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  • Bengali Word দৈবEnglish definition(adjective) (1) belonging to/ coming from the gods; divine; celestial; heavenly. (2) depending on fate; fatal; providential. (3) miraculous. (4) accidental.(noun) (1) divine power/ will; fate; destiny; chance; luck; providence. (2) chance occurrence. দৈবকর্ম (noun) oblation to the gods; religious rite. দৈবক্রমে (adverb) by chance/ providence; accidentally; luckily, miraculously. দৈবগতি (noun) course of destiny; fortune. দৈবগতিকে = দৈবক্রমে. দৈবঘটনা (noun) chance occurrence; accident; providential/miraculous incident; দৈবচয়ন (noun) random selection. দৈব চিন্তক (adjective) reflecting on fate.(noun) astrologer; soothsayer; fortuneteller; diviner. দৈবচিন্তা (noun) fatalism; astrology. দৈবজ্ঞ (adjective) knowing fate/ men’s destiny.(noun) = চিন্তক. দৈবদুর্ঘটনা (noun) accident; mishap. দৈবদুর্বিপাক (noun) unforeseen calamity/ adversity; misfortune. দৈব দোষ evil fate, ill fate/ luck; misfortune. দৈব দোষে (adverb) through ill luck. দৈবধন (noun) heaven-sent treasure; treasure found by chance; windfall; hidden treasure. দৈব নিদিষ্ট, দৈব নির্ধারিত (adjective(s) foreordained; predestined, ordained by God. দৈববল (noun) divine power; God-gifted power. দৈববশত, দৈববশে (adverb(s)) = দৈবক্রমে. দৈববাণী (noun) voice from heaven; oracle; word of God; revelation; prophecy দৈববিড়ম্বনা (noun) irony of fate; misfortune. দৈবযোগ (noun) juncture of fate; fortune; chance. দৈবযোগে (adverb) = দৈবক্রমে. দৈবলব্ধ (adjective) obtained by chance; God-gifted. দৈব লেখক = দৈবজ্ঞ. দৈবশক্তি = বল. দৈব শক্তিসম্পন্ন (adjective) endowed with divine/ God-gifted power. দৈবহত (adjective) stricken by destiny. দৈব্যাৎ (adverb) by chance; by a stroke of luck; luckily; accidentally; suddenly. দৈবাগত (adjective) come by chance. দৈবাদেশ (noun) divine command/ inspiration, commandment, oracle. দৈবাধীন (adjective) subject to/ dependent on fate; fateful; controlled by destiny. দৈবানুগ্রহীত (adjective) favoured by destiny/ the gods. দৈবানুকূল্য, দৈবানুগ্রহ (noun) grace of God; divine favour. দৈবানুগ্রহে (adjective) through the grace of God. দৈবায়ত্ত = দৈবধীন.

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  • Bengali Word দৈবিকEnglish definition (adjective)= দৈব
  • Bengali Word দৈবীEnglish definition (adjective) (feminine) of দৈব
  • Bengali Word দৈবোপহতEnglish definition (adjective) struck by fate
  • Bengali Word দৈব্যEnglish definition (adjective) divine
  • Bengali Word দুর্দৈবEnglish definition (noun) bad/ill-luck; misfortune; mishap
  • Bengali Word আধিদৈবিকEnglish definition (adjective) providential; supernatural; natural.
    আধিদৈবিক বিপদ (noun) natural calamity.
  • অতিদৈব (adjective) unworldly; unearthly; supernatural; superhuman; miraculous; transcendental.
  • আধিদৈবিক বিপদ (noun) natural calamity.