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  • Bengali Word নিরুপায়English definition(adjective) without expedients; helpless; resourceless; destitute; powerless.

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  • Bengali Word নিরুক্তEnglish definition (noun) explanation/ etymological interpretation of a word; etymology.
    (adjective) uttered; pronounced; defined; explained; expressed; explicitly enjoined/ mentioned; interpreted. নিরুক্তবিদ্যা (noun) etymology.
  • Bengali Word নিরুক্তিEnglish definition (noun) etymological interpretation of a word; etymology; categorical statement; assertion
  • Bengali Word নিরুৎকণ্ঠEnglish definition (adjective) free from longing/ desire/ anxiety
  • Bengali Word নিরুত্তরEnglish definition (adjective) answerless; silenced; silent; unprotesting; unanswering
  • Bengali Word নিরুৎসাহEnglish definition (adjective) without enthusiasm/ courage/ zeal; dejected; lackadaisical; disinterested; indifferent; indolent; listless; disheartened.
    (noun) lack/ loss of enthusiasm/ zeal; discouragement; indolence; dejection; despair; downheartedness; dismay. নিরুৎসাহ করা (verb transitive) discourage; dishearten; dismay; depress.
  • Bengali Word নিরুৎসাহীEnglish definition (adjective) = নিরুৎসাহ
  • Bengali Word নিরুদ্দিষ্টEnglish definition (adjective) missing; traceless.
    নিরুদ্দিষ্ট হওয়া (verb intransitive) vanish; run away; decamp; make off; be absconding; abscond; disappear; vanish into thin air; get lost: সে নিরুদ্দিষ্ট, we have lost all trace of him.
  • Bengali Word নিরুদ্দেশEnglish definition (adjective) (1) having no destination.
    (2) = নিরুদ্দিষ্ট. নিরুদ্দেশ যাত্রা a journey into the unknown.
  • Bengali Word নিরুদ্ধEnglish definition (adjective) (1) held back; restrained; checked; stopped; halted: নিরুদ্ধগতি.
    (2) shut; closed; confined; held fast; besieged; bolt: নিরুদ্ধগৃহ , নিরুদ্ধদ্বার. (3) obstructed; barred: নিরুদ্ধপথ. (4) choked: নিরুদ্ধকণ্ঠ. (5) besieged. নিরুদ্ধ করা (verb transitive) = নিরোধ করা ( নিরোধ).
  • Bengali Word নিরুদ্যমEnglish definition (adjective) inactive; lazy; lethargic; slothful; unenterprising; callous; indolent; shiftless; lackadaisical; nonchalant; insouciant
  • Bengali Word নিরুদ্যোগEnglish definition (adjective) = নিরুদ্যম
  • Bengali Word নিরুদ্বিগ্নEnglish definition (adjective) unperturbed; calm; unruffled; imperturble; unworried; sedate; undisturbed; unexcited.
    নিরুদ্বিগ্নচিত্ত (adjective) undisturbed in mind.
  • Bengali Word নিরুদ্বেগEnglish definition (adjective) = নিরুদ্বিগ্ন.
    (noun) unperturbedness; imperturbability; calm; calmness; nonchalange; insouciant; placidity; phlegm; aplomb. নিরুদ্বেগে (adverb) without worries and anxieties; calmly; nonchalantly; imperturbably.
  • Bengali Word নিরুপদ্রবEnglish definition (adjective) free from affliction/ danger; untroubled; undisturbed; secure; unharmed; untrammeled; safe; peaceful; harmless.
    নিরুপদ্রবে (adverb) without troubles/ dangers; in peace and safety; peacefully; safety; free from troubles/ disturbance.
  • Bengali Word নিরুপমEnglish definition (adjective) peerless; unequalled; incomparable; unparalleled; matchless; unrivalled; nonpareil; unique
  • Bengali Word নিরুপহতEnglish definition (adjective) unhurt; uninjured
  • Bengali Word নিরুপাখ্যEnglish definition (adjective) (1) indescribable; inexpressible.
    (2) immaterial; unreal; false; non-existent.
  • Bengali Word নিরুপাধি(ক)English definition (adjective) (1) having no title/ surname.
    (2) without attributes/ qualities; absolute.
  • Bengali Word অনুপায়English definition (noun) want of means or resource; helplessness.
    (adjective) helpless; resourceless.
  • Bengali Word সদুপায়English definition (noun) honest/ good/ fair/ virtuous/ fair means; suitable/ appropriate means