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  • Bengali Word দু-English definition(adjective) (used as a prefix) two. দু-আনি = দুয়ানি. দু-এক = দুয়েক. দুকথা (noun) (1) few words. (2) harsh words; rebuke: দুকথা শুনিয়ে দেওয়া. (3) altercation; argument: তার সঙ্গে অনর্থক দুকথা হয়ে গেল. (4) conversation; exchange of words: দুকথা না হলে বুঝবে কিরূপে? দুকলম লেখা write a few lines. দুকান করা (verb intransitive) give out (a secret). দুকানকাটা (adjective) (figurative) utterly shameless; brazen-faced; bare-faced; unblushing. দুকাঠি বাজানো (figurative) set somebody against somebody. দুকুল (noun) (1) the paternal and maternal lines (of any person). (2) the father’s family and the father-in-law’s family (of a woman). (3) (figurative) both alternativesl options. দুকুল খাওয়া (verb intransitive) (figurative) lose all means of aid/ support; burn one’s boats/ bridges. দুকূল (noun) (1) both the banks (of a river). (2) this world and the next; both worlds. (3) (figurative) both altematives. দুখানা, দুখানি, দুখানা (colloquial) two pieces; two.(adjective) two pieces of; two; split/ torn/ broken into two. দুগুণ (adjective) twice; double. দুঘড়ি (noun) (1) two hours. (2) noon; midnight. দুচালা, দোচালা (adjective)having two (thatched) roofs.(noun) house with two (thatched) roofs. দুচোখ (noun) two eyes. দুচোখের দেখা (noun) brief meeting. দুচোখের বিষ (figurative) anathema; béte noire; eyesore. দুচোখের মিলন (noun) exchange of glances. দুচোখ যেদিকে যায় wherever (my) eyes lead (me) to. দুচোখো (adjective) biased; one-sided; squint-eyed; unfair; jaundiced; partisan. দুজন (noun) two (persons). (adjective) two. দুজনই (pronoun), (adjective) both. দুটা, দুটো (adjective(s)) two (objects/things). (noun) two o’clock. দুটি (adjective) = দুটা. দুটানা, দোটানা (noun) simultaneous pulls in two opposite directions; dilemma; fix; oscillation; hesitation. দুটানায়/দোটানায় পড়া (verb intransitive) be in a dilemma/ fix/ quandary; not to know which way to turn; have misgivings. দু-তরফা (adjective) pertaining to/ shared by/ contested by both the opposite sides; bipartite. দুতলা, দোতলা (adjective) two-storied; double-decks.(noun) first floor; upper deck. দুতারা, দোতারা (adjective) two-stringed.(noun) double-stringed musical instrument. দুধার (noun) both/tow sides. দুধারী (adjective) pertaining/ inclined to both the sides; two-sided; double-handled; double-edged: দুধারী তলোয়ার. দুনলা, দোনলা (adjective(s)), (noun(s)) double-barrelled (gun). দুনা, দুনো (adjective(s)) double; two-fold; twice as much. দু-নৌকায় পা দেওয়া (figurative) fall between two stools; serve God and Mammon simultaneously. পহর = দ্বিপ্রহর. দু-পাক (noun) act/instance of twisting/ enfolding / taking round twice. (2) two coils. (3) short stroll/ leisurely walk. দু-পাটি (noun) two rows of. দু-পেয়ে (adjective) two-legged; biped. দু-ফলা (adjective) (1) (of a knife) having two blades. (2) (of a tree) bearing fruit twice yearly. দুফাঁক (adjective) split asunder into two. দু-ফালি (noun) two slices.(adjective) sliced/ parted into two. দুবার (noun) two times.(adverb) twice. দুভাষী = দোভাষী ( দো). দু-মনা (adjective) hesitating; of two minds; wavering; vacillating; silly-shallying. দুমুখো (adjective) (1) double-faced; two-faced. (2) two-way: দুমুখো রাস্তা. দুমুখো আচরণ (noun) double-dealing; double-crossing; duplicity. দুমুখো লোক (noun) double-dealer; hypocrite. দু-মুঠা, দুমুঠো (adjective) two handfuls of . দু-মেটে (adjective) (of clay images, etc) doubly plastered. দুয়ানি (noun) two-annas bit/ piece. দুরঙা (adjective) bi-coloured. দু-সন্ধ্যা (adjective), (adverb) both m the day-time and evening; twice a day. দুসুতি (adjective), (noun) (coarse doth) woven in double thread. দুহাত এক করা (verb intransitive) (1) unite (a bride and bridegroom) in marriage. (2) cup one’s palms. দু-হাত এক হওয়া (verb intransitive) be united in marriage. দু-হাতি (adjective) measuring two cubits. দুহাতিয়া (adjective) (of a stroke) dealt with both hands.(adverb) with both hands.

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