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Nearby Words | অনুরূপ শব্দসমূহ

  • Bengali Word নিকটEnglish definition (noun) nearness; proximity.
    (adjective) (1) approaching; imminent: নিকট মৃত্যু. (2) close: নিকট আত্মীয়. (3) intimate; bosom: নিকট বন্ধু. prep (1) near; proximate to; about: বাজারের নিকট. (2) to; towards; by: বড়ো সাহেবের নিকট গিয়েছিলাম. (3) from: কার নিকট শুনেছ? (4) in possession/ in the custody of; with: কামালের নিকট বইটা আছে. নিকটবর্তী নিকটস্থ (adjective(s)) (1) near-by; near; close to; neighbouring; proximate. (2) approaching; impending; imminent: বিপদ নিকটবর্তী নিকটবর্তিনী, নিকটস্থা (feminine) = নিকটবর্তী নিকটস্থ. নিকটবর্তী হওয়া (verb intransitive) draw near; approach; close upon. নিকটবর্তিতা (noun) nearness; proximity; closeness; approach. নিকটে (adverb) drawing near; approaching; closing upon: বিপদ নিকট.  prep = নিকট.
  • Bengali Word নিকড়িয়া, নিকড়েEnglish definition (colloquial) (adjective) (1) penniless; indigent.
    (2) without pay: নিকড়িয়া ছুটি.
  • Bengali Word নিকন, নিকনোEnglish definition = নিকানো
  • Bengali Word নিকপিকEnglish definition (noun) (onomatopoeia) expressing: slight motion; swaying.
    নিকপিক করা (verb intransitive) sway: নিকপিক করে ক্ষীণ কাঁকাল.
  • Bengali Word নিকরEnglish definition (noun) heap; pile; flock; multitude; mass; collection; assemblage: মধুকর নিকর
  • Bengali Word নিকষEnglish definition (noun) (1) touchstone.
    (2) testing streak of gold. নিকষণ (noun) rubbing/ testing (gold) on a touchstone. নিকষিত (adjective) (1) rubbed/ tested on a touchstone. (2) found to be genuine by testing on a touchstone; sterling; pure. (3) polished. (4) whetted.
  • Bengali Word নিকাEnglish definition [Arabic] (noun) (1) matrimony; marriage; nuptials.
    (2) any marriage other than the first one. নিকা করা (verb intransitive) marry for the second (third, etc) time; re-marry. নিকা বসা (verb intransitive) (of women)= নিকা করা.
  • Bengali Word নিকানোEnglish definition (Verb transitive) (1) rub with a swab/ mop drenched in a solution of cow-dung.
    (2) swab; clean; mop; sweep. (adjective) swabbed with a solution of cow-dung; swabbed; mopped; swept.
  • Bengali Word নিকামাইয়েEnglish definition (Adjective) having no, earning; unemployed
  • Bengali Word নিকায়English definition (noun) (1) collection; group; class; assemblage.
    (2) association; brotherhood; congregation; school; body. (3) habitation; dwelling. (4) Supreme Being.
  • Bengali Word নিকালEnglish definition (interjection) get out! avaunt! go off!
  • Bengali Word নিকাশ, নিকাসEnglish definition (noun(s) (1) outlet; discharge; issue; vent; drainage: পানি নিকাশ.
    (2) completion; finalization. (3) adjustments of accounts; balance-sheet; final accounts. নিকাশ করা (verb intransitive) (1) drain/ let out. (2) complete; finalize. (3) settle up/adjust (accounts). (4) put an end to; destroy: দফা নিকাশ করা. নিকাশ দেওয়া (verb intransitive) render/ submit (final) accounts/ a balance-sheet. নিকাশ হওয়া (verb intransitive) (1) (of water) come/ go out. (2) be completed/ finalized. (3) be settled up. (4) come to an end; be destroyed. নিকাশী (adjective) relating to final accounts/ balance-sheet. নিকাশ-পত্র (noun) balance-sheet.
  • Bengali Word নিকাহEnglish definition = নিকা
  • Bengali Word নিকিEnglish definition (noun) young/ egg of a louse; nit
  • Bengali Word নিকুচিEnglish definition (noun) (vulgar) ruin; destruction.
    নিকুচি করা (verb transitive) destroy; ruin; damn.
  • Bengali Word নিকুঞ্জEnglish definition (noun) arbour; bower; thicket.
    নিকুঞ্জ কানন, নিকুঞ্জবন = নিকুঞ্জ.
  • Bengali Word নিকুন্তিলাEnglish definition (noun) (mythology) a grove at the western gate of Lanka for the performance off sacrificial rites
  • Bengali Word নিকৃতEnglish definition (Adjective) (1) reprimanded; scolded; taken to task.
    (2) defeated; humiliated; insulted; oppressed. নিকৃতি (noun) reprimand; scolding; humiliation; oppression.
  • Bengali Word নিকৃন্তনEnglish definition (noun) cutting down/ off; destroying; destruction
  • Bengali Word নিকৃষ্টEnglish definition (adjective) inferior; of poor quality; bad; debased; vile; low; despised; mean; hateful.
    নিকৃষ্টতা (noun) inferiority; lowness; vileness; meanness; poor quality.
  • Bengali Word নিকেত, নিকেতনEnglish definition (noun(s) house; habitation; abode; home; dwelling house
  • Bengali Word নিক্তিEnglish definition (noun) pair of small scales
  • Bengali Word নিক্বণEnglish definition (noun) (musical) sound; note; sweet jingle; tinkling: কিঙ্কিণী-নিক্বণ
  • Bengali Word নিক্ষিপ্তEnglish definition (adjective) (1) thrown (away/ down); hurled; abandoned; cast; flung; scattered; shot.
    (2) placed; deposited. (3) given away; conferred; imputed.
  • Bengali Word নিক্ষেপEnglish definition (noun) (1) throwing/ sending away; abandoning; removing; casting; hurling; flinging; scattering; shooting; ejection.
    (2) deposit; pledge; placing; depositing. (3) inputting; conferring; giving. নিক্ষেপ করা (verb transitive) throw (down/ away); put/ lay (down); pour in; lay aside; abandon; leave; give up; cast (off); hurl; fling; shoot; scatter; confer; place; deposit; pledge. নিক্ষেপক (adjective) (1) throwing; casting; hurling; depositing (নিক্ষেপ করা). (2) launching device. নিক্ষেপণ = নিক্ষেপ.
  • Bengali Word উন্মোচনEnglish definition (noun) (1) act of unveiling or uncovering.
    (2) act of untying or setting free. উন্মোচন করা (verb transitive) unveil; uncover; untie; release. উন্মোচিত (adjective) unveiled; uncovered; untied.
  • Bengali Word দুর্বিমোচনEnglish definition (adjective) difficult to set free
  • Bengali Word নির্মোচনEnglish definition (noun) (1) removing; taking off; putting off.
    (2) deliverance. (3) thorough peeling. (4) moult; moulting.
  • Bengali Word পুনর্বিলোচনEnglish definition (noun) review
  • Bengali Word প্রমোচনEnglish definition (noun) liberating from; release