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  • Bengali Word ধসEnglish definition(noun) (onomatopoeia) (1) noise of a landslide; crash. (2) landslide; landslip. (3) chunk. ধস করে (adverb) with a crash. ( also ধ্বস).

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  • Bengali Word ধসকাEnglish definition (adjective) (1) (hanging) loose; crumble; crumbling: ধসকা মাটি.
    (2) flabby; flaccid: ধসকা শরীর. (verb intransitive) become/hang loose; crumble; decay; waste away; be failing (in health). ধসকানো (verb intransitive) = ধসকা.
  • Bengali Word ধসধসEnglish definition (noun) (onomatopoeia) expressing noise of something falling off.
    ধসধসে (adjective) loose crumbly.
  • Bengali Word ধসাEnglish definition (verb intransitive) (1) collapse: বাড়িটা ধসে পড়েছে.
    (2) crumble: কত বড়ো বড়ো সাম্রাজ্য ধসে গেল. (3) (of health) collapse. (4) cave in: ছাদ ধসা. (5) come off and fall down; crumble: নদীর পাড় ধসা. (adjective) collapsing; crumbling; crumbly; deteriorating; decaying; declining. ধসানো (verb transitive) cause to crumble/collapse; ruin; demolish; raze; dilapidate.
  • Bengali Word ধস্কাEnglish definition = ধসকা
  • Bengali Word ধস্তাধস্তিEnglish definition (noun) scuffle; tussle; fray; rough-and-tumble; struggle.
    ধস্তাধস্তি করা (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) scuffle; tussle; grapple (with); struggle; wrestle with.
  • Bengali Word বেধসEnglish definition (noun) it part of the hand under the root of the thumb
  • Bengali Word অধস্তনEnglish definition (adjective) (1) lying low; lower; junior; later in time; posterior: অধস্তন পুরুষ, later generation; posterity.
    (2) belonging to the lower stratum; inferior; subordinate: অধস্তন কর্মচারী.
  • Bengali Word ধুস্তর, ধস্তুরEnglish definition (noun(s) thorn-apple
  • অধস্তনতা (noun) irreligiousness; impiety.
  • দুধস্রোত (noun) stream of milk.
  • ধসধসে (adjective) loose crumbly.
  • ধস্তাধস্তি করা (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) scuffle; tussle; grapple (with); struggle; wrestle with.
  • প্রতিশোধ কামনা, প্রতিশোধস্পৃহা (noun(s) desire for revenge.
  • বধস্থলী, বধস্থান (noun(s) place of execution or slaughter; slaughty-house.
  • যুদ্ধসচিব (noun) Defence Secretary/ Minister.
  • যোধসংরাব (noun) mutual defiance of combatants; challenge.
  • রূপা রসগন্ধস্পর্শ (noun) colour and taste and smell and palpability.
  • শুদ্ধসংখ্যা (noun) abstract number.
  • শ্রেণীবন্ধসূত্র (noun) principles of classification.
  • সম্বন্ধসূচক (adjective) expressing relation; relational; related.