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  • Bengali Word দুঃখEnglish definition(noun) (1) sorrow; uneasiness; trouble. difficulty; grief; distress; unhappiness; misery; suffering; woe; tribulation: তার দুঃখের শেষ নেই. (2) pain; inflammation. (3) regret; remorse; repentance. (4) apology: আসতে না পেরে তিনি দুঃখ প্রকাশ করলেন. দুঃখ করা (verb intransitive) (1) regret; remorse (for something). (2) grieve (for somebody); grieve (over/ about somebody/ something); sorrow (at/for/over something); be/ feel sorry for. (3) repent; rue: তোমাকে এজন্যে দুঃখ করতে হবে, You will live to rue it. (4) suffer (pain); take trouble: ছেলেটাকে মানুষ করতে তার মা অনেক দুঃখ করছে. দুঃখ দেওয়া (verb intransitive) pain; grieve; distress; hurt; (give) trouble; anguish; gall; cause pain/ trouble/ distress. দুঃখ পাওয়া/ দুঃখ ভোগ করা (verb intransitive) suffer (pain); be stricken with sorrow/ grief/ misery; be in pain/ trouble; be afflicted/ distressed/ pained. দুঃখ সওয়া (verb intransitive) suffer pain/ torture; bear one’s sorrow/ sufferings; pass through trouble. দুঃখে পড়া (verb intransitive) run into trouble/ distress; fall upon evil days. দুঃখকর, দুঃখজনক, দুঃখদ (adjective(s)) causing pain; painful; afflicting; grievous; woeful; sad; agonizing; distressing. দুঃখদগ্ধ (adjective) pained; distressed. দুঃখদায়ক, দুঃখদায়ী = দুঃখকর. দুঃখদায়িনী (feminine) of দুঃখ. দুঃখদারিদ্র্য (noun) sorrows and poverty; miseries. দুঃখধান্দা (noun) painful manual labour; drudgery. দুঃখপ্রদ = দুঃখকর. দুঃখবহুল (adjective) full of trouble and pain. দুঃখবাদ (noun) pessimism. দুঃখবাদী (noun) pessimist.(adjective) pessimistic. দুঃখবেগ (noun) violent grief. দুঃখবোধ (noun) feeling of sorrow/grief. দুঃখবোধ করা (verb intransitive) feel sorry/ pity; be sorry. দুঃখভাগী (adjective) sharing the sorrow of another; having pain as one’s portion; unhappy দুঃখ ভাগিনী (feminine). দুঃখভোগ (noun) act of suffering pain/ undergoing distress. দুঃখময় (adjective) full of/ abounding in sorrow/ suffering. দুঃখমোচন (noun) deliverance from pain; allaying/ alleviation/ mitigation of sorrow/suffering; relieving pain/ distress. দুঃখলভ্য (adjective) attainable through sorrow/ suffering. দুঃখশোক (noun) pain and sorrow. দুঃখসহিষ্ণু (adjective) patiently enduring sorrow/ suffering. দুঃখ সাগর (noun) ocean of pain; great sorrow; sea of distress; endless sorrow/ suffering. দুঃখহর, দুঃখহারী (adjective(s)) removing pain; relieving pain/ sorrow/ suffering. দুঃখহরা, দুঃখহারিণী (feminine). দুঃখাকুল (adjective) filled with sorrow. দুঃখাতীত (adjective) freed/ escaped from pain; past all sorrow/ suffering; immune to sorrow/ suffering. দুঃখান্ত (noun) end of pain/ trouble. দুঃখান্বিত (adjective) accompanied with pain; filled with grief; distressed দুঃখান্বিতা (feminine). দুঃখার্ত (adjective) visited by pain; distressed; rueful; sufferer. দুঃখের কাহিনী (noun) pathetic/ woeful tale. দুঃখ বিষয় (noun) matter of regret; pity; painful affair. দুঃখের সাগর = দুঃখ সাগর ." .">

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  • Bengali Word দুঃ-English definition (prefix) implying, evil, vile, wicked, bad, difficult, hard, prohibited; inauspicious distressing, sorrowful. badly, slight; inferior, etc
    badly, slight; inferior, etc.
  • Bengali Word দুঃখিতEnglish definition (adjective) pained; sorry; distressed; afflicted; unhappy; rueful; grieved; sad; sorrowful; suffering; regretful; stricken with sorrow
    দুঃখিত চিত্ত, দুঃখিত হৃদয় (adjective) pained at heart; having a sorrowing/ regretful mind/ heart; grief laden; heavy-hearted; sore at heart; broken hearted.
  • Bengali Word দুঃখীEnglish definition (adjective) (1) = দুঃখিত.
    (2) poor; destitute; poverty-stricken; needy. (noun) poor person; destitute; pauper; wretch. দুঃখিনী (feminine). দুঃখের দুঃখী (noun) sympathizer.
  • Bengali Word দুঃখোক্তিEnglish definition (noun) regrets; lament; rueful/ woeful utterance/ remark
  • Bengali Word দুঃশাসনEnglish definition (adjective) (1) difficult to be controlled; unruly; indomitable; intractable; refractory.
    (2) misgoverning; tyrannous. (noun) C]n misgovernment; tyranny.
  • Bengali Word দুঃশীলEnglish definition (adjective) badly disposed; ill-behaved; wicked; depraved; vicious.
    দুঃশীলা (feminine) = দুঃশীল. দুঃশীলতা (noun) misbehaviour; wickedness; depravity; bad nature; viciousness.
  • Bengali Word দুঃশ্রবEnglish definition (adjective) unpleasant to be heard.
    দুঃশ্রবত্ব (noun) cacophony.
  • Bengali Word দুঃসংবাদEnglish definition (noun) bad/evil news
  • Bengali Word দুঃসমEnglish definition (adjective) unequal; uneven; unfit; perverse
  • Bengali Word দুঃসময়English definition (noun) evil days; hard days
  • Bengali Word দুঃসহEnglish definition (adjective) unbearable; intolerable; insufferable; severe; insupportable
  • Bengali Word দুঃসাধ্যEnglish definition (adjective) difficult; arduous; uphill; difficult to be performed/ accomplished; difficult to be cured.
    দুঃসাধ্য কার্য (noun) arduous/ uphill task. দুঃসাধ্যতা (noun) state of being hard to accomplish; difficulty; formidability.
  • Bengali Word দুঃসাহসEnglish definition (noun) audacity; intrepidity; daring; overmuch boldness; foolhardiness; bravado; temerity.
    দুঃসাহসিক, দুঃসাহসী (adjective(s) audacious; intrepid; daring; daredevil; adventuresome; impetuous; foolhardy; excessively bold. দুঃসাহসিকতা = দুঃসাহস
  • Bengali Word দুঃসাহস ২English definition (adjective) (1) poor; miserable; indigent; needy; wretched.
    (2) distressed; desolate; afflicted; woebegone. দুঃসাহসতা (noun) poverty; indigence; wretchedness; misery; ill condition.
  • Bengali Word দুঃস্থিতEnglish definition = দুঃস্থ, দুঃস্থিতি = দুঃস্থিতি
  • Bengali Word দুঃস্পর্শEnglish definition (adjective) difficult to be touched; unpleasant to the touch
  • Bengali Word দুঃস্মৃতিEnglish definition (noun) unpleasant memory
  • Bengali Word দুঃস্বপ্নEnglish definition (noun) bad/distressing/ inauspicious/ terrifying dream; nightmare
  • Bengali Word পরদুঃখEnglish definition (noun) another’s pain/ sorrow/ distress.
    পরদুঃখকাতর (adjective) compassionate; commiserative. পরদুঃখকাতরা (feminine) = পরদুঃখকাতর. পরদুঃখকাতরতা (noun) compassion; commiseration.
  • দুঃখ অপনোদন করা (verb transitive) alleviate suffering.
  • দীন দুঃখী (adjective) indigent and distressed.
  • পরদুঃখকাতর (adjective) compassionate; commiserative.
  • প্রাণের দুঃখ/কষ্ট (noun(s) mental sufferings; anguish.
  • (adverb) very; very much; too much; excessively: বড় লেগেছে, বড়ই দুঃখিত.
  • (adjective) loaded; laden charged; loaded to the full; filled/ replate (with); burdened (with); crammed; encumbered (with): পানিতে/ পুঁজে বোঝাই, দুঃখে বোঝাই, বোঝাই করা (verb transitive) load (to the full); fill (with); charge; lade; cram; overload; stuff; overstuff; replete (with).
  • মনোদুঃখ (noun) heartache; mental affliction.