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  • Bengali Word দ্রোহEnglish definition(adjective) enmity; hostility; harm; injury; perfidy; treachery; offence; malice; mischief. (2) revolt; rebellion. রাষ্ট্রদ্রোহ (noun) treason; sedition.

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  • Bengali Word দ্রঢ়িমাEnglish definition (noun) hardness; firmness; toughness; stiffness; steadiness. ( also দাট্য)
    ( also দাট্য).
  • Bengali Word দ্রবEnglish definition (adjective) (1) liquid; fluid; flowing; dropping; dripping; trickling.
    (2) liquefied; melted; fused. (noun) (chemistry) (liquid) solution. দ্রব করা (verb transitive) liquefy; melt; dissolve; solve. দ্রব হওয়া (verb intransitive) be liquefied/ melted; melt; liquefy; be dissolved/ solved; dissolve; flow; trickle; drip. দ্রবণ (noun) liquefaction; melting; (chemistry) solution; dissolution. দ্রবতা (noun) fluidity. দ্রবণশীল (adjective) liquefiable; (chemistry) soluble; flowing; overflowing. দ্রবাঙ্ক (noun) melting-point.
  • Bengali Word দ্রবণীয়English definition = দ্রবণশীল ( দ্রব).
    দ্রবণীয়তা (noun) solubility.
  • Bengali Word দ্রবীকরণEnglish definition = দ্রবণ ( দ্রব)
  • Bengali Word দ্রবীকৃতEnglish definition (adjective) liquefied; melted; (chemistry) dissolved, solved
  • Bengali Word দ্রবীভবনEnglish definition (noun) becoming liquid; liquefaction; melting
  • Bengali Word দ্রবীভূতEnglish definition = দ্রবীকৃত
  • Bengali Word দ্রব্যEnglish definition (noun) (1) thing; object; article; substance; ingredients/ materials of anything.
    (2) medical substance; drug. (3) (philosophy) elementary substance; matter. দ্রব্যগুণ (noun) property present in a thing/ substance; medicinal property of a thing/ plant. দ্রব্যজাত (adjective) produced of a material thing. (noun) collection of things; all kinds of things. দ্রব্যজাত বস্তু (noun) product. দ্রব্যত্ব (noun) substantiality. দ্রব্যবাচক (adjective) (grammar) material. দ্রব্যময় (adjective) material; substantial. দ্রব্যশুদ্ধি cleansing of soiled articles. দ্রব্যসামগ্রী (noun) (plural) things (collection).
  • Bengali Word দ্রষ্টব্যEnglish definition (adjective) (1) to be seen.
    (2) worth seeing/ visiting: দ্রষ্টব্য স্থান. (3) to be examined/ investigated. (4) worth of note; warranting attention/ consideration; remarkable: দ্রষ্টব্য পৃ. (৫) , see/ vide p. (5) .
  • Bengali Word দ্রষ্টাEnglish definition (adjective) who sees/ observes/ witnesses.
    (noun) seer; observer; onlooker; witness; philosopher; judge.
  • Bengali Word দ্রাক্ষাEnglish definition (noun) grape; vine.
    দ্রাক্ষাকুঞ্জ, দ্রাক্ষাক্ষেত্র (noun(s) vineyard. দ্রাক্ষাফল (noun) grape. দ্রাক্ষারস (noun) grape-juice; wine. দ্রাক্ষারিষ্ট (noun) a medicinal liquor prepared from grape-juice. দ্রাক্ষালতা (noun) vine; vine-tendril. দ্রাক্ষাশর্করা (noun) grape sugar.
  • Bengali Word দ্রাঘিমাEnglish definition (noun) (1) length.
    (2) (geography) (degree of) longitude. দ্রাঘিমান্তর (noun) longitudinal distance; distance east or west from the prime meridian.
  • Bengali Word দ্রাঘিষ্ঠEnglish definition (adjective) longest; extremely long
  • Bengali Word দ্রাঘীয়ান্English definition (adjective) longer.
    দ্রাঘীয়স (feminine) = দ্রাঘীয়ান্.
  • Bengali Word দ্রাবEnglish definition (noun) liquefacting; melting; fusing; solution; dissolution.
    দ্রাবক (adjective) (1) solvent; corrosive; melting. (2) captivating. enchanting. (noun) solvent; acid. দ্রাবণ (noun) liquefaction; melting; solution; dissolution.
  • Bengali Word দ্রাবিড়English definition (noun) Dravidian; Dravidian language; country of the Dravidians.
    (adjective) Dravidian. দ্রাবিড়ী (noun) (feminine) = দ্রাবিড়. Dravidian woman/ language.
  • Bengali Word দ্রাবিতEnglish definition (adjective) liquefied; melted; dissolved; solved
  • Bengali Word দ্রাব্যEnglish definition (adjective) liquefiable; soluble; dissolvable; fusible.
    দ্রাব্যতা (noun) solubility.
  • Bengali Word দ্রুতEnglish definition (adjective) quick; speedy; swift; rapid; expeditious; fast.
    (adverb) quickly; speedily; expeditiously; prompt; swiftly; fast. দ্রুতক্রিয় (noun) prompt; agile; quick in action; nimble. দ্রুতগতি (adjective) going quickly; swift-moving; fast; swift; rapid; speedy; quick-paced. (adverb) moving quickly; swiftly; quickly; fleetingly; speedily; with quick pace; in full career; rapidly. দ্রুতগামী (adjective) = দ্রুতগতি. দ্রুততা (noun) swiftness; alacrity; speed; speediness; nimbleness; fastness; quickness; celerity; rapidity; agility. দ্রুতপদ (noun) quick pace/ step. দ্রুতপদে (adverb) at a brisk pace; apace; swiftly; at full speed; in a hurry; in haste. দ্রুত বিলম্বিত (noun) name of a Sanskrit metre. দ্রুতবেগ (noun) great speed; rapidity; celerity. দ্রুত বেগে (adverb) speedily; quickly; fast; rapidly; briskly.
  • Bengali Word দ্রুতিEnglish definition (noun) (mech) speed; quickness; swiftness; celerity; fastness; speediness; velocity.
    দ্রুতিগণক, দ্রুতিমাপক (noun(s)) speedometer; speed-counter. দ্রুতিজ্ঞাপক, দ্রুতিসূচক (noun) speed-indicator. দ্রুতিলিখ্ (noun) speed-recorder.
  • Bengali Word দ্রুমEnglish definition (noun) tree; plant
  • Bengali Word দ্রোণEnglish definition (noun) (1) wooden vessel; bucket.
    (2) dry measure (= (32) seers). (3) measuring vessel with a capacity of (32) seers. (4) raven; crow. দ্রোণ-কলস (noun) large wooden vessel for the (সোম). দ্রোণকাক (noun) raven.
  • Bengali Word দ্রোণি, দ্রোণীEnglish definition (noun) (1) dug-out; small boat; canoe.
    (2) bailing bucket. (3) wooden vessel; trough, pitcher. (4) gorge; pass.
  • Bengali Word দ্রোহিতাEnglish definition = দ্রোহ
  • Bengali Word দ্রোহীEnglish definition (adjective) (1) hostile; perfidious; malicious; malevolent.
    (2) rebellious; opposing; revolting. রাষ্ট্রদ্রোহী (adjective) guilty of treason; seditious. (noun) traitor.
  • Bengali Word দ্রৌপদীEnglish definition (noun) name of the heroine of the Mahabharata.
    রন্ধনে দ্রৌপদী a female cook of incomparable excellence.
  • Bengali Word দ্রৌপদী ২English definition (noun) (1) strife; quarrel; fight; contest; dispute; duel; competition; rivalry.
    (2) pair; couple; male and female. (3) pair of opposites (eg শীতগ্রীষ্ম, আনন্দবেদনা). (4) (grammar) copulative compound (in which the members if uncompounded could be in the same case and connected by the conjunction “and”). দ্রৌপদী করা (verb intransitive) quarrel/ fight with; contend with; compete/ rival/ vie (with). দ্রৌপদীপ্রিয় (adjective) pugnacious; quarrelsome; factious; cantankerous; fond of fighting duels; bellicose; combative; disputatious. দ্রৌপদীপ্রিয়তা (noun) quarrelsomeness; pugnacity; bellicosity. দ্রৌপদী যুদ্ধ (noun) single combat; duel. দ্রৌপদী যোদ্ধা (noun) duellist. দ্বন্দ্বাতীত (adjective) (1) (philoshophy) gone beyond/ freed from opposites; transcending all feelings of conflict/ opposition. (2) beyond controversy; indisputable incontrovertible; incontestable.
  • Bengali Word অদ্রোহEnglish definition (noun) non-violence; amity; amicability
  • Bengali Word অবরোহEnglish definition (noun) (1) getting down; descent.
    (2) (logic) reasoning from a general idea to particular one; deduction. (3) deterioration; degradation. (4) (music) descending scale of notes. অবরোহণ (noun) descending; dismounting; coming down. অবরোহণ করা (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) descend; get down. অবরোহণী (noun) flight of steps; ladder; escalator. অবরোহ প্রণালী (noun) deductive method.
  • Bengali Word আরোহEnglish definition (noun) (1) (philosophy) method of reasoning from particular instances to general principles; induction (opposite অবরোহ).
    (2) ascent (দুরারোহ). (3) height; altitude. (4) buttock (especially of a woman) (বরারোহ). (5) grade; ladder. আরোহণ (noun)(1) ascent; ascension (স্বর্গারোহণ). (2) mounting; climbing; riding (অশ্বারোহণ). আরোহণ করা (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) get up; ascend; mount; climb; ride; board (aship, etc). আরোহণী (noun) stair; stair-case; ladder; lift; escalator. আরোহিত (adjective) mounted upon. আরোহী (adjective) (1) ascended; mounted; boarded. (2) (of musical notes) gradually increasing in pitch. আরোহসুর. (3) (philosophy) using induction; inductive. q(noun) (1) climber; rider; passengers (of train, ship, etc). (2) musical notes which gradually increase in pitch. (3) (philosophy) inductive method. আরোহিণী (feminine) = আরোহ.
  • আত্মদ্রোহ (noun) self-torment; self-castigation.
  • দেশদ্রোহ (noun) treason; treachery to one’s country/state.
  • রাষ্ট্রদ্রোহী (adjective) guilty of treason; seditious.
  • ধর্মদ্রোহ, ধর্মদ্বেষ (noun(s) revolt against religion; hostility to religion; ungodliness; godlessness; irreligion; blasphemy; impiety.
  • পিতৃদ্রোহ (noun) plotting/rebellion against one’s father; ill-treatment of one’s father.
  • বিদ্রোহ করা (verb intransitive) revolt; rebel; rise in rebellion; mutiny.
  • মিত্রদ্রোহ, মিত্রদ্রোহিতা adjective(s) injury/ betrayal of a friend; treachery to one’s ally/ party.
  • রাজদ্রোহ, রাজদ্রোহিতা (noun) high treason; sedition; rebellion; insurrection; insurgence.
  • সিপাহি বিদ্রোহ (noun) Sepoy-mutiny.
  • স্বজাতিদ্রোহ, স্বজাতিবিরোধ noun(s) hostility to/revolt against one’s own people /community/ nation/ race/ caste.
  • স্বদেশদ্রোহ, স্বদেশদ্রোহিতা noun(s) hostility to/revolt against one’s native land; treason.