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  • Bengali Word নাজাতEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) freedom; salvation; liberation; deliverance; escape; absolution.

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  • Bengali Word নাজায়েজ, নাজায়িজEnglish definition (adjective(s) unlawful; contraband
  • Bengali Word নাজিমEnglish definition [Arabic] (noun) administrator; governor; ruler; manager; director; controller
  • Bengali Word নাজিরEnglish definition [Arabic] (noun) sheriff in a civil court; supervisor; bailiff; superintendent; inspector.
    নাজিরি (noun) office of a nazir.
  • Bengali Word নাজিলEnglish definition (adjective) descending; alighting; arriving at.
    নাজিল হওয়া (verb intransitive) descend; fall/ come down; alight.
  • Bengali Word নাজুকEnglish definition [Persian] (adjective) delicate; fragile; brittle; gracious; subtle; elegant; nice
  • Bengali Word নাজেলEnglish definition = নাজিল
  • Bengali Word নাজেহালEnglish definition [Persian] (noun) delicate situation.
    (adjective) harassed; pestered; tormented; persecuted; molested. নাজেহাল করা (verb transitive) harass; torment; molest; abuse; ill-treat; persecute; heckle.
  • Bengali Word অজাতEnglish definition (adjective) (1) bastard; illegitimate.
    (2) low-born. (noun) (1) what is not yet born. (2) family of lower status. অজাতশত্রু (adjective) one whose enemy is not yet born; having no enemy. (noun) the name of the son of Bimbishar, the king of ancient Magadha. অজাতশ্মশ্রু (adjective) one whose beard has not yet grown; not yet grown to manhood.
  • Bengali Word অনভিজাতEnglish definition (adjective) not aristocratic /high-born; having no family background
  • Bengali Word অভিজাতEnglish definition (adjective) aristocratic; high-born.
    অভিজাততন্ত্র (noun) government by the aristocracy.
  • Bengali Word উপজাতEnglish definition (noun) subsidiary article produced incidentally in the manufacture of some other article; an incidental product; a by-product
  • Bengali Word তজ্জাতEnglish definition [তৎ + জাত] (adjective) born of him/her/that; growing out of that; caused by that
  • Bengali Word দুর্জাতEnglish definition (adjective) badly born; ill-starred; miserable; wretched
  • Bengali Word নজাতEnglish definition = নাজাত
  • Bengali Word পারিজাতEnglish definition (noun) (1) coral tree; Erythrina indica.
    (2) (mythology) one of the five trees of paradise.
  • Bengali Word পুনর্জাতEnglish definition (adjective) reborn; regenerated
  • Bengali Word প্রজাতEnglish definition (adjective) born; produced; grown.
    প্রজাতা (feminine) = প্রজাত.
  • Bengali Word বজ্জাতEnglish definition [Persian] (adjective) low-born; base; ill-bred; wicked; vicious; evil-minded; mischievous.
     lowborn/ wicked/ person. বজ্জাত (noun) wickedness; mischievousness; naughtiness; viciousness; mischief-making.
  • Bengali Word বিজাতEnglish definition (adjective), (noun) = বিজন্মা
  • Bengali Word মুনাজাত, মোনাজাতEnglish definition [Arabic] (noun) prayer; supplication; hymns.
    মোনাজাত করা/ পড়া (verb intransitive) sing hymns; implore Allah; supplicate.
  • Bengali Word মোনাজাতEnglish definition মুনাজাত
  • Bengali Word সংযাত, সংজাতEnglish definition (adjective) gone together; proceeded together
  • Bengali Word সঞ্জাতEnglish definition (adjective) born; produced; grown; arisen; become; sprung; evolved; appeared
  • Bengali Word সদ্যোজাতEnglish definition (adjective) newly born ; newborn
  • Bengali Word সুজাতEnglish definition (adjective) (1) nobly born; noble; well-born; well grown.
    (2) of an excellent kind/nature; fine; beautiful. সুজাতা (feminine) = সুজাত.
  • Bengali Word স্বজাতEnglish definition (adjective) self-begotten
  • নানাজাতি (noun) different races/ nations.
  • মোনাজাত করা/ পড়া (verb intransitive) sing hymns; implore Allah; supplicate.