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  • Bengali Word পিঠEnglish definition (noun) (1) back; rear.
    (2) face; surface; side: এপিঠ, obverse; ওপিঠ, reverse. (3) (in game of cards) trick. পিঠ চাপড়ানো (verb intransitive) (1) pat somebody on the back; give somebody a pat on the back. (2) (figurative) congratulate somebody; pat somebody on the back. পিঠ ভাঙা (verb intransitive) break somebody’s/one’s back (to do something). পিঠভাঙা (adjective) back-breaking. পিঠদাঁড়া (noun) spine. পিঠের চামড়া তোলা (verb intransitive) beat somebody black and blue; flog severely. পিঠে পিঠে (adjective), (adverb) (1) back to back; with back against back; on the back of. (2) born next; immediately succeeding in birth.
  • Bengali Word পিঠা, পিঠেEnglish definition (colloquial) (noun(s)) sort of cake
  • Bengali Word পিঠা-পিঠিEnglish definition = পিঠে পিঠে ( পিঠ)
  • Bengali Word অবাঙালিEnglish definition (adjective) (1) other than Bengali-speaking.
    (2) non-Bengali; contrary to Bengali culture.
  • Bengali Word আতালিপাতালি, আথালিপাথালিEnglish definition (adverb) above and below; everywhere; all about; helter-skeller
  • Bengali Word আথালি-পাথালিEnglish definition = আতালিপাতালি
  • Bengali Word আরদালি, আর্দালিEnglish definition [English] (noun) servant in attendance on an officer (or master) to carry his orders; orderly; bearer
  • Bengali Word ইজমালিEnglish definition = এজমালি
  • Bengali Word উঁচকপালি, উটকপালিEnglish definition (adjective) (feminine) (1) woman with a protuberant forehead and so ugly to look at.
    (2) attended with misfortune; ill-omened. উঁচকপালে, উচকপালে, উটকপালে, উঁচাকপাল (adjective) mas (1) one having a protuberant forehead. (2) having good fortune; fortunate.
  • Bengali Word একফালিEnglish definition (noun) one piece; a long slice or strip: একফালি চাঁদ
  • Bengali Word এজমালি, ইজমালিEnglish definition [Arabic] (adjective) (of property) shared or held by more than one: এজমালি সম্পত্তি, joint property
  • Bengali Word কপালিEnglish definition (noun) the horizontal part of the door or window frame; the lintel
  • Bengali Word কর্মখালিEnglish definition (noun) vacancy of post; situation vacant
  • Bengali Word কোদাল, কোদালিEnglish definition (noun) a digging hoe; a spade.
    কোদলানো (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) dig with a spade. কোদাল দ্বারা খনন (noun) spadework.
  • Bengali Word খালিEnglish definition [Arabic] (adjective) (1) empty: খালিপেট.
    (2) uncovered; bare: খালি মাথা. (3) vacant: পদ খালি, situation vacant. (4) open: খালি জায়গা. (5) mere: খালি মিথ্যা কথা. (adverb) only; always: খালি কাজ আর কাজ. খালি হাতে (adverb) empty handed; without anything in hand.
  • Bengali Word গালিEnglish definition = গাল ২ .
    গালাগালি, গালাগাল = গালমন্দ  গাল(২) . গালিগালাজ (noun) (plural) speaking of (one) in abusive terms; reviling.
  • Bengali Word গোড়ালিEnglish definition (noun) the back part of the foot; the heel; the ankle
  • Bengali Word গ্যালিEnglish definition [English] (noun) (printing) wooden tray in which types are assembled by the compositors; galley.
    গ্যালিপ্রুফ (noun) a trial copy or proof impressed from the galley; galley proof.
  • Bengali Word চতুরালিEnglish definition [চতুর + B আলি] (noun) (1) the use of tricks to deceive or cheat; trickery; deception.
    (2) acting playfully or jokingly; playing tricks for fun; joke; banter. চতুরালি করা (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) (1) cause somebody to accept as true or good what is false or bad; cheat; deceive. (2) make fun of.
  • Bengali Word চুনকালিEnglish definition (noun) (1) (literally) lime paste and soot.
    (2) (figurative) disrepute; disgrace; infamy. মুখে চুনকালি পড়া be disgraced.
  • Bengali Word জোড়াতালিEnglish definition (noun) patchwork.
    জোড়াতালি দেওয়া (verb transitive) patch up ; (figurative) make up something temporarily. জোড়াতালি দিয়ে (adverb) somehow; perfunctorily or haphazardly. জোড়াতালি দিয়ে কাজ চালানো manage to do with what-ever is available.
  • Bengali Word টালিEnglish definition (noun) thin glazed or unglazed clay brick for roofing; tile
  • Bengali Word ডালিEnglish definition (noun) a basket full of articles or offerings to a deity: পুজোর ডালি
  • Bengali Word থালিEnglish definition (noun) a small plate or salver
  • Bengali Word দালালিEnglish definition (noun) (1) business of a broker; brokery; commission agency.
    (2) act/business of a tout/go-between. (3) brokerage (an agent’s); commission. (4) (derogatory) support; help.
  • Bengali Word দিয়ালিEnglish definition = দেয়ালি
  • Bengali Word দীপাবলী, দীপালিEnglish definition (noun(s)) (1) row of lights.
    (2) a Hindu festival with illuminations on the day of new moon in the month of Aswin or Kartik, when the goddess Kali is worshipped.
  • Bengali Word দূতীগিরি, দূতিগিরি, দূতিয়ালি, দূতীয়ালিEnglish definition (adjective) office of a procuress/female go-between
  • Bengali Word দেশোয়ালিEnglish definition (noun) countryman; co-villager; rustic.
    দেশোয়ালি ভাই (noun) country cousin.
  • Bengali Word নওয়ালিEnglish definition (adjective) new