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  • Bengali Word নতEnglish definition(adjective) (1) bent; bowed; curved; inclined; inclining. (2) bowing to; saluting. (3) low; depressed; sunk: নত জমি. (4) deep; hanging down. (5) bent down by; turned towards; directed downwards: নতদৃষ্টি. (6) humble; meek; low: নতকণ্ঠ. (7) lowered; humbled: উচ্চশির নত হওয়া. (8) submissive; yielding; meek: শক্তিমানের সামনে নত. নত করা (verb transitive) (1) bend; lower; incline; direct downwards; flex. (2) humble; bring somebody to his knees; humiliate. নত হওয়া (verb intransitive) stoop; bend; bow (to); submit/ subject one's self; yield; give way; genuflect; bend the knee. নতজানু (adjective) (1) knelt down; on bended knee(s); genuflected. (2) (figurative) submissive; subservient. নততল (noun) (geometry) plane of inclination. নত দৃষ্টি, নত নয়ন (noun(s)) lowered eyes. (adjective(s)s with lowered eyes. নতনাস, নতনাসিক (adjective(s) flat-nosed; snub-nosed. নতমস্তক (adjective) (1) stooping (forward); bending/ hanging down the head; having the head hanging down. (2) downcast; submissive; defeated; humiliated; meek. নতমস্তকে (adverb) hanging one's head (in shame, etc). নতমুখ (adjective) having one's lace bent downwards; looking down; abashed. নতমুখী (adjective). নতশির = নতমস্তক. নতাংশ (noun) (astronomy) zenith distance. নতাঙ্গ (adjective) bent; curved; bowed; stoopedy. নতাঙ্গী (feminine) = নত. (noun) smooth-/round-Iimbed woman.

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  • Bengali Word নতিEnglish definition (noun) (1) bending; bowing; stooping.
    (2) modesty; humbleness; meekness; humility. (3) submission; humbling; yielding. (4) genuflexion. (5) (astronomy) inclination; parallax in latitude; dip of the horizon. (6) curvature; crookedness. (7) (mech) slope. নতিমাত্রা (noun) (mathematics, mech) gradient. নতিমান (adjective) = নত. নতি স্বীকার করা (verb intransitive) yield; submit; concede defeat.
  • Bengali Word নতুনEnglish definition (adjective) (1) new; novel.
    (2) young; at the first blush/ onset; youthful: নতুন যৌবন. (3) tender; youthful: নতুন বয়স. (4) modern; recent. (5) unknown; strange; new: নতুন মানুষ. (6) newly born/ grown; new-fledged; newborn: নতুন শাবক. (7) fresh; early; first: নতুন ফল/নতুন শাকসব্জি. (8) original; fresh; new-fangled: নতুন ধারণা. (9) changed: সে এখন নতুন লোক. (10) fourth in order of seniority: নতুনদা. নতুন করে (adverb) anew; afresh; over 'again. নতুনত্ব (noun) newness; novelty; originality; freshness; modernity. নতুনবতী (adjective) newly ordained/ initiated; neophyte.
  • Bengali Word নতুবাEnglish definition con otherwise; else; or
  • Bengali Word নতোদরEnglish definition (adjective) (1) 'deep-naveled'; slim; thin.
    (2) concave.
  • Bengali Word নতোন্নতEnglish definition (adjective) depressed and elevated; undulating
  • Bengali Word নত্তাEnglish definition (noun) Hindu sacrament observed on the night day from birth of a baby
  • Bengali Word অজান্তে, অজানতEnglish definition (archaic) (adverb) (1) unknowingly; unconsciously.
    (2) secretly; surreptitiously; stealthily.
  • Bengali Word অনতEnglish definition (adjective) proud; haughty; insolent
  • Bengali Word অনুন্নতEnglish definition (adjective) (1) backward; depressed: অনুন্নত সম্প্রদায়.
    (2) lacking in progress; underdeveloped: অনুন্নত দেশ. (3) not high or elevated; low.
  • Bengali Word অবনতEnglish definition (adjective) (1) bent down; humble.
    (2) degraded; downfallen. অবনত জাতি (noun) depressed class. অবনত মস্তকে (adverb) with the head bent down; meekly; humbly. অবনতমুখী (adjective) downcast; having the face hung down. অবনতি (noun) downfall; degradation; deterioration; humiliation.
  • Bengali Word অজানতEnglish definition = অজান্তে
  • Bengali Word আনতEnglish definition (adjective) (1) bent down; inclined.
    (2) obeisant; bowed; polite; submissive. আনত হওয়া (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) bend the head or body as a sign of respect/as a greeting; stoop in obeisance. আনতি (noun) obeisance.
  • Bengali Word আমানতEnglish definition [Arabic] (noun) deposit; credit; trust property.
    (adjective) deposited; place in one’s custody.
  • Bengali Word উন্নতEnglish definition (adjective) (1) (of moral excellence) noble; great; generous: উন্নতমনা, high minded.
    (2) high; tall; lofty; elevated: উন্নত শৃঙ্গ. (3) prosperous; advanced; flourishing: উন্নত দেশ, উন্নত অবস্থা. (4) polished; refined: উন্নত রুচি.
  • Bengali Word ক্রমোন্নতEnglish definition [ক্রম + উন্নত] (adjective) (1) gradually rising/ascending.
    (2) gradually improving. ক্রমোন্নতি (noun) (1) gradual rise or ascent; acclivity. (2) promotion; advancement. ক্রমোন্নতিশীল (adjective) (1) gradually improving/ rising/ ascending. (2) making steady progress; progressive.
  • Bengali Word খেয়ানতEnglish definition [Arabic] (noun) (1) treacherous arrogation of money or other property placed under one’s custody; misappropriation.
    (2) embezzlement of cash; breach of trust. আমানত খেয়ানত করা (verb intransitive) appropriate by breach of trust; embezzle; misappropriate.
  • Bengali Word জমানতEnglish definition = জামানত
  • Bengali Word জানতEnglish definition (adverb) knowingly; consciously
  • Bengali Word জামানতEnglish definition [Arabic] (noun) (1) money or anything valuable given as a pledge for the repayment of a loan or the fulfilment of a promise or undertaking; security.
    (2) person who stands surety/ makes himself responsible for the conduct or debt(s) of another; a surety; a bail. জামানতনামা (noun) document containing the terms of security.
  • Bengali Word নিম্নোন্নতEnglish definition (adjective) quoted below; undermentioned
  • Bengali Word পরমোন্নতEnglish definition (adjective) developed/ advanced/ elevated/ uplifted to the highest degree; lofty; exalted
  • Bengali Word পীনোন্নতEnglish definition (noun) (adjective) large and prominent.
    পীনোন্নত পয়োধরা, পীনোন্নতস্তনী (adjective) (feminine) having large and prominent breasts.
  • Bengali Word বিনতEnglish definition (adjective) (1) bent; bent down; curved; bowed; stooping; inclined; sunk down; deepened.
    (2) modest; humble; meek; polite; submissive. বিনতা (feminine) = বিনত. বিনতানন one who has his face bent/ cast down; dejected; dispirited.
  • Bengali Word বিনয়াবনতEnglish definition (adjective) bending down modestly; bowing low with modesty. বিনয়াবনতা (feminine)
    বিনয়াবনতা (feminine).
  • Bengali Word মহোন্নতEnglish definition (adjective) very high/ lofty; highly elevated/ exalted; greatly flouring/ prosperous.
    মহোন্নতি (noun) great elevation; high rank/ position; great prosperity/ progress.
  • Bengali Word মিহনতEnglish definition [Arabic] (noun) labour; toil; industry; diligence, application; difficulty.
    মিহনতি (adjective) toiling; laborious; industrious. (noun) labourer.
  • Bengali Word মেহনত, মেহন্নতEnglish definition [Arabic] (noun(s) = মিহনত.
    মেহন্নত করা (verb intransitive) toil; labour; work/ endeavour laboriously; exert oneself; sweat; make heavy weather of; go to great trouble. মেহনতানা (noun) wages of labour; labour charge.
  • Bengali Word লানতEnglish definition [Arabic] (noun) curse; imprecation; abuse; execration.
    লানত করা/ দেওয়া (verb intransitive) curse; imprecate.
  • Bengali Word শিল্পোন্নতEnglish definition (adjective) industrialized
  • Bengali Word সন্নতEnglish definition (adjective) curved; inclined; stooping/bowing to; bent; bowed before; revered; deepened; sunk in; depressed; bent down through sorrow; dispirited
  • অকিঞ্চনতা, অকিঞ্চনত্ব (noun) indigence; misery; lowliness.
  • অকৃতঘ্নতা (noun) gratitude.
  • অকৃতঘ্নতা (noun) ingratitude.
  • অচ্ছিন্নত্বক (adjective) (of male person) one whose foreskin has not been removed; uncircumcised.
  • অজ্ঞানতা (noun)ignorance.
  • অধস্তনতা (noun) irreligiousness; impiety.
  • অধীনতা (noun) subjection; subordination; bondage.
  • অপরিচ্ছন্নতা (noun) uncleanness; dirtiness; impurity.
  • অপ্রসন্নতা (noun) displeasure; sadness; bad grace.
  • অবনত জাতি (noun) depressed class.
  • অবসন্নতা (noun) exhaustion; fatigue; Iassitude.
  • অভিন্নতা, অভিন্নত্ব (noun) identity; sameness; entirety; uniformity; similarity.
  • অশোভনতা (noun) unbecomingness; impropriety; indecency.
  • আইনত (adverb) legally; according to law.
  • আনত হওয়া (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) bend the head or body as a sign of respect/as a greeting; stoop in obeisance.
  • আমানতি করা/রাখা (verb transitive) deposit; place in one’s custody.
  • (adverb) immediately after; thereafter; afterward: স্বাধীনতা উত্তর কালে, in the post-liberation period.
  • উদ্বিগ্নতা (noun) worry; anxiety.
  • উন্নতি (সাধন) করা (verb intransitive) increase in wealth, etc; thrive; prosper.
  • [এক+ঊন] (adjective) less by one: একোনত্রিংশৎ, twenty-nine; একোনচত্বারিংশৎ thirty-nine; একোনপঞ্চাশৎ forty-nine.