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Nearby Words | অনুরূপ শব্দসমূহ

  • Bengali Word তেরEnglish definition (noun), (adjective) thirteen.
    তেরই (noun) the thirteenth day of a month.
  • Bengali Word তেরপল, তেরপালEnglish definition (noun) canvas covered with tar; tarpaulin
  • Bengali Word তেরাত্তিরEnglish definition = ত্রিরাত্র
  • Bengali Word তেরেটEnglish definition (noun) a kind of tree-leaf formerly used as a writing material like the palm-leaf, but more durable than palm-leaf
  • Bengali Word টেরচা, টেরছাEnglish definition = তেরছা
  • Bengali Word মুরছাEnglish definition (poetic) = মূর্ছা
  • Bengali Word মূরছাEnglish definition = মুরছা