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  • Bengali Word পীনোন্নতEnglish definition(noun) (adjective) large and prominent. পীনোন্নত পয়োধরা, পীনোন্নতস্তনী (adjective) (feminine) having large and prominent breasts.

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  • Bengali Word পীনোত্তুঙ্গEnglish definition = পীনোন্নত
  • Bengali Word অনুন্নতEnglish definition (adjective) (1) backward; depressed: অনুন্নত সম্প্রদায়.
    (2) lacking in progress; underdeveloped: অনুন্নত দেশ. (3) not high or elevated; low.
  • Bengali Word উন্নতEnglish definition (adjective) (1) (of moral excellence) noble; great; generous: উন্নতমনা, high minded.
    (2) high; tall; lofty; elevated: উন্নত শৃঙ্গ. (3) prosperous; advanced; flourishing: উন্নত দেশ, উন্নত অবস্থা. (4) polished; refined: উন্নত রুচি.
  • Bengali Word ক্রমোন্নতEnglish definition [ক্রম + উন্নত] (adjective) (1) gradually rising/ascending.
    (2) gradually improving. ক্রমোন্নতি (noun) (1) gradual rise or ascent; acclivity. (2) promotion; advancement. ক্রমোন্নতিশীল (adjective) (1) gradually improving/ rising/ ascending. (2) making steady progress; progressive.
  • Bengali Word নতোন্নতEnglish definition (adjective) depressed and elevated; undulating
  • Bengali Word নিম্নোন্নতEnglish definition (adjective) quoted below; undermentioned
  • Bengali Word পরমোন্নতEnglish definition (adjective) developed/ advanced/ elevated/ uplifted to the highest degree; lofty; exalted
  • Bengali Word মহোন্নতEnglish definition (adjective) very high/ lofty; highly elevated/ exalted; greatly flouring/ prosperous.
    মহোন্নতি (noun) great elevation; high rank/ position; great prosperity/ progress.
  • Bengali Word মেহনত, মেহন্নতEnglish definition [Arabic] (noun(s) = মিহনত.
    মেহন্নত করা (verb intransitive) toil; labour; work/ endeavour laboriously; exert oneself; sweat; make heavy weather of; go to great trouble. মেহনতানা (noun) wages of labour; labour charge.
  • Bengali Word শিল্পোন্নতEnglish definition (adjective) industrialized
  • Bengali Word সন্নতEnglish definition (adjective) curved; inclined; stooping/bowing to; bent; bowed before; revered; deepened; sunk in; depressed; bent down through sorrow; dispirited
  • Bengali Word সমুন্নতEnglish definition (adjective) (1) high; lofty; elevated.
    (2) noble; sublime; proud; exalted; dignified.
  • Bengali Word সরলোন্নতEnglish definition (adjective) upright; steep; vertical; perpendicular