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  • Bengali Word তরকারিEnglish definition(noun) (1) kitchen vegetables. (2) juicy and spicy dish cooked with or without vegetables; curry. তরকারি কোটা (verb intransitive) chop vegetables.

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  • Bengali Word তরকEnglish definition [Arabic] (noun) violation; infringement; transgression; breaking; missing: ফরজ তরক করা
  • Bengali Word তরকশEnglish definition [Persian তীরকশ ] (noun) a case or sheath for arrows; a quiver
  • Bengali Word তরক্কি, তরক্কীEnglish definition [Arabic] (noun) progress; upliftment; advancement
  • Bengali Word তরক্ষুEnglish definition (noun) the wolf; the hyaena
  • Bengali Word অদরকারিEnglish definition (adjective) unnecessary; unimportant; not essential; dispensable
  • Bengali Word অনারারিEnglish definition [English] (adjective) honorary; conferring honour
  • Bengali Word আদমশুমার, আদমশুমারিEnglish definition (noun) census; official enumeration of population
  • Bengali Word আলমারিEnglish definition [Portuguese] (noun) chest of drawers; almirah; cupboard; locker
  • Bengali Word আলো-আঁধারিEnglish definition (noun) (1) mixture of light and shade; semi-darkness; twilight.
    (2) treatment of light and shade in painting; chiaroscuro.
  • Bengali Word এন্তেজার, এন্তেজারি, ইন্তেজার, ইন্তেজারিEnglish definition [Arabic] (noun) act of waiting on; eager expectation: আপনার এন্তেজার করছি
  • Bengali Word কাছারি, কাচারিEnglish definition (noun) court house; court of justice
  • Bengali Word কাটারিEnglish definition (noun) tool for chopping wood, meat, etc; a chopper; a billhook
  • Bengali Word কাতারিEnglish definition (noun) pair of scissors (or shears) for cutting gold and silver sheets / foils; jeweller’s cutting tool
  • Bengali Word কারিEnglish definition [English] (noun) flavoured fluid preparation of meat or fish with or without vegetables seasoned with spices; curry (compare তরকারি)
  • Bengali Word খেসারিEnglish definition (noun) a variety of pulse
  • Bengali Word গজারিEnglish definition (noun) a variety of timber tree
  • Bengali Word গোবেচারা, গোবেচারিEnglish definition (adjective) of a quiet disposition; artless or guileless; harmless.
    (noun) a harmless unaffected person.
  • Bengali Word গ্যালারিEnglish definition [English] (noun) (1) a raised floor with rows of seats gradually sloping to the front.
    (2) a hall or building for the display of works of art; gallery.
  • Bengali Word চাঁদমারিEnglish definition (noun) (1) a round place or board with circles on it for shooting practice; target-practice; target.
    (2) a person that is made the object of unfavourable remarks or jokes.
  • Bengali Word চাঙ্গাড়ি, চাঙারিEnglish definition (noun) a broad basket; a large wicker basket; a creel
  • Bengali Word চার ১, চারিEnglish definition (noun), (adjective) the number 4; four.
    চার আনা, চার আনি (noun) one quarter (of a thing); a fourth part; one-fourth. চার ইয়ারি (adjective) of or concerning four friends. চার কোনা (adjective) having four angles and four sides; quadrangular. (noun) all sides. চার চালা (noun), (adjective) (house) with a roof of four parts on four sides. চার চোখে দেখা look to one with an eye of favour. চার চৌকা, চার চৌকো (adjective) having four right angles. চারটা, চারটে (noun) (4) o’clock; four am or pm (adjective) (1) four. (2) of small quantity; some: চারটে ভাত তাও. চারটিখানি, চাট্টি (adjective) a little; not much; a small quantity of: আর চাট্টি ভাত দাও. চার তরফ [Persian] (noun) all sides or directions. চার দেওয়ারি [Persian] (noun) a courtyard surrounded by walls. চারপায়া, চারপাই (noun) a cot with four legs usually made of coconut-coir. চার পায়ে (চলা) (crawl) on all fours. চারপেয়ে (adjective) four-footed; quadruped. চার পোয়া four quarters; complete; full; whole; entire. চার সন্ধ্যা (according to Hindu tradition) four points of the day, namely, the morning, the noon, the evening and the midnight. চার হাত এক করা arrange the marriage of a couple; give (one) in marriage. চার হাতে (adverb) without discrimination; to excess (of anything). চার ভিত (noun) all directions.
  • Bengali Word চারিEnglish definition [Persian] (noun) sauce; pickle
  • Bengali Word জরতারিEnglish definition [Persian] (noun) fine cloth made with a mixture of gold thread
  • Bengali Word জানুয়ারিEnglish definition [English] (noun) the first month of the Christian calendar; January
  • Bengali Word ঝকমারিEnglish definition (noun) (1) fault; failing; short-coming.
    (2) foolishness; folly; idiocy. (3) trouble; disturbance; affliction; distress; harassment. ঝকমারি করা (verb intransitive) act foolishly; commit a blunder; make a mistake: এমন কাজ করাটা ঝকমারি, lt is foolish enough to do such things. ঝকমারির মাশুল (noun) penalty for a wrong; wages of sin.
  • Bengali Word ঝারিEnglish definition (noun) water-can with a porous spout
  • Bengali Word টিটকারিEnglish definition (noun) a jeer; a scof; a biting jest; sneer.
    টিটকারি দেওয়া (verb intransitive) utter sarcastic reflections; mock; jeer; sneer; scof.
  • Bengali Word টেপারিEnglish definition (noun) a shrub or its fruit; gooseberry
  • Bengali Word ট্যাঁপারিEnglish definition = টেঁপারি
  • Bengali Word ট্রেজারিEnglish definition [English] (noun) (1) place where treasure is laid up; treasury.
    (2) department of government which controls revenue.