) raise difficulties; complete; bungle. পেঁচে পড়া (verb intransitive) be (caught) in a the cleft stick: fall into somebody’s trap; be tricked; be the dupe of; be entrapped; swallow the bait; be in trouble/a predicament; be in a false position/ quandary; be enmeshed in something. পেঁচে ফেলা (verb transitive) entrap; trick; trap somebody (into something/doing something).
  • Bengali Word পেঁচানোEnglish definition (verb transitive) (1) twist; twine; wring; screw.
    (2) make intricate; complicate; entangle. (3) involve; implicate: আমাকে আবার এর মধ্যে পেঁচানো কেন? (4) twist; avoid the issue; ramble about: কথা পেঁচানো. (adjective) (1) twisted; wrung; entangled; enmeshed. (2) involved; involute; tricky; tortuous; convoluted; devious: পেঁচানো কথাবার্তা. (3) zigzag; tortuous; twisty; snaky; devious: পেঁচানো রাস্তা. (4) complicated; complex; confused; crooked: পেঁচানো মন.
  • Bengali Word পেঁচাপেঁচিEnglish definition (noun) reciprocal intricacy; disputation; contention; controversy; feud
  • Bengali Word পেঁচালEnglish definition (noun) = প্যাচাল
  • Bengali Word পেঁচালোEnglish definition (adjective) = পেঁচানো
  • Bengali Word পেঁচোEnglish definition (noun) hysterics; involuntary distortion of the body; post-natal tetanus.
    পেঁচোয় পাওয়া (noun) be affected with tetanus.
  • Bengali Word পেঁচোয়াEnglish definition (adjective) = পেচানো
  • Bengali Word পেঁজনEnglish definition (noun) cleaning/carding of cotton
  • Bengali Word পেঁজাEnglish definition = পিঁজা
  • Bengali Word পেঁটরাEnglish definition = পেটরা
  • Bengali Word পেঁড়াEnglish definition = পেড়া
  • Bengali Word পেঁদানিEnglish definition (noun) (slang) drubbing; beating; belabouring; thrashing
  • Bengali Word পেঁদানোEnglish definition (verb transitive) (slang) (1) beat up; give somebody a good drubbing; beat soundly; belabour.
    (2) dress somebody down.
  • Bengali Word পেঁপেEnglish definition (noun) papaya; papaw; pawpaw
  • Bengali Word পেঁয়াজEnglish definition (noun) onion
  • Bengali Word পেঁয়াজিEnglish definition = পিয়াজি
  • Bengali Word ইঁচাEnglish definition (noun) the prawn or the shrimp: ইঁচা মাছ
  • Bengali Word কাঁচাEnglish definition (adjective) (1) not ripe; unripe; green: কাঁচা আম.
    (2) uncooked; unboiled; raw: কাঁচা মাংস, কাঁচা দুধ. (3) immature; young: কাঁচা বয়স. (4) made of mud or earth and not brick or stones: কাঁচা ঘর, কাঁচা রাস্তা. (5) lacking; wanting; weak; deficient: অঙ্কে কাঁচা. (6) inexperienced; inexpert: কাঁচা হাত. (7) temporary; provisional: কাঁচা রসিদ. (8) undried; unsunned; unseasoned: কাঁচা কাঠ, কাঁচা হলুদ. (9) not permanent; not fast: কাঁচা রং. (10) faulty; defective; carelessly done: কাঁচা কাজ. কাঁচা কলা = কাঁচকলা. কাঁচা কাজ (noun) (1) unwise act. (2) faulty work. কাঁচাকাঁচা (adverb), (adjective) in the state of growing; not fully ripe or mature. কাঁচাগোল্লা (noun) round sweet made of posset, not dipped in syrup. কাঁচা ঘুম (noun) sleep in the primary stage. কাঁচা চুল (noun) hair not yet grey; black hair. কাঁচা টাকা (noun) metal money. কাঁচা পয়সা (noun) money obtained by unfair or underhand means; easy money. কাঁচা বাজার (noun) market where fish, meat and other perishables are sold. কাঁচা মরিচ (noun) green chillies. কাঁচামাল (noun) the raw materials of industry. কাঁচা মিঠা (adjective) sweet though unripe; sweet in the unripe state. কাঁচা রাস্তা (noun) unmetalled road. কাঁচা লেখা (noun) (1) not a set hand in writing. (2) writing which is not of a mature literary standard. কাঁচা সোনা (noun) pure gold. কাঁচা হলুদ (noun) turmeric which is raw and not yet dried. কাঁচা হাত (noun) unskilled hand, not practised. কাঁচা হিসাব (noun) rough account or estimate.
  • Bengali Word কালপেঁচাEnglish definition (noun) (1) kind of owl that screeches instead of hooting; a screech-owl, a barn-owl.
    (2) (figurative) (derogatory) an extremely ugly person.
  • Bengali Word কোঁচ, কেঁচাEnglish definition (noun) kind of harpoon with sharp pointed skewers for catching fish
  • Bengali Word কোঁচাEnglish definition (noun) the front tuck of the length of cloth worn by Hindus.
    কোঁচানো (verb transitive) fold or plait into a tuck. (adjective) folded or plaited into a tuck. কোঁচা দুলিয়ে বেড়ানো (verb intransitive) (figurative) pass time idly and in foppishness. বাইরে কোঁচার পত্তন ভিতরে ছুঁচোর কেত্তন maintaining elegance in dress while one has no means of maintaining his family.
  • Bengali Word খাঁচাEnglish definition (noun) a cage for birds; a coop for poultry.
    খাঁচার পাখি a bird in a cage; (figurative) one under restraint/in bondage. খাঁচায় ভরা confine in a cage. খাঁচায় বন্দী (adjective) encaged; confined in a cage.
  • Bengali Word খেঁচা, খিঁচাEnglish definition (verb intransitive) (1) pull tight; pull forcefully and suddenly.
    (2) have convulsions or spasm; cramp. খেঁচুনি, খিঁচুনি (noun) convulsion or spasm of the body.
  • Bengali Word খোঁচাEnglish definition (noun) (1) a puncture by a prick: কাঁটার খোঁচা.
    (2) act of pushing with something slender: লাঠির খোঁচা. (3) (figurative) act of hurting one’s feelings: কথার খোঁচা. (4) a stroke of a pen: কলমের এক খোঁচায় চাকরি খতম, dismissed by a stroke of the pen. (adjective) (1) sharp pointed: খোঁচা খোঁচা দাঁড়ি. (2) (figurative) (of words) bitter or sarcastic; taunting: খোঁচা খোঁচা কথা. খোঁচা মারা (verb transitive) (1) push or thrust against with something pointed; poke; pinch; prick. (2) (figurative) make a caustic comment/ sarcastic reference.
  • Bengali Word ছেঁচাEnglish definition (verb transitive) pound or thrash: পান ছেঁচা.
    ছেঁচানো (verb transitive) cause to be pounded or thrashed.
  • Bengali Word ছোঁচাEnglish definition (adjective) ravenously selfish and immodest in eating; ludicrously eager for eating.
    ছোঁচামি (noun) ludicrous greed for food.
  • Bengali Word দরকচা, দরকাঁচাEnglish definition (adjective) (1) partly ripe; not mellow.
    (2) (of vegetables, meat, etc) not to be easily boiled. (3) (of skin) callous. (noun) (1) unripe part (of a fruit ; unboiled part of vegetables, meat; etc: দরকচাটা বাদ দিয়ে যাও. (2) callus. দরকচাপড়া / দরকচা মারা (verb intransitive) be calloused.
  • Bengali Word প্যাঁচাEnglish definition = পেঁচা
  • লক্ষ্মী পেঁচা (noun) kind of owl said to be the vehicle of Lakshmi.